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Westpac Altitude Platinum: Bonus 60K Qantas Points (Spend $3,000 in 90 Days), $0 Annual Fee (1st Year) + $50 Qantas Rewards Fee


Same as the last deal - 60,000 Qantas points for $50 is a very good deal - I like Qantas points but hate paying a big annual fee for them. Terms from the last deal are (same this time around):

Earn 60,000 Bonus Qantas Points when you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases within 90 days of card approval.

$0 annual card fee in the first year (normally $150)
Earn 0.5 Qantas Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases
Bonus Qantas Points will be credited to your points balance within 12 weeks of the eligible spend criteria being met
Minimum credit limit $6,000
$50 Qantas Rewards fee
Up to 45 days interest free
Existing Westpac customers who currently hold an Altitude Platinum or Altitude Black credit card, or who have held one in the last 12 months, are not eligible for this offer.

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20K Qantas points for referrer and 10k Qantas Points for referee if referee has not held a Qantas Points earning Westpac Altitude credit card in the last 12 months

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  • Wow not a bad deal!!

    What if i spend the 3k in 90 day and cancel the CR card after paying off, would they still charge me annual fee OR revoke my 60k points??

    What are eligible purchases????

    • You can cancel the card anytime after the points have been received - they will not revoke them.

  • what is this $50 qantas reward fee

  • Does anyone know what the income requirement is?

    • platinum cards, usually, like 75k a year?

      • You're thinking of a Black/World card. Most platinum cards are $30-$45k income minimum.

      • Platinum card income requirement is usually much lower than that. Usually anywhere from 35-60k.

    • Last time they had an income requirement on the page it was $30000.

    • I just ask the chat.

      The recommended income for a Westpac Altitude Platinum Card is $30,000.

    • I don't know man.

      My income is MUCH higher than the min req, but I've been rejected a couple of times before.

      Most likely due to my mortgage?

      I dont even know anymore, and I'm scared to try again.

      • Depends on credit history and current available credit that you have, the banks wants you to get interest but not so much you can't pay them back so if you're at your maximum personal debt as per the banks discretion then they wont give you any more credit limits

  • A much less risky option for qantas points than the Vodafone deal recently posted!

    • This is cheaper too - $50 fee vs $88.25 (or possibly much more if it doesn't work out as planned) for the Vodafone deal. More points here too - 60k vs 40k

      • Not exactly apples with apples - you have to spend on this card, and you do get a (crappy) phone as well in the other deal..

  • For context what sort of thing would 60k points get you?

  • Got this card recently (2 months back) on this deal. This is an inferior version of Altitude Black with lower income requirement and without the AMEX (refer https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/401343) I spent and received the points within the 1- 2 months period. Pretty decent deal considering Annual Fee is waived too.

    • Just applied. Said they will be in contact to verify income information.

      Did this happen for you or was approval instant?

      • I verified using their online portal. You didn't get an option to do this?

        • Not during the actual application stage. It was doing the check and then said they will be in contact. It did not say I had or had not been approved though.

      • After I applied I was taken to a page where I could upload my payslips. I also received an sms text message at the same time with a link to take me to the same page.

      • Yeah they did that too, it was a phone call. From memory they adjust the max credit on the card after that.

    • I thought that offer was expired! but obviously not, thanks for pointing out.

      Edit: NVM, the offer of 0 annual fee for first year is actually expired.

  • What can I do with 60,000 Qantas points?

    • Gift them to me?

    • To give an example of one simple way to use them:

      If you wanted to fly one way Melbourne <-> Sydney on Qantas, plus pay around $35 in fees per flight, then you could do that 60,000/8,000 = 7.5, so 7 times. Longer routes cost more points. And availability of seats is restricted. And sometimes it's better value to fly on another airline, especially if they have a sale on.

      As a general rule of thumb, value each point at 1.2 cents (since that's the typical going black market rate), so if you could get that flight on another airline for: 8000*0.012 + 35 = $131, or less, on the day you want, then you should do that. But if the other airlines are more, then using points for the flight can be better value.

