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Nintendo eShop Gift Cards 10% off @ BIG W (in Store Only)


As per Vooks website, 10% of eShop cards. Will copy their info here as well.

EB haven't done their percentage off in ages and has previously been 15%, but I guess everything is selling too well to discount.

But still better than nothing, and ok to combine with the current voucher on the eShop for 2 games for $135. Definitely will include Pokemon Sword/Shield and Mario Maker 2 (no word yet on Animal Crossing)

Also if someone can confirm whether wish gift cards will allow us to buy Nintendo cards or not that would be great.

From June 20th (when the sale starts according to the video), Big W will have $15, $30 and $60 cards for the 10% off for the entire month.

All denominations of cards are up for grabs at the reduced rate;

$60 eShop card becomes $54
$30 eShop card becomes $27
$15 eShop card becomes $13.50
While $6 off a game isn’t a tonne, your best bet is to stock up on these and use them in conjunction with other sales for double the dose of discounts especially with an E3 sale coming up.

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  • Great news, thanks op

  • Great thanks. Can't get myself to get the voucher unless I can guarantee Animal Crossing. Only need Mario Maker otherwise.

    • I can't decide on whether to go digital for Animal Crossing. It really does make sense but i like having physical games.

      I've only gone digital for 1 so far, I originally bought Splatoon 2 physical but traded it in and bought digital later. Still not sure how I feel about it.

      And yet it doesn't worry me at all on Steam, or for games that are digital only (or limited run game where digital is cheaper)

      • I'm 100% digital now. Switch will be the first console I never own anything physically. I think the Switch really leans itself to it, admittedly prices aren't great.

        • If you go all digital, you can easily rack up a decent amount of gold points to cash in for game discounts. There’s also been double gold coins on a couple of preorders from memory.

          • @agentsmith: Yeah they unfortunately seem to have stopped on the double points with recent 1st party titles.

            But with the recent update allowing sharing games across 2 Switch consoles it makes it so much easier to justify the purchase.

            Its also not worth waiting for Nintendo to discount first party games digitally.

        • I'm 100% digital now. Switch will be the first console I never own anything physically. I think the Switch really leans itself to it, admittedly prices aren't great.

          I was expecting a real discount for buying the games digitally but this is not the case. In fact it is often cheaper to buy them physically through sale or 2nd hand.

  • Finally. Was tired of waiting for EB.

  • Definitely gotta grab a couple of hungees for upcoming games.

  • Can we use 5% off giftcards to pay for these? Or has that little loophole been closed?

  • Excellent.

    I have been hoping a discount would be about before Mario Maker was out. I got excited when in JB yesterday and I noticed them all labelled with bright stickers as 'catalogue item' only to see the price was still face value - well done JB.

  • Out of curiosity - what's everyone thoughts on digital over physical? Weirdly worries me to have digital games only… Yet I just much prefer the hassle-free convenience of not getting up and finding a cartridge to play.

    Also - if I had a physical game with a save file, and purchased the game digitally.. I imagine I could still access that save file, right?

    • My personal rule is I buy physical when I can, because I don't trust Nintendo, and I can resell if I want. Rule of thumb for me is if I can pay half price and get the digital I'll seriously consider it, otherwise I wait for the physical cartridge.

      • Much prefer physical as you can always sell it down the track.

        With digital who knows what will happen in 10-15 years when Nintendo decide to pull the store from their legacy consoles and you have no way of downloading your purchased games.

        • True that. Already struggling to find games I bought for VITA as there are limited options as Sony starts to close down servers and things. With digital on switch I apply the same rule as above if it is better than half price I go digital. Like holloknight I bought for like 12 bucks last year a d physical is so rare to find and above 40 or 50 bucks.

    • Have been an owner of physical but recently, trying to convert my games to digital. Just because I hate changing the cartridges and I don't always bring them out with me. It's nice to have access to all my games when I want.

    • Digital pros (Physical cons reversed):
      -Faster to switch games
      -No extra things to carry around when travelling
      -Less clutter around the house, not forgetting the cases
      -No 'what am I gonna do with these' 20 years later (personal exp with previous gen consoles)
      -Less plastic, more environment friendly

      Physical Pros (Digital cons reversed):
      -Warm fuzzy feeling when looking at your collection
      -Ability to resell
      -Lend games to family and friends or flexibility to share between household members
      -Generally available cheaper when deals come around
      -Safe from Nintendo pulling the plug on the store at end of life

      Personally I opted digital except for one game (Zelda)

      • I think this is what makes me concerned..

        "Safe from Nintendo pulling the plug on the store at end of life"

        But I suppose keeping a hard copy of the games you may want to play in the future combats that.. such as BOTW.

