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Access to HP Online Corporate Discount Portal (Get up to 40% off List Price)


Past deals have mentioned calling HP to request corporate rates for big discounts through their sales call centre. I needed a replacement laptop, so tried this approach with some luck, but then stumbled on a URL redirect which lets anyone access the corporate pricing.


This shows a variable discount on most items (not all). My laptop (Spectre X360 i7 16GB 1TB AP-130110TU with 3yr accident protection) was $4,398 ($3,799 + $599) and I got it for $2,777.26 ($2,422.77 + $354.99). Shopback was offering 7% cashback at the time (currently 6%) so in my case with $194.41 back total cost was $2,582.82; a saving of $1,815.15. Also offers discounts on accessories, and delivery is free with HP Online.

I tried retailers like JB HiFi, Harvey Norman, etc for similar spec machines and all said there was no way they could get near to matching the online price. Of course your experience may differ, and you might not need such a high spec machine, but it's worth checking out if you're shopping for a new HP. While this could be cancelled at any time (unlikely as I found it in a printed promo), and cashback might not be honoured in future, go for it while you can. Only warning is that HP logistics is a bit of a shambles so expect confusion and delays. Hope it helps

Update: orders through this link work with any email address. No corporate email required

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  • You won’t get ShopBack approved on the CEPP store and I wouldn’t be surprised if your order is cancelled if you don’t use a valid corporate email address.

    • That's what I thought would happen. I've ordered 3 weeks ago and been waiting before posting. Definitely got the machine, and definitely got the cash back. It works for now.

      My sister also bought a laptop two weeks ago on the same deal, though shop back was down to 2.5% when she ordered. She got both.

    • I’ve purchased previously with regular gmail address and also confirmed with cashrewards that they would pay the cashback, all was good.
      They also used to offer express business grade after sales support as an add on for far cheaper than the regular HP site.

      • Business grade support not available with Spectre, but is with machines like Elite Book. That said, care packs give you similar 3yr support on site, and 3yr onsite accident protection. For Spectre that was $217 and $355 respectively, but it's much less for cheaper machines. Finding the care pack to match your machine model number is a bit time consuming as you need to look at specs of each pack

  • I did this a couple of years back with no issue during purchase. Then I immediate had issues with my Spectre X360 and dealing with the HP customer service was like pulling teeth. It's worse than Optus customer service and that's saying something.

    • Agreed service is chaos in there. HP outsourced pre and post sales to offshore call centre companies, then outsourced fulfilment to Ingram Micro, who then use Toll delivery who's own outsourced call centre is instructed not to talk to HP customers. It's an information lucky dip on which incorrect answer you'll get if you hit issues. I do love the new machine though. Epic battery life and build quality

      • In my experience you use HP's online case manager and can get things swapped over or repaired easily without having to ever to speak to someone.

        For Ingram Micro you just ask HP for an authorised return request and send that to them. Still Ingram are a horrible company to deal with.

    • How is that even possible…….

      • What most people don't know is that one call centre agent does different call centre services. For example this customer call telstra support, next customer call HP support and the next Samsung. All end up at the same customer service agent which just reads a troubleshooting from the screen

  • +4 votes

    and just like that you blew it, they will definitely get suss on the spike in traffic

    • Yeah I did debate that, but figured the community deserved a shot at it while we've got tax return money and eofy deals. Given the chaos internally it could take them years to pick that up.

      There are bonus gift cards from HP on some items now too. I didn't get that. Makes deals a bit better again

      • They'll probably just cancel the affiliate catalog under that URL. This is different to the internal HP employee discount scheme.

        • As it's been offered to so many corporates, it will be hard to cancel. Would have to code in email checks like Samsung and Microsoft HUP do. Let's hope noone here snitches


    Sweet,I'm needing a new laptop myself.

    Dell vs HP which is better?

    • Depends on need. I chose spectre x360 for battery life. Bests dell Xps 13, and I recommended that Dell to a mate a while back and he had multiple failures under warranty


        is Asus any good? I'm a noob when it comes to these things

        • Asus decent too. Lenovo also.

          Stay away from Acer. I've seen too many issues.

          Huawei new ones nice but likely to get windows updates blocked by Trump policy. Intel already blocked them.

          Microsoft PC's good but hard to see value for money. Similar on Apple, and I prefer touch screen

          I shop for thin and light. Gaming laptops I'd suggest more brands. Depends how you'll use it

    • +3 votes

      Currently 25% off 8th-Gen Dell XPS 13, 15 and 2-in-1 variants.

      Dell over HP for me.

    • I used to work for HP and had quite a few of their laptops over the years. I won't ever buy one for myself after several major manufacturing/design problems that they denied for a long time (lead free solder + crappy cooling created problems across several product ranges).

    • Depending on the level of Dell laptop you buy, you get better support. Their cheaper models (inspirons, etc.) generally you'll have to head back to where you purchased it or deal with over the phone support. If you get something from the Alienware or XPS range, they'll attempt over the phone with you and if that doesn't resolve the issue they'll generally send someone out to your house/workplace. HP have trash customer support. You'll still get a proper warranty but their wait times are horrible, as is their customer service. That said I do have a 3 & 1/2 year old Spectre that gets used everyday and hasn't skipped a beat.

  • Looks like it's dead. The link now gives a 404.

  • There printers are more expensive then Officeworks..

