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NetGear Nighthawk AX8 Wi-Fi 6 Router $463.20 + $15 Shipping (Free with eBay Plus) @ Computer Alliance eBay


Retails ~ $599, Suits to larger homes

Edit: cheaper at JB
Thanks Bsheng

Check Nighthawk AX4

See the comparison of ax12, 8 and 4 here

Original computer alliance 20% off Storewide @ eBay post

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  • This deal will fly.

  • JB-hifi is cheaper at the moment, I just bought one yesterday, but I will return mine today. Got it for $449.

  • I am sure a router like this would functionally do for my house, but I just can’t get over the designs they use. Imperial shuttle. Are the designers all 12 years old? Do they have an alternative x-wing or tie fighter design? I guess this design is better than the run of the mill spider/ alien type designs. They of course need RGB.
    I bought a mesh system instead so the rest of the house didn’t look like Master Entropy’s bedroom.

    That said I am very interested in the nighthawk M2 because we do a fair bit of travel. Telstra reckon it will eventually deliver up to 2 Gbps. On 4Gx! Once people start shifting to 5G of course.

    • -1 vote

      "the designs they use. Imperial shuttle. Are the designers all 12 years old?" its called re-marketing… how else do you sell old tech to new users.
      I still have my ADSL 8yo+old nighthawke attached to NBN modem.

      • How much 'load' are you putting on it? I'm the same, still have my trusty D7000 which sees a consistent 90-100mbs when there's not a lot of traffic on it but with a family of 5 which includes 2 teenagers streaming/gaming/whatever else off it, it does start to struggle. 6000mbps vs 1900 sounds enticing to me as I can't run cable to everything.

        • Why not give mesh a try?

          • @m9: I looked long and hard at Google Wifi and Orbi but decided it wouldn't fix my issues. I do run a repeater down the kid's end of the house and still get excellent speed most of the time (I'm not too fussed on their speed lol) however signal strength is great throughout the house.

        • +1 vote

          Don't know if "6000mbps vs 1900" will help? Maybe but MY PC was always connected by Ethernet and rest of the family on WIFI, when they stream my internet connection also slows down. Empty Nest now, so no issues here.

    • It's only as embarrassing as most other marketing. Design inspired by weapons and military hardware have been used to target male consumers for decades.

    • It's more about cost saving. External antennas are vulnerable so they could be damaged during transport and moving parts can be easily damaged.

      People actually want to buy wifi 6 routers now are not going to be concerned about the design that much. We accepted notch on mobile phones. The biggest question is its performance. 5G is certainly going to give wifi a hard time, but mobile providers here aren't going to offer any decent 5G deals with really high data volume.

      • External antennas are vulnerable so they could be damaged during transport

        Aren't most external antennas removable?

        • Not all, I posted one which couldn't be removed. Damaged during shipping, according to the buyer. I put it in the original packaging box.

  • This one or Google or Orib mesh?

  • 'Suits to larger homes'

    No, Mesh systems suit larger homes. This effectively will have hardly any tangible benefit over a router half it's price.

    • I have a mesh, but some routers do a pretty good job of coverage. This is good barring it’s juvenile design. No one device or approach is always the best solution.

      • Not if its multi story. All will struggle.

        Mesh is a must.

        • We can see you are a fan of mesh Wi-Fi but this comment is an exaggeration. A properly configured Wi-Fi system with the appropriate number of access points will kill any mesh system you care to name.

          • @alvian: So you aren't comparing the same thing? Sure, wireless access points all over the place combined with a router are great… But that's irrelevant here.

            A mesh system is an all in one solution. Your idea isn't.

            • @scuderiarmani: You wrote "all will struggle; mesh is a must" implying all Wi-Fi systems will struggle with multi-storey buildings except for mesh. It was you who started comparing all different types of Wi-Fi system against mesh.

              • @alvian: We are talking about single Wireless Routers here. Not 'complex' setups with multiple devices which is beyond the average Joe's understanding.

                I mever said all Wifi Systems. But all Routers will. Thats fact

                • @scuderiarmani: You wrote "all". You did not write "all simple setups". All means all and it includes both simple single WAP as well as complex multiple WAPs.

                  Routers route, they don't do Wi-Fi. Routers have nothing to do with wireless coverage in a multi-storey building.

