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28-Day Unlimited Plan Upgraded to 30GB (Was 10GB): Unlimited National and International (10 Countries) $30 @ amaysim


Upgraded data to 30GB.

Coverage and customer service are pretty good, been using them for a couple of years now.

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$10/28 Days for 3 Renewals / Bonus $15 eGift Card: random (27)

Referee gets three $10 renewals on amaysim's 55GB prepaid plan.
Referrer get gets a $15 MasterCard for each referee.

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    customer is pretty good

    which one?

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      An amusing mistake. I wonder how the OP made use of the customer :-)

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    OP is not wrong, any customer who is willing to pay $30 a month for sim only plan is better than 'good' , most ozbargainer's monthly budget for a sim only plan is under $3


      It's come down to $1 with recent deals!


        Hell, they've even paid us, multiple times in the past.


          The good old days… now they only pay you back once per cashback account :(


      how r u getting $3 monthly plans? are u referring to the cheap new customer deals or continuous $3 renewals? please lmk.


    Clearly at the wrong forum here

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    Boost offers 35GB for this price point while the current 15GB bonus data is on offer.
    It's also what is arguably a superior network (full Telstra, not 'Telstra Wholesale' which doesn't have access to 4GX)


    If you don't wanna spend $30 (and don't need that much data), Ovo will give you 8GB for $20 whereas Amaysim only gives 5GB at this price point.
    Same network exactly plus Ovo does 30 day cycles, not 28 like amaysim.


    If you're willing to fork out another $5 p/m, Ovo will give you a whopping 50GB (regular allowance, not a promo):

    Ovo also has heaps of video and music content to stream without using your data allowance through Ovo Play.

    Try again Amaysim :)


      Any international call inclusions with ovo?

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        100 minutes on the $30 plan, 600 minutes on $35 and 1000 minutes on the $50 plan.


    Don't think this is much of a deal unfortunately mate.