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30% off Economy Classic Flight Rewards @ Qantas / Jetstar


Just saw this in my daily Qantas emails.


Take 30% off the Qantas Points required for Economy Classic Flight Rewards on eligible Qantas, Jetstar and Jetstar Asia operated flights.

*30% discount will be automatically applied to the Qantas points required for Eligible Classic Flight Rewards Flights booked between 10am (AEDT) 13 June 2019 and 11:59pm (AEDT) 16 June 2019, for travel 23 July 2019 – 31 March 2020 on Qantas (QF) and Jetstar (JQ/3K).

Discount is on the points portion only, no discounts on taxes, fees and carrier charges.

Melbourne to Sydney will cost 5,600 points, down from 8,000 points.
Sydney to Hong Kong return will cost 39,200 points plus taxes and fees (saving 16,800 points) while Perth-London return will cost 77,000 points plus taxes and fees (saving 33,000 points).

To make these booking you need to select 'Classic Rewards' when making the booking, this is not for 'Points + Pay".

EDIT: Once again this is for QANTAS and JETSTAR operated flights ONLY. No other carrier is applicable like Emirates, American Airlines etc etc.
http://tinypic.com/r/23w0kr6/9 MEL-NRT
http://tinypic.com/r/29azlvs/9 MEL-SIN
http://tinypic.com/r/53wgwo/9 SYD-LAX
http://tinypic.com/r/2hnqhzt/9 SYD-LHR

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    Over Xmas too? Cheers

    • Yes over xmas only if there is availability on the award flights. So there may be some, there may be not.

  • Typo at "10am (AEDT) 13 June 2019 and 11:59pm (AEDT) 17 March 2019"

  • Points only flights?
    Can you buy these at 30% off with money or points only?

  • between 10am (AEDT) 13 June 2019 and 11:59pm (AEDT) 17 March 2019

    Good deal but targetted towards those that experience time backwards.

  • damm I just booked Melb to Tokyo Return with VN Air for 770 :(

    would've been 49000points + $373 tax&fees with Qantas

    • +21 votes

      770 is a better price than 49kpoints and $373.

      • Not when you are going via SGN, compared to a direct flight.

        Anyway people value their points differently, there is no right or wrong way to use them.

      • Except they're going via Vietnam on VN Air…

        • Its not too bad I guess, I have a 7hr window to get out and go get banh xeo and see some family

    • If you thought that was painful, I just booked my family's trip to NZ for 360,000 points total. I could have saved 108,000 points had I not booked my trip a week ago :(

        • +5 votes

          Have you considered booking again using this discount.
          Then cancel the first booking and pay the 5,000 point per person penalty.
          You are likely to be well in front.
          Biggest question is, will the same flights be available :)

      • I would suggest cancelling and paying the cancellation of 6000 points each and rebooking. Just make sure you have booked using classic awards and not points + pay though.

        • I don't know how but if you do cancel make sure that the seats (10?) will go back in the availability pool. Better to have seats at normal price than zero seats at the discounted price.

          • @capslock: Thanks for the suggestion, I checked and no further seats are available. How would I know if I cancel them seats now, they will go back into the availability pool? I can't risk cancelling them and hoping they make these available again.

            • @mko75: The only method I know of is trial and error because I think a computer makes the decision on whether the seats go back in the pool or not depending on how full the flights are now. I wouldn't advise taking the risk in your situation unless you had a backup plan.

      • Big family

        • 2 adults and 3 kids and Perth to Auckland via Brisbane is one of the more expensive options.

    • if we say QFF points $100=10000, thus after 30%off, 49000+$373=$860, Sydney Mel direct to Tokyo normally cost around $700 in low season and $900 in high season, $1200-1800 during Christmas but if you can get reward tickets…
      what time will 50%off deal come?

      • It won't. Points value is different to everyone, just because you don't like it doesn't mean everyone doesn't.

      • If you're going to nominate a points value, you should use that for the flight you're looking at. Take the price of booking the same flight at the moment and compare to 70,000 (49,000/0.7 if this is the 30% discount) + $373.

        So (price - (373))/70,000 will give you a rate per point.

        Just because the points are listed on OzB for 1c, really they are worth what you'll spend them on.

      • I tend to value the points off the forum price here - so generally 1.1 to 1.2c
        I would suggest to others to check the price with the discount and if its still higher then you are better off selling the points and booking with cash where you earn points and status.
        Generally only Business and First are worth booking with points but 30% less might make some fares appealing.

        • I question how many people on the classifieds have recently been able to sell for 1.1 to 1.2c. Personally I tried the two most prominent buyers recently and both were only willing to offer 1c pp. A lot of people advertise points for sale at 1.2 but unless people are just slack very few get marked sold. I know one seller who did advertise for 1.2c ended up selling for 1.05c.

          • @donkcat: Qantas are cracking down on people who sell QFF points, so the price has probably been driven down by the increased risk associated with buying/selling.

            • @vetopower: Wouldn't a crack down lead to an increase in price? (by adding to the risk of the transaction and reducing supply).

              • @Lunarboogie: It's interesting because there are two sides to this, one is that the buyer normally takes the risk of losing their money because most transactions the buyer pays upfront for the points. So added risk to the buyer would reduce the price of points.

                But on the other hand the seller risks having their FF account terminated, they might lose points they didn't include in the sale, an account termination means they lose out on future earnings/spendings of points. So in this case the seller has a risk and the points value increases.

                • @donkcat: I think a crack down would suppress demand from buyers, leading a lowering in price.

                  A seller generally doesn't care about having their account suspended because they're not using the points anyway!

