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Spend $10, Get $35 Cashback on amaysim's 28 Day 10GB Mobile SIM (New Customers) @ Cashrewards


Receive $25 profit ($35 cashback minus $10 cost) with access to amaysim’s Unlimited 10GB mobile SIM on the house. This SIM is normally $30, so you'll need to apply coupon 10FOR10 to receive the discount. The critical requirements in order to avail of this cashback are (1) you are a new amaysim customer, (2) activate on or prior to Jan 31, and (3) you click out via the Cashrewards link in the post. Enjoy :)

Please read these important guidelines & terms before proceeding:

  1. If you are an existing amaysim customer, you will need to create a new amaysim account with a new email address to be eligible for this offer.
  2. You MUST click out through the main link in this post (then select Shop Now). DO NOT exit amaysim's site until your purchase is complete.
  3. Order the Unlimited 10GB mobile SIM for $10 using coupon code 10FOR10 (normally $30). You will receive the SIM within 7 business days.
  4. If PayPal is used as payment, you will still need to verify your ID through 'my amaysim' after purchase.
  5. You must activate the SIM prior to 11:59pm AEST Jan 31, 2019 to be eligible for cashback.
  6. Even though the SIM you receive may be pre-activated, proper ID checks must be completed before the SIM is pronounced active.
  7. Turning auto-renewal off after activation will not disqualify you from this Cashback offer.
  8. amaysim SIMs bought from retail stores/outlets are excluded from cashback. You must purchase only via the link in this post.
  9. This offer applies only to the Unlimited 10GB mobile SIM for $10. Ignore other T&Cs on Cashrewards for other amaysim products/plans.
  10. Only one cashback of $35 per Cashrewards account is permitted.
  11. Cannot be used with any other amaysim or 3rd party promos/codes/referrals (ie. Groupon offers etc).
  12. This cashback offer expires 11:59pm AEDT Jan 18, 2019 (final purchase date), unless sold out or withdrawn by amaysim earlier.
  13. Direct any enquiries regarding delivery, activation or ordering directly to amaysim customer support on their website as they are aware of this offer.
  14. If for any reason your sale fails to track after 7 days, open a support ticket and the team will look into it for you.
  15. Fraudulent orders and activities will result in your Cashrewards account being banned and rewards forfeited.

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  • Time for another sim!

  • Thank TA.

    Would I be eligible (using the same Cashrewards account) for $35 cashback even if I had already availed $21 cashback from this deal

    I understand in t&c it states Only one cashback of $35 per Cashrewards account is permitted but technically it was not $35 cashback.

    Can you please confirm?

  • is there a limit of SIMs a person can have since they ask for ID?

    • I vaguely remember the number being 4 but I could be imagining that.

      • I think they loosened the regulations a few years ago. It used to be 5 per person I think

      • For Kogan I know it is 4, but I'm not sure for other providers, or if it's the same across the board.

        • Kogan ask if you already have 4 active SIMs when activating - making no more than 5 in total. There really is no limit.

          • @the INFIDEL: Oh, okay! I haven't had 4 at once so I just assumed they cut you off. Thanks for the tip! :)

            Also, do you know if you get in trouble for not disclosing you have more than 4 in that spot? Or is it just a diagnostic sorta thing for their statistics?

            • @Zazer: Oh I'm a bad boy & lie on that question…

              I wrote & maintained the original Wiki on Telstra Starter Packs - this was a regular question.

              For years I've changed discount SIMs monthly, plus 1 with regular number activated annually.
              As some remain active but not in use for another 12 months - I have over 13 active Pre-Paid services at once! Never had a problem.

              Just ordered another 2 Amaysim SIMs for $40 CR cashback on each, so will be activating 6 of those SIMs in next 2 weeks. Another 4 SIMs have run out of credit so far this month & are considered active. Have activated another 2 including Kogan…😉

              • @the INFIDEL: Wow, that's pretty impressive! Since I started getting into Ozbargain and finding great discount details, starting with the $0.99 Kogan for 40GB, I have realised that I can do that, it's great to hear from someone else that it's possible! With the Amaysim sims, do you mean $35 on one and $40 on the other? Thanks for your help :)

                • @Zazer: 99c seemed cheap, but $40 Cashback on $10 SIM is better😉

                  On call to Telstra today to see about unlocking free phone from this deal - they asked how much I paid per month (trying to sell a $49/month plan). I explained I was paid to use the phone - up to $30 per month. They realised I was not a normal customer & gave up😱

                  Started using that 99c Kogan today after $7 CR cashback Catch Connect expired last night.

