expired Philips Sonicare Flexcare Electric Toothbrush HX6912-21 $89 (RRP $219) @ Shaver Shop


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    OP of the original deal here.

    If you're thinking about it, get one. I've really enjoyed this toothbrush over the last month, teeth feel so much cleaner!


      Couldn't agree more. Best thing I have done for my teeth!

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      I've had the older model for about 3 years now - battery is still going strong
      Before charging - I get a solid 2 weeks +

      Couldnt recommend enough!


    Is this the top of the range?

    I just bought the Oral-B Smart 7 on sale for $89 from Shavershop

    Annoys me no pick up option, and it's $1 under free shipping.

    Sounds ridiculous, but I was going to buy the Xiaomi and brush 1x a day with each πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Xiaomi soocas x3 for $65 or this…?

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      Top of the range in terms of vibrations per second but there are sonicare brushes with more features such as wireless charging.


      Xiaomi soocas x3 has app function so you can see how much battery remain etc
      it looks pretty interesting..

      I am waiting for a good deal on soocas x3 ..

      There's also new phillips sonic brushes with pressure sensor

      The important thing is also how much the replacement brushes cost
      also alot of these brushes batteries will lose their charge quickly after a period of time
      and then how easy is it to replace the battery?

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      I got the Oral-B last week from Shavershop too. How do you find it? I can only use the sensitive setting, pretty powerful.


        I haven't started using it yet, but before this I had a Oral-B Triumph 5000.

        I've never used a Phillips/SX3 type toothbrush before, hence my interest.

        S X3 is on sale around $55AUD, but it's pink. You can find it easily for $65 shipped without any eBay discounts too.

        This one seems great value for $89-99, but I've read people who have owned both and have said the S X3 is great.

        I think the replacement heads for the S X3 are cheaper too.


        i don't like oscillating brushes
        it catches my tongue or mouth skin when it spins…

        i got another brand that does this

        the sonic brushes don't have this issue


          Don't the oscillating ones clean better though?

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            @baldur: a brush is only as good as how long you are willing to keep using it..
            since I don't like how the oscillating brush catches my tongue and inside mouth skin
            I am not gonna keep using it..

            Also how much time you spend brushing and how long you wait before cleaning after eating affects how effective a clean you get..

            I find the sonic brushes gives a very good clean, so that is good enough for me.

            At the end of the day, you can try both and find out which type you prefer more..
            I have, and I just prefer the sonic brush better.


    This thing is never expensive but the replacement heads. Each cost around $10 and recommended to use only 3 months?
    Where can I get cheap replacement heads?

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    trusting the reviews here and on the previous deals, I purchased one. thank you op.


    I had the expensive Colgate one which was great but only lasted a year and a half. It fell apart at the head and when I took it apart had mould inside. Will this be any better? Is there any waterproofing with this one?


    the heads are expensive for Sonicare compared to oral b :(


    I have had the Oral B 3000 for a few years, it's basically the top of the range Oral for brushing (with no fancy features), does anyone have an opinion on that Vs these Sonicare brushes?

    I don't care at all about fancy features or timers or chargers, just how it performs as a tooth brush.


      I had the top of the range oral b toothbrush and changed to flexcare platinum a few years ago and felt the difference immediately. Teeth felt a lot cleaner, I had read a lot of comparisons and the general reviews were that sonicare was more effective at cleaning. The battery life after 3 years was still going strong (one charge lasting 2-3 weeks) compared to oral b which after only 2 years required regular charging but unfortunately i had to change to a new sonicare diamond last month as the existing one had some problems with the shaft.


    FYI you can get a replacement pack of 4 heads for $5-$10 on ebay https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=philips+so...

    Not original.


    How is this one compare to the diamond one? Want to buy a replacement for Mum's Diamond one. (Apart from induction charging).
    I owned a pair of this model, but both failed with broken shaft. Battery still go strong when they broke.


    Just bought 5 for the family. Hope it’s worth the moneyπŸ˜‚


    No pressure sensor which is a deal breaker for me.

    I have a habit of brushing too hard.


      I understand but it really takes some good effort to activate the sensor though. Shouldn't be a deal breaker imho.


    Where do people get replacement brushes from?

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