          • @donkcat: OK yeah I'm starting to see less value in QF points too - Thinking I will switch to SQ as the taxes kill the deal. Also I'm not 100% sure if I will make gold this year - so redeeming for F or J is much harder.

  • +7 votes

    18-35 year olds don't forget about the free qantas lounge pass = https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/459096
    Now just to figure out if it will stack!

  • Economy only? :( Would be fantastic for J and F redemptions to be included too, but they're already hard to book.

  • TAX kills the QFF.I think 50%off is the fair deal

    • You're not wrong.

    • so when they advertise the classic rewards flights at such such points….these all excludes the TAX??

      coz once i add on the tax….it's not much cheaper than buying direct off the flight agencies.

      I might as well save it for RTW or sell the points for $0.01 ~ $0.012 per point.

      Am I correct??

      • Yes.

        Economy class flight redemptions are generally a poor use of QFF points once you take into the account the taxes and other fees.

        • Not always bad redemption for economy.
          Redemption during peak periods are still awesome for Economy, for example for 70k points i can usually get a flight from MEL to HKG which would cost upwards of $1800+ per person during peak periods.

          • @lplau: are you kidding?
            SYD MEL return to HKG always $4-500 in promotion and around $700 in rest of the year exclude Christmas.
            this route is one of the worst value for reward seat

          • @lplau: You have to remember that, during a peak period, the reward seats will be booked the fastest. Thus, this will generally not be a useful tactic unless you’re buying 365 days in advance.

            And during peak periods, Qantas release fewer reward seats.

      • Not if you live in Mt Isa or Alice Springs.

    • Your wrong, you just need to know how to decrease taxes by leveraging countries which have laws around excessive taxing.

  • Time to go to Tahiti, guys. Usual price is around $1300 from Sydney to Papeete connected at Auckland. With 30% off, it goes down to 39200 from 56000 for a round trip.

  • Thanks OP. Good deal but I will wait for the 50% off. I used it twice last year when they had 50% off for Japan and China trip.

  • Anyone know how can I book round the world trip using this Offer? I read somewhere RTW is 140,000 points, would this take 30% off that as well?

  • I'm new to the whole reward points thing and just noticing Qantas' taxes and fees.

    What's the better option for me in the future? I want a business class flight to LAX

    Originally I was planning on just waiting for a deal and book a flight direct with Qantas then using my points to upgrade from economy to business however few people saying because I am only Bronze status, my request might get rejected. Is it worth taking the risk?

    Or is it better to just book a business class flight outright with my points and just pay the taxes/fees (~$850ish)

    • Better to book a business class flight outright with points and pay the taxes/fees.

      Your chances of getting a points upgrade are extremely low.

      • If you wanted to save on taxes, because they chop you with alot higher taxes for business/first class, sometimes these taxes could be as much as a regular economy flight brought outright.

        There is a trick you can do. Start your flight from a country which has laws against excessive airline taxing, then buy or redeem a separate trip to that country. You can save >$1500 per person in taxes.

        You only need to start the flight at that country, but can end up with a flight that comes direct back to Melbourne or route differently but end up in Melbourne. As they calculate the taxes from your 1st origin.

    • Sale economy fares to LAX are excluded from upgrades so you have to buy an expensive non-sale ticket first before you can even apply for an upgrade.

  • Thanks OP! The lower points have been available since early this morning, saved so many points we could use our balance for another set of flights

  • Noticed some flight change from 55k points to 46.5k points. Is that the full discount? It isn't quite 30%.

  • In Bne 10:10 no 30% 0ff and price for 2 to states went up $200 plus ????

  • Just points ticked the $ is taxes etc this is a ripoff / on site it DOES state (on flights operated by Qantas, Jetstar and Jetstar Asia with a QF, JQ or 3K flight number) thus to las vegas from Bne uses AA so no deal BUT yesterday taxes for 2 was $462.50 now $673.46 (AUD) AND SAME # of points. LA a complete QF flight yesterday regular points and $462.50 NOW 30% off points $959.70 (AUD)

  • In previous years when using points discount went ALL the way

  • definitely not 30%.
    does it only show at check out?

    I dont think it applies to ALL classic rewards flights. I checked yesterday and today…TAX went up by 30% on one leg. Point required did go down but only by 10% at most.

    • You are not looking at points bookings. You need to look at points only booking or classic awards.

  • Doesn't apply to all flights. I've checked multiple European destinations (classic rewards) and they are the same as yesterday.

    • Only applies to Qantas-operated flights.

      Qantas only flies to one European destination: LHR.

      • Lol, I checked a few European destinations but not LHR.
        Most return flights to LHR are on Qatar or Cathey on the way back, but there are a few on Qantas with the discount.

  • 180000 pts
    $462.50 (AUD)
    Yesterday BNE to Las Vegas for 2

    Today day of SALE ?
    193000 pts
    $672.94 (AUD)

    seach Classic points with points only $$ is taxes

    • Sale does not apply to fares that include a flight on a carrier other than Qantas.

      Read the T&Cs.

      'If a Trip includes a Transfer (international - a flight within 24 hours) or a Transfer (domestic - same day) on a partner airline which is not Eligible, that Trip is not eligible for this offer. For example, if an itinerary included an Eligible Classic Flight Reward between Sydney and Los Angeles on Qantas with a Transfer flight to Miami on American Airline, this Trip would not be eligible to receive the discount.'

  • I used these deals in the past and % off applied to WHOLE journey.

  • Not seeing 30% off.
    Hello ACCC - are you awake!!

  • No points discount to japan routes. Still 49000 points plus $350 in taxes return direct flights.

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