                  Bought 2 of these $35 & 2 $40 cashback with CR & 2 with ShopBack $30 cashback earlier. So $210 cashback expected on $60 of purchases.

                  Was writing about this in the Wiki in 2014, based on earlier discussions in deals & using $1 Telstra Starter Packs for some time.

                  I've learnt a lot from Ozbargainers👍
                  Never stop learning!

                  • @the INFIDEL: Haha, good point! However, I thought you could only get the cashback once? Or did you make a new Cashback account (I thought that was a no-no :O)

                    Which $7 CR Cashback Cash Connect? I think I missed it :/

                    How did you get 2 of the $35 and $40 ones?? I thought you could only get them once?

                    Of course! I'm learning so much by looking at these deals.

                    Also, with the free phone - how come they paid you $30 to use it?? Also I didn't really understand the javascript workaround, could you walk me through it?

                    Thanks for your help and information :D

                    • @Zazer: Once per promotion. $35 & $40 were separate promos. Have a CR account for another member of family (who may be away). So 2 of each.

                      Expired Catch Connect CR promo for tiny $7… Not worth noticing!
                      You can search OzBargain for deals like that, or see the mobile plans page https://www.ozbargain.com.au/pages/mobile-plans (I only noticed it today😉)

                      I learnt so much about Telstra SIMs, I was asked to write a Wiki. We share so much info & good tips, sometimes it's good to put it all together. It helped me understand the field. But it changes so fast.

                      Also a lot of information is shared using PM (messages - click on member & start conversation - needs to be turned on) between Ozbargainers. We help each other out. A lot goes on that we don't know about. Can't say any more😉

                      Sorry about confusing story. I was explaining to Telstra staff how we get paid ($40 cashback after paying $10 for SIM), rather than pay Telstra lots of money to use their SIM. Was enquiring about unlocking the free Telstra phone ($80!).

                      Formatting help at bottom when you write a comment…
                      Put "[" around your Text "]" immediately followed by "(" around the address ")"

                      [free phone from this deal]#(https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/426540) except without the # between ](. Need to separate the code, or you won't see it.
                      Try it out - easier with use.

                      • @the INFIDEL: Ah, I see. Wonder where they are at ;)

                        Ah, well $7 is $7 lol, I wouldn't mind some haha. I'll keep an eye on that page - interesting you only just became aware of it, you seem like you definitely know what you're doing :)

                        That's pretty interesting! Could you send me a link (via PM or however you would like) to the wiki? (I will send you a PM so it should turn on if that's how it's done :D) All these things seem so interesting to me! I only wish I'd discovered Ozbargain and this awesome community sooner haha.

                        Ooh, sounds exciting! I will send you a PM so mine get turned on and then maybe we can talk :)

                        Oh, I see. So you were explaining you got paid $30 to not use Telstra so you wanted them to unlock it for you - hahaha, no wonder they gave up!

                        Cool! So, like this?

                        Neat! I tried the free phone thing, fingers crossed it arrives even though I'm not a Telstra customer, haha! Have you received yours? Did you have to show ID upon delivery or was signature good enough?

                        • @Zazer: I have a dungeon for family members to use their accounts😱
                          See markup code is easy!
                          Received my free phone (it's not great, locked, but free) - not a Telstra customer either😉

    • i have at least 20 activated never had a problem.

  • Sorry, looks like the promo code you’ve entered isn't valid. Please check the code and try again.

    Typed in '10FOR10' in the promo code but doesn't work, still showing $30..?

  • Wow.. amayasim is kicking hard these days

  • working fine- whats the best way to turn off auto renew after purchase? Change to paypal and then unauthorise in paypal account?

  • Thanks TA =D.

  • What's the processing time for Amaysim/cashrewards cash back?

  • verify your identity
    This is a security measure required to prevent someone else from applying for a service in your name. Your SIM cannot be activated until we verify your ID.

    Will they send the sim to me if I don't do this now?
    Will the sim be activated before delivery if I do this now?

    • I verified ID after receiving the SIM from SB deal. That's the right way.

    • They will send the SIM, yes. They did so for me in the previous promos from Shopback and Groupon just a few days ago.

      And no: it will not be activated. I see that as a big bonus, since I don't lose the days it spends in transit. Yesterday I activated one that I bought on January 2nd, it is valid for 28 days from yesterday.