  • Same for me. I get a 404

  • Still overpriced entry level laptops.

  • How about their Gaming desktop?

    $1299 (+ $350 gift card)

  • This is a great find OP. Thanks. I am looking at a desktop which is 2399$ in the normal store and 1299$ through OPs link + 350$ gift card. I will definitely save the link.

  • Doesn’t seem to work for me.

    Do you need to be logged in?

    • Nope. But it did muck up on chrome desktop a couple of times. Link goes into corp mode on my mobile everytime. Maybe needs a hard refresh to reload cache?

  • A bit disappointing that HP Omen Laptops are still only have GTX 10 series graphics.
    But the prices are still the same or even more than other laptop brands with RTX 20 series graphics.

    A bit sad that they are not even interested in moving their current stock with more competitive pricing.
    Yet it is what it is and I realize you cant drag a laptop maker to water and make them drink it, lol.

    • Don't know about Omen stock now, but discount works on their outlet store too. There were omen open box units before. Outlet link is further down the page on one of the tiles

      • Is omen series the gaming laptop?

          • @TheLurker: Wow, I was having the time of my life configuring Omen Laptops at what I had thought was Excellent Discount and value per specifications which then only to be dropped like a Brick when I realized that link you sent was HP's US shop.

            Its now back to the Australian Retail Downer to seek bargains for which are more rare and random for certain things.

            Its a shame the Dell (like many other shops on ebay) 20% discount ended as I was close to near $100 bucks off of using the buy button so I emailed them to ask if they will do these prices with discount maybe until just before EOFY date but the kindly advised it was eBay whom added the 20% Promo.

            Ah well, one of these days I guess. Cheers!

            • @zztrader: The link was for Australia. Not sure if maybe you had previously selected US and your browser redirected. We get far less configurable options in Australia unfortunately. I've only seen stock kit lists here

    • 15-cn0024tx works out to $1838 + $50 gift card on corporate before cashback. Has the sureview screen, and Win10 Pro above the JB unit

  • Doesn’t seem to work anymore unfortunately

    • Nor me. I think HP have caught on.

      • I am going to write one more post after this, then mark as expired. With 2500 clicks, and a lot of sales today, it was probably a matter of time.

        Enterprising OzB community will still work out ways to leverage this in cache and by phone. CEPP orders scare HP easily, but we'll be back… and in greater numbers!

  • Party is over guys :(


    To whom it may concern,

    Today you've received thousands of page impressions, and dozens of PC orders from an active community who probably wouldn't have become HP customers otherwise. This was done by allowing access to discount pricing at rates you already control within margins, on stock items you are discounting to sell. We hope we've been able to give your financial year end numbers a solid boost.

    Acquiring this kind of new customer volume and trade in just a few hours likely beats any sales campaign you might push, and your net promotion cost was zero. I'd like to propose a deal…

    Rather than knee-jerking and stopping sales, take the opportunity to embrace this community and win some hearts. Reach out to Scotty and offer a recurring OzBargain corporate sale day where you offer the same corporate rates to anyone who wants it. Having a slow month? Here's a solution. Needing to build some brand goodwill? Easily achieved. Want to counter competing brand promotions? Here's an instant channel.

    Please consider what you have to gain, and what you have to lose by your next actions. Take this idea up the line to your next sales strategy planning session, and we hope to welcome you back to the OzBargain community sharing great deals from HP again soon.

  • Can anyone tell me how much were HP Spectre x360 13-ap0008tu (i7/16/512G) and 13-ap0006tu (i7/16/1T) previously on CEPP today?

    I am late to the party but still want to know their bottom line.

    • $2155 and $2370.01 respectively. I'd just call sales and ask for best prices with store offers, and best prices with corporate offer. They should verify it and take the sale.


      • Thanks a lot!
        It looks like HN was better as their i7/16/512 was $2198 last week. (stacked with AMEX offer)

      • And your prices are same as edu store prices.

        • It's not the best deal now for edu store prices, they had a sale with up to 60% off at the start of the year. The laptop I have now costs ~$200 more with the current sale.

  • +3 votes

    If you have a .edu email you might be able to get a better deal with up to 49% Off with UniDays.

  • I went to buy today the HP Pavilion Gaming 790-0010a that I had in my cart yesterday but the price went from $1599 back up to $2499, with a $300 Visa Gift card included.
    Contacted the on=line chat today who honoured the deal.
    They did ask if I was a corporate customer, I do work for a multi-national so said yes.
    The sale was managed via chat and then a phone call.
    This may also work for others, so worth a try.

  • Without reigniting this post, the link is working again. I'm hopeful HP might see the opportunity here. Post any great deals you find

  • My order arrived within 48 hours, pleased with it so far

  • Used this to buy set of HP inks - worked out $50 cheaper than JB HiFi but ineligible for EOFY cash back ($30)
    However I bought the corresponding printer at JB HI for $169 (and eligible for $50 EOFY cash back). HP corporate price for same Inkjet7720 A3 MFC printer = $229. Saved $100 all up - whereas the total cash back = $80. So do your homework.

    • Agree on homework and you got a good deal! I was curious so checked corp site. It's coming up $195 delivered on that model printer. Clearly JB wins but I am surprised it's different to what you saw. When did you get it?

      HP cashback is $80 for printer and ink together on that model. Same for regular size or XL

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