                  • @alvian: You are beyond pedantic. This is a post about WIRELESS ROUTERS. Stop bringing up irrelevant off topic arguments.

                    Now you are just arguing for ths sake of it rather than providing helpful advice.

                    Wireless Routers do not compare to Mesh. Done.

                    • @scuderiarmani: This post is about wireless routers but you have expanded the scope by writing "all will struggle; mesh is a must" without qualifiers. Your argument would have been correct if you had written "all wireless routers will struggle with multi-storey buildings".

                      Wireless Routers do not compare to Mesh. Done.

                      I see that you are fond of over-generalisations but these types of blanket declarations are most unhelpful to the discussion. Mesh systems have no advantage over wireless routers, provided the area is adequately serviced by the chosen device(s).

                      • @alvian: Im not wasting my time with a troll who just wants to create an argument for no reason. Go outside.

                        If you cant understand that im comparing a wireless router in a big house with a mesh system in the equivalent scenario instead of going on with irrelevant off topic arguments you aren't worth responding too.

                        Now im just hiding you anyway.

                        • @scuderiarmani: I see. When you cannot back up your exaggeration, start attacking the person who highlighted it.

                          Go outside to do what exactly?

                        • @scuderiarmani: I recommended a mate to use wifi mesh system. However, after I lent him a dirt cheap $10 USB wifi extender, he decided to get an extender (much cheaper) and has been happy since.

                          As much as I like wifi mesh products, most of them don't have USB ports and a lot of them have only 1 ethernet port. Some try to save cost and not have dedicated backplane channel. Orbi isn't a true mesh (it is more master + a bunch of slaves).

                          If max speed is what you are after, home grade mesh isn't the right solution. However, if you just want decent speed to do Web browsing, watch youTube etc… and you prefer not to spend time on boring network design / setup, then mesh is more sensible.

                          • @netsurfer: Didn't Orbi update recently to act more mesh like? I had the original. Also used Google Wifi a fair while too.

                            The ethernet issue is easily fixed with a $20 switch though. I agree not as clean but it's 8 ports vs usual 4.

                            Mesh is great in a double story when you walk around with a mobile… Or are on a brink of the coverage.

                            • @scuderiarmani: How about 2x USB ports (with at least one being USB3)? Even that aside, quality new routers do provide better range. Also, can run custom firmware and do a bit of linux hacking on some routers.

                              I agree mesh is better for most people. However, my mate's setup did work too. He simply put a repeater in the middle of the house (and he told me everyone in his house connects to that one). Again, I know mesh is actually a better solution (bandwidth wise compared to repeater), but he doesn't care (since his 5Ghz band still provides more bandwidth than NBN connection). Believe me, I really tried to convince him to go mesh.

                              There was another issue for him. I wasn't aware of any mesh system with VOIP ATA support and his ISP gave him a VOIP router. I told him with mesh, he will still need to use that router as a VOIP ATA (unless he is willing to pay for a cheap VOIP ATA).

  • can anybody comment if this router is good for double storey homes? Furthermore any particular type of NBN connectivity this is recommended for? Thanks

    • As above, if you have multiple story homes (like myself) anything over then Mesh will be a waste of time.

      This will work with all NBN connectivity, it's just if you have FTTN for instance you will also need a modem as well.

      • Why is mesh no good for double storey?
        I was thinking of switching to orbi.

        • Sorry over should be other. Too late to edit.

          Orbi is the best, you won't get better for the price.

          • @scuderiarmani: I have an orbi rbk50 set up.
            Full speed 114 Mbps (Telstra cable, I am holding off NBN a long as possible) through our two story brick house with the router at one end and the satellite at the other.

            The only thing I don’t like is each of the units are too big. I think the Ubiquiti Amplifi HD is a much more attractive looking mesh, but I couldn’t fault the price of the Orbi at the time.

      • which orbi r we talkin about thats the best?

      • I'm not sure your logic holds with an 8x8 MU-MIMO Wifi 6 router, but that's not what's being sold here.

        If people can wait, this is something of a moot point with a Wifi 6 Orbi system coming out latter this year.

  • the RAX200 tri band model is already out in USA, hence the price drop.

  • surprisingly no one recommend Asus router.

    • I expect like the ASUS this is buggy. They often have significant problems early on. I've had good and bad with ASUS. Mostly bad unfortunately.