        I still don't get why digital is more expensive… PSN and Nintendo E-shop prices are terrible.

        Btw +1 to your username. Now THAT game deserves a remake

  • +6 votes

    These gift cards allow you to buy two of the vouchers for $121.50. That'll let you get Nintendo-published digital games for $60.75 which is just about the lower floor for physical copies of major new Nintendo games, making it a great deal to utilise if you want digital copies of their games. Personally I'll be using them for Mario Maker 2 and Animal Crossing as I like having multiplayer/online games available without a cart.

  • Goddamn why is Collection of Mana so expensive..
    Ugh.. to buy one of these $60 cards or not.. that is the question.

    • Just buy 5 like I'm going to. (Or more of you have a fully digital library)

      As far as I'm aware $300 is the most credit you can have in your eShop account.

      • Yeah you're right, may as well stock up.
        After watching the Direct and especially some of the post show 'Treehouse' gameplay streams I think I might have to grab a few of those NSO vouchers..
        Shame there's no $100 Ecard here from Big W, gonna have to grab a buch of 60's I guess :P

  • Has anyone tried Price Matching at EB?

  • What are the chances of they actually selling out of the cards themselves? I won't be able to go down to Big W for a couple days hoping I'll still live able to stock up

  • No $15 denominations at mine, threw my whole planned calculations off.
    Oh well, still stocked up bit.

    Buying with a Wish Card didn't work for anyone curious as per some of the previous comments, not even a cashier-denial thing as she was just as caught offguard when the machine outright refused it as a payment method citing incompatible items.

    • Thanks for testing the wish gift card

    • Which code do we enter to redeem? And how long after buying were you able to?

      • The cashier will give you separate receipts with the codes on them.
        No reason why you shouldn't be able to redeem them on your account straight away, though unlike Steam/PSN etc. Nintendo doesn't seem to let you do it via a browser for whatever reason =(

        • I got the reciept and there is a card no. At the bottom but it's 3 numbers too long to enter on the switch?

          • @chemical-miracle: Well that doesn't sound good =(
            Still at work here, will have a look tonight I guess.

            All of mine start with 000 though, maybe try without that?

          • @chemical-miracle: The code you enter on the switch is under the scratch bit on the item, not on your receipt.

            • @kulprit: Good to know thanks! In the last few years that I've bought digital store codes for various platforms they've always been on the receipt themselves, and the cashier even told me as such today too.

              • @Stoibs: Pretty ignorant cashier.

                eShop codes are still on the cards themselves. All that purchasing does is activate the card. Can't buy the codes digitally ala PSN credit. Yet, anyway.

    • Was there a lot left , of the other denominations?

      • Yeah A pretty full rack. Sorry what I meant to say is that my store didn't even have the $15 cards on offer, just 30 and 60 next to all the PSN/Steam stuff etc.

        • I didn't even know $15 existed to be honest. Every single time this 10% sale is on, I only ever see 30 / 60 left, so I thought that was all Nintendo offered.

          • @Blitzfx: Can't recall if I've seen them in store either but it's there in the linked catalogue.

            I like to think Big W knew of my plan to get a very specific amount for an NSO voucher and another game, and so hid all the 15 dollar ones to spite me..

  • Hi OzBargainers

    I tried a BigW gift card to purchase two cards. As much as they wanted to help, their POS won't allow for the purchase. So word of warning and heads up to all those thinking of stacking offers via Wish or whatever else.

    Cheers and happy bargain hunting!

    • Was here to post exactly this. Had a WISH gift card that I wanted to put towards this and the eftpos machine returned item not allowed. Bummer! The extra discount was nice to have

      • As a general rule, it's extremely rare that stores will allow you to purchase gift cards using gift cards.

        • It was possible up until… December last year or so. At least I was able to last time they had them 10% off on Woolies. Must be that they updated eshop cards to be considered gift cards.

  • Bought the $135 2 game offer, gonna save the second for Zelda which is confirmed now, using the other for Mario Maker. Also had some Gold points discounting it another $4 or so, and will get $6-7 saving on the next purchase too.

    Worked out well for day 1 digital anyway.

    • Did you earn gold coins on the purchase of the cards?

      • Yep certainly did, 656 if My Nintendo just now is right.

        • Can you use the 7 day trial to use the voucher or do you nave to buy a membership?

          • @madlad07: No, in a box above the purchase button on the Estore it specifically says a paid membership is required and that it cannot be used with a free trial.

            Which sucks considering that you need to be a member to also redeem things things later on also..

  • Looks like staff discount does not apply. Was sure someone said it did.

  • If I load this into my account, can I change region and use the money in store like US?

  • thanks, luckily I saw this deal, will save a bit for the fire emblem three houses season pass :)

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