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Hertz - Upgrade Your Rental

Receive a free single upgrade when you book with Hertz.
Offer is valid on bookings before 12 June 2019 for rentals between 1 June and 30 September 2019

Terms & Conditions apply

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    Are these really a deal? I'm curious, it does not apply to any 'exciting cars, ie no Mustang, GTI, Q2, etc' so essentially they are upgrading you from the car you want to a larger, usually more fuel thirsty car. I get a better discount from either using company cdp (almost all employers that have any sort of travel requirements will have one available for staff to use) or even using a comparison site like cartrawler.

    For a date I selected Hertz want $247.52 for a corolla where thrifty from the same location offer a focus for $147.64. Now if this coupon does end you up in a 'one class better car' you'd book the elentra for $179.99 hoping to end up in the corolla. I dunno, not really ending up better off?


      Not really sure, I tried for a booking I required and it didn't work as one of the locations wasn't participating (either the Brisbane or Coolangatta airports, both significant locations you would think). I shared the code though, it must work for someone.


    Every time I use Hertz I seem to get upgraded. Firefly is slightly cheaper, but I'm happy to pay more knowing that I'll probably get bumped up to a bigger car. Since joining Senator status I always get great service.

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