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Apple iPad 9.7" 5th Gen 128GB + Cellular (24 Mths Contract) $29/Month 20GB Data Plan @ Telstra


Apple iPad 128GB Wi-Fi + Cellular [5th Gen] Colour: Silver only.
Under clearance at Telstra. Stock may be limited. Be fast.

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    The 6th Gen offer was a lot better. This one does not work with the Apple Pencil (fyi)

    • So, 5th is fr 2017. No Pencil = further Savings.

      "Using your SIM
      You cannot use your SIM in a mobile handset or a mobile
      broadband device to access mobile data. If you do this, we will
      block access to mobile data from that device."

      Does Telstra provide a SIM, that one can put in another Tab?
      If so, one could sell the iPad & enjoy 20gb data / Mon f 2 yr, for < $9 mon

      • I'm using my sim in a 4g modem and it works fine.

      • I use the sim card in a 4g modem for cheap extra worry-free internet at home with no problems

      • After buying one of these deala, a friend was invited (by same Telstra site) to buy an Apple Pencil for $6/mon
        = 144 over 24 mon.

        [That's Cheaper than others' price, unless Apple has cut its price…? & that would include shipping, yes?]

        So, what's the resale value minus eBay + PayPal fees for such a 2017 iPad?

        • $129 for apple pencil via apple education.

          • @TomGum: As u'r assoc'd, a friend in Marree SA had trouble entering an addr there.

            After showing her her addr. & she selected it, the web app lost it & the process got stuck there.

            She reckons it's that Marree is an aboriginal town…?

      • Telstra charged her $1 for an "eSIM" &
        she's concerned they don't want her to
        "time-share" its data across multiple

        If she can get to a Telstra shop, I'll
        bet they can giver her what she needs -
        free of charge (& maybe Refund the extra

    • The 6th Gen offer was a lot better.

      Aaah man I've been shopping around for one - was it the same price?

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        Yes, $29 p/m but 64gb instead of 128gb.

        • @sghetti Dang. Not sure if I could survive on 64GB but I'd give it a crack over a 5th Gen!

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          As I remember, 6th ipad only has 32G/128G model. There is no 64G version. Am I right?

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          Plus you got peace of mind data with that deal, so glad I jumped.

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          The deal was, $28 p/m with 20gb Data & POM (32gb version).

          The 128gb was $5 extra.

          • @TomGum: And there's no way to get that deal again? :(

          • @TomGum: $34 for 128gb 6th gen with pom.
            But I'm happy to send you my details and you can change my account to $33 a month if you can.

    • Is this offer still available?, I cant find any links for that

  • I think it’s out of stock. Can’t get the plan for some reason.

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    Be warned doesn't come with new phone feeling. If that is a thing you want.

    • So, use Zoiper or sim. w/ a MyNetFone Whirlpool Voip service.


      Who (or What app) lets us send SMS &_MMS?

  • It's a data-only plan, of course.

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      Why wouldn't it be?

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        I'd be happy enough w/ a XiaoMii Max 3: 6GB + 128GB phone w/ 6.9" screen

        Any good deals? If Not now, when to expect 'em?

  • Is this in store as well or online only?

    • Probably online only - I was at a Telstra store yesterday and they did not have this price advertised.

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    Any similar iPhone 8plus deals?

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    Hi guys, don't forget to grab $140 from Shopback when signing up a Telstra 24 months plan.

    • Does not work for tablet plans.

  • Remember early this year Optus had iPad 6gen $60/month 200GB data, that deal good enough to cut off my home broadband and use the pad hotspot for home internet. Speed heard quicker even than NBN.
    Hope Telstra could have similar cracker deal soon.

  • And I'm on the phone with Telstra at the moment.

    I'm getting billed $44 a month! And no one seems to know about this deal at all! Not chat / not the store.