      • the last sim I ordered arrived activated…

        • It will be activated if you verify your identity at the time of ordering.

          The way to keep it from arriving activated is to skip that bit. Then a few days later, after you received the SIM, and when you are ready for it, you log in, it asks you to verify and it activates at that moment.

  • TY TA!!

    2 questions for newbie
    1. How long does it take to receive the sim on average
    2. How do you turn off auto payment


  • How long does Amaysim usually take to send their sims? My current Boost deal expires on the 24th, hoping to get it by then..

  • +2 votes

    got my tracking email already 5 mins after purchase. thanks TA!

  • Just bought one. Thanks OP!

  • I received a sorry there is a problem after payment on amaysim page.
    But my credit card has been charged and I received the welcome email from amaysim.
    Will i get the cashback?
    Still waiting for the confirmation from cashrewards!


      Hopefully the error didn't cause issues with tracking your sale. Please see dot point 13 in OP.

    • This happened to me too. No Cashrewards confirmation yet either. It's in my click history though if that means anything..

    • Same here.

      Whoops! We're really sorry about this, but it looks like something went wrong.The following error has occurred:
      Sorry something went wrong. Please try again, or let us know if the problem keeps happening.For all other enquiries, give us a call on 1300 808 300 and we'll process your transaction over the phone. Our operating hours are Mon-Fri 8am-7pm, Sat-Sun 10am-6pm and Public holidays 10am - 6pm (all AEST).Contact us so we can get things sorted out for you.

      I got $10 charged on my CBA credit card.

      • i got the same error too..

      • Same here. Customer support indicated "it seems like it was signed up twice. the 1st one was processed and the second one failed sorry for the confusion , no worries we will just delete the second account which is where the payment failed". Got Cashrewards tracking email, so seems all's well.

      • I also the got the error, but my CC looks like it was charged twice weirdly.

    • Happened to me too :( I used a new email but I only verified it after I got the error and logged onto my email address to check if it went through. I can see it under click history but no tracking yet.

      I initially had PayPal for payment but I cancelled and went back to the amaysim payment page and went with credit card instead. Not sure if relevant

      • same here, Paypal doesn't work, did you change to another email address?

        • I don't remember my PayPal password, so I cancelled they payment and it took me back to the payment screen where I selected credit card instead. Didn't change any email address.

          • @CodeXD: I entered my palpal pass, and it said something wrong on our side…
            but didn't get any email from amaysim, may just risk it using the same email

    • Same here

    • +2 votes

      Same error here.

      Got the email saying the SIM is on its way, charged to CC, and amaysim shows I've signed up for the 10GB Unlimited, CashRewards shows the click-thru but no tracking as yet.

    • Still no tracking. Probably safer if i ask for refund and do it again.

  • Can I change plans after the first month?

  • You must activate the SIM prior to 11:59pm AEST Jan 31, 2019 to be eligible for cashback.

    Even though the SIM you receive may be pre-activated, proper ID checks must be completed before the SIM is pronounced active.

    I am flying on 21st for 15 days. There is a chance that the card may not arrive by then

    If I get it pre activated? I would not be able to make calls from it till 5 feb or so.

    Will I get the cashback etc?

  • oh dear……….haven't got my tracking email yet. hope it's just delayed…..

  • If you are an existing amaysim customer, you will need to create a new amaysim account with a new email address to be eligible for this offer

    Does this mean clean email address (never known to amaysim) or is it okay to use an existing amaysim without an active mobile service?

  • Placed the order, said order error. But i've just received the email confirmed the purchase from Amaysim. Will i get the cashback in this case?

  • Can I use the same account I have with amaysim long time ago which doesn't have any active plan in it anymore?

    • Why would you risk it instead of just following the instructions?

      Short on email addresses? Did you know you can make up unlimited ones if you are on Gmail by just adding +xxx to the one you have? xxx being whatever you want it to be…

      • No, what I mean was using same existing mobile number as the one I use for amysim last year.. I’m still using same number but with different company.. change with different company few times already after last used amysim..

  • You must activate the SIM prior to 11:59pm AEST Jan 31, 2019 to be eligible for cashback

    Dang, that's tight

    • Just verify your ID now which will activate the SIM if you don't plan on using it anyway and worried that you'll forget to activate.

      • Yes but won't that start the 28 day plan? I actually want to use it but don't need to start it until mid-Feb!

        • Yep it does. Ah okay, fair enough. Just thought you were afraid that you might forget to activate.

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