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Get $50 Cashback for Any Minimum Reservation of $200 @ Booking.com & Energizer


This deal is now available to Australia. Have tested using the steps from the last deal and they still work.

Steps -
1) Click on the link in the OP. Enter the code 7638900295641 and press enter.
2) Enter any dummy name and a valid email address. Submit
3) You will then receive an email with a link to booking.com. This URL link will be unique for each person.
4) Booking.com will then load with the banner, "Book now and get AUD 50 back! All you have to do is book and you'll get AUD 50 back after your stay! Minimum booking cost AUD 200." at the bottom of the page. Make sure this banner appears throughout your booking!
5) Make your booking.

Note - It may take up to 60 days after your stay for the amount to be credited to the credit card. At most one credit per account on Booking.com.


  1. AUD 50 offer on the price of your room(s).
    2.Minimum transaction value is AUD 200 for one booking.
    3.Book before 25 Aug 2019.
    4.Valid on transactions made through the Booking.com website or app.
    5.Offer payouts will be made to credit card (Mastercard, VISA or China UnionPay).
    6.Offer payouts will be made after the customer has checked out of the property.
    7.The complete Rewards Terms and Conditions apply.
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  • Can you get the $50 if not paid via Booking.com? With other cashback sites, I could.

  • Good timing. Cheers OP.

  • Does this work with any of the cash back site?

    • I don't think so. You're going from the email link to booking.com and not through the cashback sites.

      • I bet that's how they fund the promotion. Cutting out other referral credits.

        I guess someone worked out that the average booking earns pretty close to that amount in commission for a referring site.

        Of course not here on ozBargain where people will tend to optimise things and lots of bookings amounts are just over $200. But in the wild, plenty of people will use it for their $1000 bookings, even if they could get better deals through other rewards programs.

  • Is the code valid for any hotels and dates provided u book before 25/8?

  • I already had a bunch of bookings for a trip later in the year so it was a simple matter of cancelling one of them and immediately rebooking! Hopefully they won't renege on the deal, but even if they do I'm in the same place I was yesterday - nice work op

    • I have a trip next month that I only booked recently with free cancellation on my accommodation. If I simply cancel and rebook, I'd get the cashback correct?

      • As far as I can tell yes, although there's the risk that the price you locked in won't be available when you rebook. I was lucky and the price didn't change, but if you booked for, say, $200 per night on special but the normal price is $300, you'll end up losing $50 despite the cashback

      • Rebook first and cancel later

  • From my booking email :

    “Oops – it looks like you’ve made several bookings with your special offer. That’s no problem, your bookings won’t be affected. But our special offer is only valid for one booking so you’ll still only receive one cash reward.”

    I only made one booking from your instructions above

    • I have the same issue. I believe the code is specific for one booking so it doesn't look like the cashback will come my way.

      • I have the same issue, called booking.com and they confirmed it should be okay as long as you make 1 booking PER ACCOUNT under this special offer.

      • I had the same,but I imagine they will still credit you for the one booking, even if you happened to make a second one. I've only made one, but I'm not keen to cancel and rebook as that might give them a reason to void the cash reward.

        Edit: thanks Pepsicles for checking with the source :)

        • How do they credit you the refund? According to the instructions you enter the card you want the credit applied to in the booking confirmation, but I only get the multiple booking notice.

          • @singlemalt72: Once you create your account, you go into your details, and theres a space to enter you CC details for refunds. It said something like 'enter details here for your $50 cashback'

  • Good timing thanks OP

  • Does anyone know whether your stay dates need to be before the 25 August date? I had a look at the T&Cs but couldn’t see whether it will still work if you book before 25 August for a stay in say, October or November.

    • I would like to book a stay in Nov. It only states that Book by 25 Aug 2019, not Stay by 25 Aug 2019, so I assume that I should be able to get the credit if I book now. Fingers crossed.

  • I just booked a hotel last night not refundable so I can't cancel and rebook with this deal :(

    • Did you use cashrewards? I just booked last night too but can refund. Wondering if the difference between cashrewards and this is worth the trouble.

      • cashreward CB is 6%
        If you can get your booking to be around 200 bucks and the CB goes through, it's like ~25%

      • I would choose the $50 off over Cashrewards, I don't think you can activate both.

  • Thanks! Had a $300 booking to make. Nice timing.

  • How's this for maximising the value ;)


  • Do we have to create new account or this is applicable for existing account as well? Thanks

  • Is it correct that with booking.com you usually have a better chance of receiving a room that is on the lower floors/not best view/not corner room as they acquire them rooms for a little cheaper in bulk from hotel?

  • After booking did people get a confirmation email that the cashback process worked?

    I booked a room last night,’it was $200 on the dot. Haven’t got any emails about the $50 back

  • Looks good, but seems to be a victim of price jacking. Price for hotel in Bremen,Germany via Trivago is nearly $50 cheaper than via link. Coincidence??

  • does it work for flights?

  • How long will the url link be emailed to you after clicking the submit button?

  • Worthwhile checking a comparison site such as hotels combined before taking the plunge. My 4 night stay was still $70 cheaper though Agoda factoring in the cashback.

  • Is anyone still receiving the booking email?

    I haven't received anything and I've applied twice with different emails and at different times.

    Time to mark as expired?

  • Does anyone know if you modify the booking date (same value) if the cashback is still valid for that trip? I tried asking directly but they never got back to me.

  • Anyone not receiving an email for the link? How long does it usually take?

  • Didn’t receive email

  • Filled the form out days ago and never got an email. Website says I can't submit again because it's one code per address. Tried a different address and still no email. Going to try their support now

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