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TP-Link Smart Plug HS100 $23.95 (Free Delivery w/ Prime or $49 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Just noticed Amazon have dropped the price of the HS100 plugs

Good for those that we're finding it difficult to get stock from the recent $23.95 Bunnings deal



Update 28/06: Price has been updated to $23.95.

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  • Posted that in the Bunnings deal. Ordered two on Amazon. Easier for me where I live. Sorry wrong Bunnings deal, it was the two deal one. Aplogies

  • Might do better time-wise compared with Bunnings - their timelines are sooo last century. Humpf.

  • How would you use this "smartly"?

    • Put your heater on when you're on your way home from work, and have it turn off automatically before you go to bed.
      Turn on your lamps if you're unexpectedly away from home, to deter burglars.
      Run your grow lights remotely, so you can safely and anonymously grow your orchid collection.

    • Honestly, I have 2 smart plugs and got 2 lights on them, that's about it. I can't really find anything useful for them, some devices I have are already Alexa compatible (TV, robot vacuum, speakers). Other devices like coffee maker, kettle, washer I need to physically press buttons anyways.
      I'm more than happy to be enlightened on this as well though.

      • I control my electric blanket (one on each side), lamp, also my TV/home theatre/gaming entertainment, so when I'm away, it is not on standby, drawing electricity.

        • also my TV/home theatre/gaming entertainment, so when I'm away, it is not on standby, drawing electricity.

          Depending on your appliances you're potently using more power with a device like this than without.

          According to Amazon these use 3.68 watts.

          A TV that's turned off needs to draw 0.3 watts or less to comply with EU legislation so if you are only using this on something like a TV and DVD player then you are using more power than you would if you didn't have the switch.

      • I have the hs110 plugs which has the energy monitoring component.
        With that I know when the washing machine has been turned on and then once complete, a message will be sent to our mobile phones.
        Same with our TV, when somebody rings the doorbell and we are home and the TV is on, a message will pop up on the tv showing somebody is at the door.
        With normal plug without the monitoring, it is basically just putting things on and off. Like a hallway light that turns on 30 minutes before sunset - so it adjusts itself depending on winter/summer.

        • I guess plugs with energy monitoring can be slightly more useful, but even then…
          You still have to manually turn on your washing machine correct? I can see the usefulness of knowing when washing finishes but having the energy monitoring plug just for that seems a bit much. After all, most modern washers should have a timer and I normally just set a reminder on Alexa for that.
          So you plug the "dumb" doorbell to the smart plug and it can tell you when the doorbell is rang yes? That's one good use I guess. I do use a Ring Video Doorbell though.

          • @rookie317: You still have to turn it on yes. :) It depends how much in home automation you want to get into. I have a panel which shows washing machine is ready for use, once started, the panel changes to in use, when done a message gets sent and the panel changes to an icon that shows the washing machine needs emptying (It also switches on rgb lamp lights to red). I have a door sensor on the washing machine door. Once handle is opened it then sets the panel to show the machine is available again. It also shows warnings if you put the machine on at night or on overcast day when solar level is below a threshold.
            Again, depends how much you want to play with home automation :)
            Some bathroom fans rather than using a smart switch, is to have the fan work of a plug. Then if the bathroom humidity goes over a threshold (monitor it with a temp and humidity sensor) you switch on the plug so the fan goes on (and off once the level is < x)

      • username checks out.

    • I use it to turn on my kettle from bed, so I can get up and fill my tea pot right away. Another one for a lamp that is awkward to access, and a third for a dumb led strip. My morning alarm goes off, some smart lights turn on in sunrise mode and my kettle starts boiling.

    • Best uses for the ones I have are:
      1- Pool pump: auto running schedule; turn on/off from phone or google home.
      2- Electric heaters: as above

  • is this free if I have prime?

  • Can't wait for Tempura's comment in here

  • Guys how do these work and what is the setup process?

    • I have a different brand, but I am guessing it would be similar. Connect the plug to your WiFi using the app. Then use the app to turn it on and off, and/or link it to Google Home/Alexa. Very easy to use as long as your WiFi can reach the plug.

    • you need kasa app. -= plug this, open kasa app, search for device , connect to wifi, (login/passward usual stuff), name it(heater/fan/lamp etc), play around with timer or othere stuff until you figure it out, cheers

  • For people using Google Assistant, I've been using the TOPERSUN smart plugs from Amazon, and I haven't had any issues. You can get a 2 pack for $33.

  • Can anyone recommend a similar product (WIFI not bluetooth) compatible with Apple Home kit?

  • Can I use this with iPhone home kit?

  • Would it be possible to turn your pc on with this?

  • Jb HiFi have these scanning up at $24 also. Ticket had $39, and I was all ready to price match, but it scanned up at $24 anyway.

    • Yeap JB Hi-Fi has officially reduced these to $24.

      I bought 2 yesterday by price matching Bunnings at JB for $23.95 (each) - saved 10 cents ;)

  • The previous owner who build my home only installed a single switch for the toilet fan/light. Sometimes i don't require the fan, so i have this plug and a google home mini in the toilet (with my ozbargained bidet of course). I ask google to turn the fan off, google responds polity "Turning off the poopy fan". My favourite use of this plug.

  • Can I control one of these remotely?
    I have a RasPi at a different location and if it freezes or I ran shutdown for some reason, I need to get someone else to go try turning it off and on again. I was hoping with something like these I'd be able to reset it myself.

    • I'm using Homebridge with an Apple TV which will allow me to control this anywhere using Siri / Home.app
      Unsure if you have to be on the same network for it to work with the supplied app.

  • Do Amazon have any sort of price-drop guarantee to refund the difference?

    Couldn't find stock during previous Bunnings/Officeworks deal, so purchased it for $35 from Amazon on Sunday and now it has dropped $11 :(

  • Why do we have to buy this while we can buy Topersun, $32.99 for 2?

  • Damn, bought 2 of these on amazon only a week or so ago for $35 each. Don't have prime so not sure about bothering to pay the return postage.

  • Does anyone know if the light can be turned off on this model?
    I usually buy Sonoff only for this reason.

  • Does it necessarily need a Google Home/Amazon Alexa hub to run?

  • Have 4 of these, they are decent, the app is good and they are straighforward to set up.
    They are pretty fat though, they will impinge on other points. I got a cheap 20$ 'Brilliant Smart' one from officeworks, its compact and appears to work just as well so far, so consider those as well.