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Woolworths Insurance: 10% off Any Car Insurance and Free $100 Gift Card


Looking for a third party fire and theft policy, Woolworths was the cheapest and the promotional code for the $100 gift card worked!

Card is sent out 45 days after paying the premium according to the t&cs

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Woolworths Insurance
Woolworths Insurance

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  • Mine with budget direct is finishing soon. Do they price beat?

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      "If you’re 25 or over, we'll beat any current comparable Comprehensive renewal notice"

      • Are they actually good though? Im moving away from RACV.

        • I'm assuming they're the same group that does house insurance, which I have had two claims for in the last year that they were very easy to deal with.

          • @sputnik: Wrong info here because woolworth is underwritten by Hollard, Budget direct underwritten By Auto & General, RACV underwritten by IAG. All from different companies and I have heard mix stories for all :x

        • I've had to make a claim with them in the past, felt like an endless loop of getting transferred from one person to another. The company that stands behind them is the Hollard group

        • They have final day of repairer. May not get the repairer if ur choice. If that’s a problem for you them may want to steer clear from WW

    • They do price beat but they dont do both eg cannot get a price beat and gift card. I know this because i tried.

  • Sadly, they don't seem to price match for 3rd party

  • looks like the $100 card can be received even if you only pay one monthly premium. Quote for my 2004 Ford Fiesta Third Party was $18 a month - so $82 in the pocket if i cancel after the first 30 days

    • It says giftcard is sent out 45 after premium is paid. How long did you haveto wait for yours?

    • Maybe a $64 profit

      • terms seem to say a $30 admin fee for cancellation after 14 day cooling off period

        • wait what now? I've cancelled many an insurance policies and have never been hit with this

          • @enzioFirenze: PDS (protected pdf can't copy) says

            you can cancel any time by contacting us, we may charge you the cancellation fee specified in the certificate of insurance to cover the administration costs if you cancel after your cooling off period. if you pay your premium by monthly instalments we will not provide a refund.

            I've got a renewal notice which I also can't copy which says

            Should you decide to cancel after the cooling off period we will deduct a $30 fee to cover reasonable administration expenses.

            maybe dealhome would get $34 profit after two premiums and the 30 admin fee.

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      But you don’t get the gift card up to 45 days after the policy has started. You wouldn’t be able to follow up if you don’t receive it.

      I’d recommend to stay for 45 days and then cancel.

      I’ve dealt 2 claims(one at fault and another not at fault) with Woolworths and I’m very happy with the outcomes. Quick & hassle free

  • Did a quote. Came out to be more expensive, so I wonder how much they will beat my current insurer by…

      1. Under the terms of this Offer, Woolworths Insurance will reduce the Woolworths Car
        Insurance quoted premium to at least $1 less than the Customer’s current comparable
        renewal premium, (inclusive of government taxes and charges),
  • 20KR code still valid to get 20k points. Not sure we can combine both offers.


    • (Leaving this info I just gathered here for others if interested)

      2,000 Woolworths Points can be redeemed as $10 Woolworths Dollars or 870 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points.

      So, 20,000 = $100 woolworths dollars

    • Pretty sure you can't combine as there's only room for 1 code.

  • Is it targeted? Where does it say free $100 gc as I can't see it from OP link?

  • So can they price beat another insurer and still give the $100 gift card?

  • Was told they can not beat the $580 quote I have from Bingle.

    2017 Subaru BRZ Sports Pack manual with OEM body kit and aftermarket wheels. Woolworths price was double and then some.

  • As a young driver, all i know is, DON'T GET INTO A CRASH lol. Regardless of the price you're paying for insurance, the excess we get smashed with is outrageous.


    Renewing with Budget Direct today, unfortunately Woolworths is about $300 more expensive. I attempted to use Coles car insurance price beat a few years ago, after buying they insisted on me sending over all my renewal documents from my previous insurer and warned if they did think they were "comparable" I would be charged the full, non price beat amount. In the end I cancelled and stuck with Budget Direct.

    Hopefully Woolworths price beat is much better.

  • Looks like they'll only price beat a RENEWAL.

    • Renewals always cost more than signing up again though so that is useless.

      • Normally I'd agree with you, but I'm currently with Woolies with my renewal due next week, just got a quote and even after $100 gift card it's $25 more. Same excesses, agreed value etc.

  • the renewal price beats are sometimes honoured online without needing to show proof - so sometimes this is better than receiving a gift card (cant do both)

  • Good deal. Works out cheaper than my Allianz cover, and my renewal is due in July.

    • Ring Allianz and get them to match. I'd rather be with Allianz over WW any day

      • Good point. I'm planning on getting a new car soon, so touch wood a few months of Woolies won't hurt.

  • "We are unable to offer you cover due to your car's modifications."

    • ECU Chip
    • Why would you even tell them? They'd never even know, let alone look. As far as I know, they won't cover any car with modifications.

      • Yeah nice get a policy and pay the premiums for a policy that you're not actually covered for. Great idea

        • What? I've actually dealt with insurance repairs, I've done repairs on cars that have bald tyres and crashed, insurance still payed out, insurance companies don't care less about your tuned ecu. You honestly think every insurance assesor has the $20k+ worth of equipment, plus a full library of stock tunes, and the software to compare them?

