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90K Qantas Points, $135 First Year @ Bankwest Qantas World MasterCard Credit Card (Save $135)

  • $6,000 min spend (3 months)
  • New Bankwest Credit Card customers only
  • Earn 1 Qantas Point per $1 spent on eligible purchases for the first $5000
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Minimum credit limit of $12,000 required.

The 90,000 Bonus Qantas Points promotion is only available to new Bankwest Qantas Mastercard customers who apply for a Bankwest Qantas World Mastercard credit card from 27 May 2019 until 31 August 2019, are approved and spend at least $6,000 on eligible purchases within three months from account opening. Bonus Qantas Points are subject to change. Bonus Qantas Points will be transferred to your account within five months of account opening. You are not eligible for this promotion if you upgrade or vary your existing Bankwest credit card to a Bankwest Qantas World Mastercard.

Also available (thanks @neovin)

50K Qantas Points, $80 First Year

  • $3,000 min spend (3 months)
  • Earn 0.75 Qantas Point per $1 spent on eligible purchases for the first $2500
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Minimum credit limit of $3,000 required.

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  • seems the citibank offer is still better than this one, unless you can't apply for the citibank one

  • Minimum income?

  • This looks alright. Mighy apply if Citi fails

  • These minimum spends are getting either per month, or higher.

  • They have gone mental with the minimum spend.

    • Agreed, but it's probably fair enough, so many churners… they need to hit their ROI somehow

    • $6000 in 3 months is reasonable. I guess they can't make money off someone who doesn't spend $2000 a month.

      • Does that tell something about their lending criteria too? Like if you say my monthly spend apart from rent is $500 then chance of approval is next to zero?!

  • Is there a reloadable card that you can bpay with this or Citi credit card?

  • I'm always curious what people buy with these huge minimum spends.

    • +7 votes

      How is it huge? 6K in 3 months that's 2K a month, $500 a week.

      Groceries, monthly bills already take a bulk of it.

      Then you add ozbargain luxuries like Amazon/Ebay promo deals, ubereats, etc and there's your $6K gone in 3 months

      • Maybe for a family. As a single guy, that's a big spend.

      • There's no way I could spend $6,000 in 3 months even with groceries and bills.

        • I get Woolworths gift cards (and get the 5% off). Then I load up separate opal cards with $250 (I make sure I register them so if I lose them it's no big deal). I also prebill my private health care and mobile phone bills (Bupa and Optus let your account go into credit). Then I pay for my folks home insurance (they are retired and dad just gives me the cash).

        • I'd love to know some of these budgets because I don't know how people spend less than $6k in 3 months. Right now i'm being strict on spending so i'm sitting right on $2k/month on my credit card but I spend $6 - 7k/month with everything all added up, with the odd $10k month here and there.

          *Edit; that's for 2 people the above spend just by the way - my wife and I.

          • @The Aeon: Are you including rent? If not the answer is things you buy are 'needs' and not wants. Not that there is anything wrong with that but its good to know where you can trim down your bills if you had to. For a lot of people they simply don't have that kind of money to spend

            From your maths - $3.5k per month per person —> $42k post tax spend per year. That's equivalent to about $55k pre tax. That is about the median Australian wage (the average (mean) is about $62k adjusting from $86k for part time work)

            So if you're spending that much, including rent, the middle Australian wouldn't have much left in savings.

            *Note: The higher your income bracket, generally you're expected to have higher expenses to survive community expectations, so don't feel bad if you're spending more

            • @futureminime: Top-level platinum/black cards aren’t for people on median wages. Indeed, the minimum income requirements make that crystal clear.

              • @vetopower: I totally get that, but I was trying to address a request of The Aeon - 'I'd love to know some of these budgets because I don't know how people spend less than $6k in 3 months.' I was trying to give some context to spending levels. But as you point out - the question may have been targeted more to 'if you got the card, how would the spending be an issue'.

                Rough calcs at the $75k threshold for many black cards is $57,700 post tax ($4800/month) seems to give you enough room to do it. I guess to that the answer is that if a large proportion of your expenses are servicing existing debt(car/mortgage) or rent, and not just things you can stick on a credit card

        • yeah i prepaid home internet for a year [$1100] and health insurance for a year [$3200ish] and plus other day to day stuff i hit min spend within the first month

        • What about a fully refundable return ticket to LA in business? 🙈

    • dont know how but we have balances of 2k monthly on each of the 2 cc we share. and we only buy stuff at good prices, well according to ozb anyway.