      You can also redeem points for gift cards and the like, but the value is usually worse. Most people here I think are accumulating them for big flights (e.g. to Europe, and/or business class, etc), for which they need usually 100's of thousands of points per passenger. Hope that helps.

  • I signed up for this deal previously and luckily I checked because they charged me the usual annual fee. I had to ring to get it removed.

    • I take systematic screenshots during the application process, including the landing page bits that say what the annual fee is and what the bonus points are, and all the fine print at the bottom of the page. Never had to use it, but have not regretted it once, it's great to have a record when offers are withdrawn or modified, it only takes a few extra moments, and it's a slam-dunk if any bank tries to argue against their own written offerings.

    • Yeah same here, I wonder how many people don't notice and don't remove the fee

  • if i have signed up before - canceled this - can i sign up again?

    • If you cancelled it more than 12 months ago then yes

    • If it's been 12 months or more since you cancelled this, then yes you are eligible to get the bonus points. If it's been less, then you can sign up, but you will not get the bonus points.

  • needs to be a gap of 1 year

  • Anyone know when this offer ends?
    Don't want this until the new year.

    Have been looking at this one too. Which do you think is better?

    • I’d say the ANZ Velocity offer is better
      Annual fee offset by complimentary flight
      More points
      2 lounge passes

      • That's what I was kind of thinking, although we probably wouldn't use the lounge passes as we have kids (and I'm not paying for them for the lounge!!!) but I would use the free flight.

  • If you're an avid user of ozbargain, no way you wouldn't reach the $3000 min spend within 90 day slot. I've already spent over $1K on Amazon alone in the last 20 days.

  • How does this compare to the usual ozbargain favourite cards such as Citibank, Bankwest, Macquirie and Ing? I presume this one slugs you with a foreign transaction fee?

    • I wouldn't use this card for foreign purchases - 3% transaction fee plus possibly a poor exchange rate. The real value is in the bonus points for a low acquisition cost.

  • Recently was credited the points for this deal - didn't get charged a $50 Qantas fee though (possibly because I already had a QFF account?)

    • How long did it take for the bonus points to be credited after you spent the $3000?

    • I signed up on the previous deal, didn't get charged a $50 Qantas fee as well. I don't recall reading about a $50 fee in the previous deal though. Then again, it could also be as you mentioned.

      • It appears that you were not charged the $50 fee because you haven’t opted for the Qantas points?

        So this card gives you 60k bonus qantas points (without opting in) and it appears that after spending 3k on the card, you get an extra 3000 altitude points (opt in to qantas and pay $50 = coverts to 1500 qantas points).

        Does this sound right?

        “Opt in for either Altitude Points or Qantas Points and earn points on every eligible purchase, with no monthly cap.
        A $50 Qantas Rewards fee applies annually for customers who choose to earn Qantas Points through the Altitude Qantas rewards program.”

  • If I close my 9 months old st george altitude black and get this, will it affect my credit score. whats the duration after which it doesn't have an impact ?

    • I think this will be fine. Worst case your credit score decreases a tiny bit - it doesn't matter - it will recover - especially now with comprehensive credit reporting if you pay back your card in full each month. I go through 3 or 4 cards a year and haven't noticed any negative impact on my credit score.

  • Bummed missed the Amplify 80K zero annual fee recently. It said it would expire in Jan but they pulled it early. Bummed!

    • Jump on this deal before they do the same thing!

    • I wonder what would happen if you applied for the St George Amplify card now, then show them screenshots of the “$0 annual fee waived until Jan” ads..

      • Called them and they said it was a 3rd party offer so they had no control. Which is technically true. It was an exclusive Qantas offer so Qantas pulled it I guess.

