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Free Trial: 3 Months Tidal Premium Membership (New Accounts)


Enjoy :)

Experience 90 free days of TIDAL. Cancel anytime before your trial period ends and no charges will apply, or keep listening for AUD 11.99/month. Only valid for new accounts.
Premium sound quality

Exclusive music, videos and events

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    Getting a "this offer is no longer valid" banner when clicking on the link :(

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    worked fine here thank you, as I'm likely to cancel at the 3 month mark I decided to for the Hi Fi one, still worked, great because I was trying to sign up to the YouTube one as being in India to no avail, after using VPN it shows just "Paid Memberships" with nothing to click on and seems to thing I'm in Arab Emirates on occasion too.. will try again.. but this is great for now

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    Thanks. Giving it another try. Registered.

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    Is Tidal still around? I gave up on them as their suggestions were terrible, playlists non-existent, and music catelogue was severely lacking.

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    Has Jay-Z sold this yet? Still remember the cringey teaser video with all those singers saying tidal would change the world.

  • +5

    Tidal is the worst music service.

    Search for anything and you'll get hip hop. It's a service to go deaf by.

    Try it… Christmas… 80's… Polish workcamp tunes of mateship and suffering…

    …hip hop.

    • +1

      we live in a society

    • I haven't had this problem.. I listen to Reggae, Latin, Cumbia, Electronica and World music and have rarely not found what I've been looking for. Though I don't use playlists, I just search for artists or albums.

    • For some websites you get much better results using Google + site:xyy

      Still, this is only useful if looking for a particular album or track, rather than a subgenre like "Patriotic Marches" or "Celtic Christmas".

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    Goody! Thanks a bunch OP.

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    Be careful with tidal I tried to cancel my subscription and they still charged me. If you google tidal mischarges there are a lot of other people complaining too.

    • +3

      Same happened to me

  • is it better than spotify in any way?

    • +5

      Sound quality if you go the hifi subscription, otherwise the same as Spotify sound wise. Everything else is worse than Spotify

    • +4

      My roommates don't think the difference is that noticeable even on a good set of speakers. I think it is, spotify streams at 320kbps. I cannot see what kbps TIDAL's HIFI is but it's lossless from CD which is 1400kbps. Master recordings are even higher than this going up to 4500kbps (which is higher than bluetooth can handle so plug in)
      Edit: It's really noticeable in the high and mid-range to me where you can hear more things going on symbols are clearer, harmonics on a guitar stuff like that. It's not worth the extra download on your phone if you're just playing through a bluetooth speaker but for set up on a good set of speakers or headphones you can tell the difference

      • +1

        Huge difference for me as well using my b&o h9i

    • I have Apple music, Spotify premium, and tidal HIFI. So far I find that Tidal takes first place, followed by Apple music then Spotify on Very High SQ.

      You need good speakers if you want to fully utilize the HIFI or Master quality settings.

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    Just a warning, I did a 3 month trial recently for $1 and was charged even though I had cancelled before far before the end lf the three months. Tidal have a strict ‘no refunds’ policy no matter what I said, and even though it was their fault, this is quite common if you look it up, seems a bit of a cheeky money making scheme. I ended up having to open a case with PayPal.

    • Wtf that's so dodgy.. Tidal is messed up..

      I reckon it's not worse the stress if you already have Spotify..

    • Tidal has also stolen $12 from me last year in a similar way. I couldn't get it back. F Tidal.

    • +2

      I guess I'll just have to use my credit card that is being cancelled at the end of this month… Good luck scam charging that one, Mr Tidal!

      • +2

        Unless you hold the card for fraud, etc. charges will still go through and be your liability for up to 90 days after cancelling a credit card -depending on the specific terms and conditions of your CC.

    • did paypal give you your money back?

  • +2

    Tidal had problems streaming for me on new years eve and Christmas (most other days worked fine). Google play music and Spotify had no problems. I cancelled the next day.
    Perhaps use a burner credit card to give it a go? https://privacy.com/

    • Privacy sounds interesting. I wonder if it can be used to purchase from sites that check your addresss to decide whether you can make a purchase or not (eg buying Japanese soundtracks fom Japanese digital stores, Latino priced games from Nuuvem)?

  • +1

    Well I signed up! Used the St George debit Visa I got as part of the $50 offer they had for opening an account! I am closing it as soon as a delivery arrives as I was advised to!
    Good luck scam charging a debit Visa lol
    I gotta say even after 30mins it's not great connection wise keeps telling me I'm not connected to the internet when Spotify works great?
    Anyway 3months free access to any tunes is worth a go! Thanks OP

  • It's good that Tidal have finally gotten around to offering people extended trials.

    I have read there is a program called 'Athame' that "bad people" use to make permanent copies of music streamed from Tidal.

    OP, you might also want to mention that there is also a 90 day free option for HiFi Tidal. Premium sounds better, but actually HiFi is the highest Tidal tier. It apparently givens you access to recordings in higher than CD quality, but Tidal for some reason uses MQA rather than the industry standard open source 24bit 96 KHz PCM (audio engineers say MQS is only eqivalent to 17 bit PCM).

  • Can you cancel immediately and still have the free trial?

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