    • I can't remember the last time I used cash or my debit card. All my expenses go on the credit card (which earns points) and I pay it all off each month. Easily $6k a month for a family of 4.

      • Yep we are the same. Family of 4 and put every expense we possibly can on the credit cards. Last month 7k or so which is about normal and pay off fully every month to not incur interest. Not trying to humble brag but like others have said, these cards are not for those who can't afford them.

        Putting everything on the cards wins 2 ways. Earn bonus points multiple times per year by churning through different cards once the minimum spend has been met, also earn points for most things put on them, and savings stay in the offset account against the home loan for the maximum amount of time.

  • I have a feeling the min income will be $75k

  • Minimum spend is huge

  • I applied for citi and got conditional approval… then they called up and verified my pay details… but they still haven't officially approved my card….

  • There is a another option with the Platinum card for $80, 50k points for $3000 spend

    "The number of Bonus Qantas Points are: 50,000 if your Card is a Bankwest Qantas Platinum Mastercard and you spend a minimum of $3,000 on Eligible Purchases; and 90,000 if your Card is a Bankwest Qantas World Mastercard and you spend a minimum of $6,000 on Eligible Purchases."

  • PayPal transfer to yourself the remainder of the minimum spend. I think it’s 3%. It’s worst case $180 in PayPal fees plus the $135 in fees for the card nets you 96k points (90k sign up bonus + 6k in spend). It equates to 1 x business class from aus to USA. $315 in card fees plus $450 in qantas airline taxes. It’s a no brainer to me - deffs worth it.

  • Rejected for the Qantas World, they offered the Platinum instead. That's 3 rejections now; St George, Citi, Bankwest.

    I give up :/

    120k income, 1 other CC, decent savings, average mortgage.

    • As mentioned above, the Platinum comes with a 50K bonus.

    • I too got rejected by citi and bankwest

    • Whats the limit on the other credit card?

      This is where they are looking now - the minimum here at 12K is going to be a factor

      It's where I was stung with Citi - my limit was too large on my other card. Have dropped it and about to give this one a go.

      • 6k was the max limit for the platinum
        3k is minimum

        • Sorry - wasn't clear. Meant the other card you hold.

          Might be worth seeing if you can reduce that as it's a big factor in what you can borrow / new card limits these days with the borrowing changes.

          • @Miso: Ohh my bad, well Ive had the ANZ FF Black for the last few years with 15k limit. Originally they gave me 30k but i dropped that to 15 awhile ago. I don't think they will let me go below 15k with that card though.

            Maybe I'm better off just ommitting some stuff for the next application


      • My wife is on a pretty low wage, she did the ANZ card last year and they gave her a 30,000 credit limit. lmao.

        • The Big 4 banks will literally lend to anyone. I remember when I was in uni (quite a while ago back before lending requirements were so tight), I got an ANZ credit card on youth allowance (which is literally peanuts).

    • You are just about identical to me, except i have no mortgage and work pays rent.
      I also got denied on all but a woolworths credit card :(
      My mate in the same job has a dad that is high up in westpac, even with his connections he can't get a decent CC. According to his dad it's because of his age (24, same as me) so maybe that's you're problem too?

  • Looks like the days of Bonus Points + No Annual Fee (1st year) are over

    • Yeah it's a real shame. Minimum spends also seem to be increasing. Used to generally be only $1500 over 3 months, or even sometimes first eligible spend. Now I often find myself having to plan and pay off bills early/in advance and other such things.

      Virgin even introduced a new term into their CC which sucks - government payments like rates, tax etc. don't count towards your minimum spend… getting harder and harder to abuse the system. :(

      • Virgin even introduced a new term into their CC which sucks -

        Pretty sure this affects all credit cards unfortunately… :(

        • Yep, virgin is actually underwritten by citibank (i.e it says virgin but Citibank are actually offering the card) so that makes sense…

  • What is the value of 50K Qantas Points or 90K Qantas Points?
    What do I get with this?
    How much coles/wollies gift card can I buy with that?

  • Anybody know how easy or tough it is to get approved for this card?

    Is this another Citi or is it like ANZ… Don't want to risk a decline on my file.

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