This was posted 2 years 6 months 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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15% off Eligible Items on eBay for eBay Plus Members, 10% off for Non Members ($120 Min Spend, $200 Max Discount)


My first ebay post!

Terms & conditions.

This offer is available for a limited time only, for as long as it is advertised by eBay

You can only use the redemption code 4 times during the Offer Period.

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  • Anyone know if the seller "mars_performance" (car parts) ever goes on discount?

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      Rare but check their website as sometimes comes free postage etc or email and ask any discounts going etc. Worked before

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      Buying some altezzas?

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      Pretty sure I got 10% off my rims February 18 2019.

      Wanna buy my bronze te37 reps? Time for a change!

      • through ebay? or their website?

    • FYI - looks like PAPPY extends to Mars Performance now

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    Sigh, not sitewide but eligible items only again, as in items in eBay no one wants to buy.

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      True statement.

    • This damn annoying. I need site wide discount as what I want won’t every be in this selected sellers only promo.

  • No good surface pro 6 deals

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    How do we tell what's eligible

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      add the item to cart then enter code 'PAPPY' at checkout.
      If you are eBay Plus make sure you are logged in to get 15%.

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      $ Take 10% off this item [Show me how]

      Appears above the postage cost if it's eligible

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        Not always from previous codes. I bought something from Pushys with the last similar code and there was no indication in the listing.

      • 4. ‘Eligible Items’ means all items listed on where these terms and conditions are found and the coupon redemption code PAPPY is displayed in the item listing.

      From the "terms and conditions…"

  • $120 minimum spend is a bit much.

  • Any TV deal?

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    T&C does not say what qualifies as 'eligible'.

    All it says is to check whether the code is suggested on the item page. But it will only be suggested if the item is above $120.

  • It's a good deal as far as I am concerned, as its just saved me $68.25 on an item I need - en3dc40+

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    Why the hell don't the morons at eBay let us isolate eligible items, each listing must get tagged with some attribute to add this coupon icon…

    If anyone wants a Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 3GB/32GB you can get on for $224 posted from an Aus seller (can't vouch them them though)…

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      That tinypic website gave me aids

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        You can find the less "AIDSy" version over here

  • Thanks, worked out very well for me. I think this and the previous PHOENIX are good promos by ebay AU

    If only they had a compelling cashback still :( Velocity or QFF points (+ flybuys stack) are a nice consolation prize in the interim I suppose

  • The T&Cs don't seem to be working. Anyone else having this issue?

    • It looks like they removed it.

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        Now back online.

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    Thanks! Computer Alliance is eligible.

    • -3

      Not all items they sell though.

      • +1

        Oh, my bad. Do you know what products are excluded? Everything in my watch list (CPU, NAS, GPU and hard drives) are all eligible. They only products I see that aren't eligible for the code are below the minimum spend.

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        Actually - sorry - scratch that - as long as your cart meets the minimum spend, all items are eligible

  • Not working for me? Is this ended?

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    Awesome!! Just bought the zoom h6 microphone for $440!

    Expected to not find it for under $518! pleased as!

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    Guess I'll spend my money at B&H instead…

  • anyone notice you cant sign up to Plus on new accounts for the 30 days free trial?

    • I was thinking of doing just this but now it sounds like it's not worth trying. When can you sign up for ebay plus trial?

  • sorry if this is a silly question, is there any price guarantee that ebay/bing lee provides? just bought a breville dual boiler on friday for $810 (using 10% off code down from $899), and now with 15% off it's $764.15, is there any guarantee they have like amazon or do i just take the loss?

    edit: had a chat with ebay support, apparently they only do a price guarantee if you buy from ebay then find a cheaper price at an approved non-ebay retailer. ah well.

    • it will be 20% in a couple weeks time for EOFY.

      • probably, but better safe than sorry

  • RTX 2080 for $918. Very tempting.

    • can you link me?

      • +1

        Sorry. Ozbargain won't let me link it. Just search ebay for RTX 2080 and sort by price. It's the second cheapest one listed (Windforce)

  • Any good deals on Pixel 3a or S10e?

  • Cheap 64gb micro SD cards for security cameras on offer?

    • +1

      You have to spend minimum $120 to get the discount. 64GB memory cards are only around $25ish, would suggest sandisk high endurance, pretty touch card for surveillance needs

      • I will buy a few of these and other items. Can you please post a link.

        • search on ebay, heaps around, stick with good rep store and you are all set.

  • Cheers. Just grabbed G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32GB (2x16GB) 3200MHz DDR4 for $305.15. Missed out on the Newegg deal with the 3000MHz for $267, but happy with this as it's 3200MHz.

  • I need one that includes car parts. Not spending on ebay till they release a decent coupon.

    • Ask the seller to post in different category.

