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Melbourne to Honolulu, Hawaii $305 Return | Auckland/Christchurch from Sydney $233, Melbourne $216/$209 Return + More @ Jetstar


Jetstar is having a mid-year sale. Of note is Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Honolulu, Hawaii for $305 Return. Loads of dates from July to 2020. Fares don't include bags, seat selection or meals.

$309 via Sydney already posted here. Screenshot. $467 from Brisbane. $460 from Adelaide

Bonus: Southwest is having a sale until the end of Thursday US time, where they are offering $29 USD one way flights from Honolulu to Kahului, Hawaii, and Kona, Hawaii, as well as from Kahului and Kona to Honolulu. Good opportunity to see the other islands for cheap (well at least the flights are cheap).


via Scott's Cheap Flights

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      Does that make them a rip off or just better suited to passengers who don't want checked baggage?

      • Seriously how many people are honestly travelling international with 7kg of on board baggage? Be realistic

        • Me

        • For one or two weeks you don't need more, especially in tropics.
          Few T-shirts and shorts.

        • Just came back from 8 days in Osaka with only 2x 7kg carry on. (at the airports I wear my George Costanza big puffy jacket stuffed with all my heavy gear)

        • I have been overseas to 36 countries and 90% of the time i have only hand luggage. I was backpacking through South America for 3 months last year and only had hand luggage you have overpacked if you think this is not enough.

        • I agreed with you here, how do you travel with just a 7kg cabin bag?
          Also, what is the leg room on Jetstar international?
          The last time when I went on a Jetstar flight to Singapore, it was just so cramped.
          Most uncomfortable flight.

        • I have not travelled with checked in baggage in over 5 years now and have taken 10 plus trips in that time. Frankly i laugh at people on holidays waiting for their big oversize suitcases on the carousel. I guarantee you they don't wear 3/4 of what they take away with them. There are so many advantages to travelling lighter and with less, you spend less time in airports beating the crowd to the buses or taxi rank, you feel less cluttered in your hotel room and less time packing up, you are more mobile and arrive as your hotel less exhausted, its minimalist and it saves you a stack of money especially if you are talking several flights on a trip. Easy choice for me these days.

          I totally understand there are exceptions such as travelling with a young family. I tip my hat to anybody that can pull off the feat travelling with an infant.

        • I've never used hard luggage. Don't even have one to use.
          For Hawaii, everything will fit in a backpack.
          For colder destinations, wear multiple layers cause they only weigh the bags, not your clothes.
          In cheaper countries, clothes are less than $1-2, just need a wallet.

        • Me.

          Me and 3 kids with a back pack each…Easy.

        • Me too

          7kg is loads

        • Me.

          Depending on the location it can be cheaper picking up some necessities and cheap clothes for a few days instead of spending the $50 - $100 (return) extra for a suitcase / full service airline

        • all the time. usually a change of clothes and my camera gear

          • @lench: Lets perhaps remember that 7kg of carry-on for most people is more like 5kg, by the time you take away the weight of the bag itself. Even high end carry on suitcases are 1.5kg usually.

            My hubby and I have just completed a 4 month RTW trip in business class (on qantas points) and there is no way we would have managed it or enjoyed it as much if we only had carry on. I like to dress up, wear heels, go out on lots of dates, and feel pretty and I like to NOT wear the same clothes every day.
            Plus the hubby liked lugging the heavy suitcases around, it saved him going to the gym. :)

        • my wife and me lasted 32 days on last trip. I was 100kg when we left, came back at 90. Wash undies every day and look out for cheap t shirts at destination. We had 2 heavy mobiles with good cameras, 2 chargers a 10" pad and travel adapters. Since planes are cold dress up before boarding and we had no issues. The pad does not count, they even allow a reasonable notebook so 7 kg each after 20 odd trips we learned to reduce redundancy. For us Jetstar all the way to go!

  • Did I join club Jetstar for no reason?

  • nothing for school holiday again

  • when does the sale actually start? i cant find it on the website and it wont let me purchase flights once ive selected them

  • any decent suggestions for getting accommodation at a good price?

  • Bought $472 return to Japan from the GC. Not as good as the return free sales but not bad at all.

  • Pity the surf isn't working during the travel period. Great offer