          • @brendanm: This is true, the only people that might know is the dealer when they hook the car up to their computer; even that is a hit and miss now with flash ecu tuning.

    • When you say ECU chip are you sure you don't just mean a reflash? A reflash would be undetectable…

  • The quote was $1,000 more expensive than my current insurer (NRMA)…

    • NRMA is very cheap, it has to be due to exclusions in cover etc.

    • I find that hard to believe - I find NRMA is usually one of the higher priced insurers

      • Every year, when it's due to renew my car's insurance, I always found NRMA either cheaper or within same price range with other insurers.

        • I found NRMA cheaper one year and then the renewal added on $150. I did a quote online from NRMA and it ended up $200 cheaper than my renewal. I told them about it but they refused to price match themselves, so ended up leaving for another company.
          Turns out (almost) all companies do this for renewals.

      • NRMA was cheaper for me this year. Budget direct was closest by $30

    • For some reason, Allianz is significantly cheaper for me. I pay about 1.8k for my 2016 bmw 125i, with my next renewal quote to be 1.5k (this was a surprise). Compared to NRMA and most other reputable insurers which quoted me about 3.4k; i’m a 28 yo male.

  • Only if they are quoted cheap than my current insurance which isn’t the case all the time and they won’t insure a imported vehicle as well.

  • Just a warning, u get what you paid for when it comes to insurances.

  • I would not recommend Woolies insurance had a bad experience with my partner through them. I guess each incident is different but at the end of it I'd go for a company that just specialises in insurance

  • Did online quote $455 compared to aami $300 3rd party… not worth it

  • You don’t know how good an insurer is until you make a claim. Woolworths insurance is relatively new. They are a budget insurer. You will not get the best deal with them.

    • Not that new. I had policy with them 10 years ago. Moved to different provider after incident/claim.

    • I've been with them for years. Had a claim about four years ago and everything was quick and hassle free.

  • Much more than my current insurer

  • I assume the gift card is a Woolworths one so is there any practical difference between this deal and the one for 20,000 Woolworths points?

    • Gift card can be used at woolies big w, caltex woolies dan murphy. Points can only be redeemed at woolies or big w

      • Thanks for the tip. You had me at Dan Murphy's.

        • The thing is you can use all the points to buy other gift cards (like eBay etc). So points is more versatile imo.

  • I've been with Woolies car insurance for a 3 years now, they price beat my original policy from Bingle and threw in a $50 Woolies gift card. Since then each year they've slowly been increasing the premium whilst dramatically decreasing the value of my car, I threatened to go back to Bingle last renewal and they matched their price but told me it would be the last year they do it, so I will likely move on.

    • Had exactly same situation as you, increased every year while depreciated my car value at the same time that’s why I left….

    • Just do an online quote with woolies again and cancel the auto renewal with ur old policy. If its cheaper and the best deal. U should change ur policy eaxh year as renewals are always more expensive. Even the woolies rep acknowledged that when he asked me why i was cancelling. 'Coz i got a new identical but way cheaper policy for the same car with you'

  • For me the online quoted premium was twice as much as I am paying to have same policy with Bingle. Can't really win even with $100 gift card, so no deal for me.

  • Anyone else getting constant website errors when tying to get a quote online?

    • I did on my work laptop, but not on my personal or phone, so I assumed some sort of security/firewall/rule issue.

  • i am with Woolworths car insurance and around 6x a year they send me an offer for 10% my weekend shop. so easily save another $150 a year by using these offers.

  • Make sure u take a screenshot of the $100 gift card offer on the quote/purchase page. I bought this insurance and only got a $50 gift card. Luckily i had a screenshot so i made a claim ;)

  • I’m with Woolworths on a new CX9 - cheapest by 50%. Going through a claim at present and pretty seamless.

  • Been with WW for couple years. The 10% off week end shop every few weeks is a nice bonus. I liked WW insurance because I could pay it monthly and not be charged more for that method like most other ones.. Aami racv budget bingle all charge more fore monthly payment which is just a freakin rort.

    Cons: in the PDS they state that they reserve the right to have the final say on repairer of a claim. May not bother ppl but if there a panel shop u go to that helps out with getting a good quote to fix car and cover ur excess to then WW have the right to get another opinion/quote and go with cheaper repairer.

    Claim process can also be a pain in the ass. Long wait on the phone and hassle to deal with. I’ve never claimed but I know those that had a shite old time doing so. Due to all the bad reviews online they may have improved their processes since.

  • Noticed that WW insurance don't provide hire car for not-at-fault accidents which NRMA provides. Hire car available only for theft. But with the price difference you can get 2 weeks full hire car option (at fault or not)

    • If you're not at fault, you can contact "right 2 drive", and they will provide you with a hire car and chase the at fault person for the cost. I asked what happens if they can't recover the cost from the at fault person, and they said it's their risk. So you just have to pay for petrol. Obviously it's an extra faff about organizing it, but they dropped it off and picked it up at the locations I requested, so that made it far more convenient.

      • Thanks @nickj. I think Right2Drive will cover if the other party has insurance. I just checked and when selected the option saying 'no insurance for other party', it said I am not eligible.

  • If you are calling for price beat, make sure your Renewal notice is for 'agreed value' and not for market value. Spent 20 minutes on the phone just to be told that they only price beat for agreed value. My Renewal is about $200 more than last year but still the cheapest option. Will stick with RACV.

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