  • I wish they'd still have sitewide discounts. Trying to get a refurb Fetch TV but it's never an eligible item.

  • so… has it been worth it to be an "ebay plus" member yet?

    • +3


      • so direct ha, sounds like uve had first hand experience?

    • +1

      Yes. I have got my membership money back three times over :-)

  • very nice, just got an ipad 10.5 64gb wifi/cell pro for $568, I missed out last time thanks OP

  • Made a $400 purchase a few hours ago that is eligible. Seeing if eBay will help me out :(

    • ask the seller to cancel them then re-buy with codes

      • They're happy to do it, only problem is I bought the last stock of the item so if I cancel I'll have to wait for it to restock on eBay before re-ordering which could enable someone else to purchase it if I'm too slow. That's what the store has said anyway.

        I think I'll take the risk for ~$60

  • +1

    Great timing, thanks op! Was about to buy a powerbank for my switch and found this. Bought two Zmi QB815 that on ebay which works out to be $56 each.damn bargain!!

  • any good deal for samsung galaxy watch 46mm?

  • Beautiful, I got a new hot water heater with the 15% off! Was a random small seller so I'm surprised the code worked.

  • Any issues signing up to a trial then cancelling? Is the cancellation process easy?

    • When it first came out I tried to cancel my free trial via their automated method and it wouldn't let me. I contacted support and they cancelled it for me immediately. Probably fixed by now but regardless the fallback option is there.

  • Can anyone see if the Oneplus 7 pro is included with this discount code.

  • Is it possible to add items from different sellers to make $120 in checkout?

    • Yes you can do that

    • I tried to do that and it didn't work, but now that I think about it, it must have just meant some of the sellers weren't eligible, not that mixing sellers is completely not an option…

  • +1

    Thanks, haru - just saved $200!

  • Trying to join ebay plus to take advantage of this, when I click start free trial I get "We ran into a problem. Please select a different payment method or try again later." Any suggestions?

    • Try clicking the [start free trail] at the bottom of the page, as opposed to the one up the top

      • That link at least gives me a more useful error!
        Sorry, this program is currently only available for users registered on and whose billing currency is Australian Dollar.

        I think my billing currency is USD, so off to fix that now :) (edit: Fixed)

  • +1

    Big pappy?

  • Excellent, just saved $90 on an exhaust for a new motorbike I bought yesterday. I was going to impatiently wait for another ebay sale to come around but that was alot quicker that I expected!

  • Can someone confirm if the seller gives a discounted price, can we still use the code at checkout?


    • Yes, confirmed with a sydneytec purchase.

      They already have 10% off which is pre-applied at checkout and then 10-15% off from PAPPY is applied manually and works :)

      • got 15%+15%, excellentttttt

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    Thanks OP, got myself two pairs of boots and a computer chair :)


  • You can do the highest spec desktop build for $2780.
    Intel i7 9700k,
    Galax RTX 2080ti SG,
    MSI Z390 Gaming Edge AC,
    Corsair 16GB 3200,
    Corsair 460x Case
    Corsair 850W 80+
    Cooler Master 240 RGB Liquid CPU Cooler
    Seagate BarraCuda 2TB

    Had a Samsung 860EVO 1TB SSD already
    You are saving around $330 if you go with an equivalent TechFast build.

  • Last "deal" on a PSU, I contacted the shop who had their PSU on Ebay for an inflated amount vs. their B&M shop.

    They basically said, "we markup to cover the Ebay Plus".

    So, what's the (profanity) point???

    • I actually use asterisks if swearing. Can't believe THIS is too confrontive for the people on OZB?

  • +4

    when is this promotion ending??

  • This has probably been mentioned before, but who wears discounted amount in these ebay sales ? Is there a split between ebay and the vendor ? If it's only selected items you'd think it's stuff the vendors want to shift, but other times it's seemingly everything at pretty close to cost. I assume it's all ebay footing the bill when it's site wide ?

  • Merged from Ebay Plus and PAPPY code

    Does anyone know how long the 15% off code works for the ebayplus. Thinking of buying something, but want to wait to see if the item gets any cheaper. Was going to sign up to Ebay plus to get the extra discount with code and then cancel plus.

    • +2

      Expires 3rd of June unless canceled early by eBay.

      • @firerunner Thanks

  • Digidirect getting the 15% for plus mems and 10% for non. Bought a lens saved me $75! And TRS going to travel very soon. Thanks OP and eBay.

  • Hey guys,

    Im hoping to buy a refurbished PC from knn computers. This code should work for them? Also is eBay plus free to join?


  • I’m getting error that “This code can’t be applied to your order.
    Although sellers mention it’s items are listed in eBay Australia.

    Any idea?


    • 10-15% off eligible items

      'eligible' means ebay's arbitrary discretion.

  • This is a shame. Looks like this code does not work for luggage.

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