    • I missed it as well, they had the same promotion this time last year (not third party via qantas) and they took the deal off line. But if you started an application but didn't finish it they would send you an email offering the zero annual fee if you complete the sign up. Worked last year and was waiting out the 1 year requirement (would have only been about 10 days ago). Tried the same thing this time, but because it was third party this time I doubt they will send the follow up email.

  • Do St George cards in the last 12 months exclude from the deal?

    • Did you have the St George Amplify card? I think you are not excluded - this deal only excludes Earth or Altitude customers within the last 12 months.

      • awesome, yeah have an amplify, never held any direct Westpac one.

        Might give this a bell since the days of no annual free + points seem to be rarer.

  • Just got my income verification approval. Card is in the mail. Will spend the 3k and dump it as soon as my Qantas points are deposited


    Does it hurt your credit rating to cancel credit cards and keep reapplying for points?

    • Yes but as long as you do it in moderation by matching the rate you apply for new cards with the rate at which your credit scores recover it should be fine. I believe 1 new card per quarter is reasonable assuming you don't have anything else that might hurt your score(i.e. missed payments, mortgage application, energy/mobile contracts, etc)

      • I've actually almost been rejected for pre-approval due to all of these new card applications. Applied for one every 9-12 months or so.
        Had to get escalated to the senior assessor for further review and ultimately got the approval, but it definitely raises some red flags and can be risky.

        • I've applied and got approved for 3 different credit card deals in the past 3 weeks, no problem. About to apply for another one now (not this one) so will see what happens. Before that it was about a year since my last credit card application.

          • @jdogg: He is talking about a pre-approval for a home loan. You can apply for credit card no problem but when it come to apply for something big like home loan there will be issue unless your income is very high.

  • Guys,

    Can a previous additional cardholder apply for the credit card to be eligible for the points? We last closed WESTPAC 6 months ago.

  • Got pre approved and send payslips for verification like an hour ago. Hope they dont take 3-4 working days as usuall.

  • Wasn't the last deal just a couple of days ago 75k points?


    Approved already lols

  • How do people constantly get credit cards for the points without destroying their credit rating?

  • Are there any other banks doing good credit cards atm

  • Just be aware that BPAY transactions are considered ineligible transactions for your 3k spend.
    I found out the hard way and ended up $400 short and westpac wouldn’t give me the bonus points.

  • they still owe me the 60k bonus points from the last round, and after many months of chasing up, someone finally suggested that i did not make the $3000 spend because of a water bill which allegedly is not a valid spend, even though i did not do it via BPAY but via the water company's online payment using the altitude black credit card. their resolutions team is extremely hard to track down and they never ever get back to you on time. i may have to lodge a complaint with the ombudsman on this one. stay away from wp…

    • I signed up this card in Mid October under same promotion. Finished $3000 spend in mid Dec. Still no reward points after 3rd statement. Call customer service and I was told reward points is allocated 3 months after spend requirement is met. Not sure if the information is correct or not but the only thing I can do is wait 2 more months.

  • I've just been approved for this card. This was in the Ts & Cs in the confirmation e-mail regarding the $50 Qantas Rewards Fee:

    $50.00 including GST. The Qantas Rewards Fee is payable when you choose the Altitude Qantas rewards program. This fee is charged to your account following the first purchase or cash advance transaction made on your card account and then each year on the anniversary of that first purchase or cash advance transaction, for as long as you remain in the Altitude Qantas program. This fee will be waived for the first year.

  • Already got my card. 2 days from applying to getting the card. Super fast.

    • Wow that is very fast - I also applied 2 days ago and was approved same day - haven't received mine yet. I expected to get it next year with Australia Post running a little slow this time of year.

  • Anyone thing this offer will come up again but for the black card?

  • I am getting error "The special offer code (WAAR6) you entered is incorrect. Please re-enter the code or continue applying for the Altitude Platinum Visa Card with standard features."

    I am trying to choose Altitude Qantas reward program (instead of default Altitude reward).
    Is there any other code that we need to choose or Qantas ?