expired [Pre-Order] Shredlights SL-200 Skateboard Lights US $17.99 / AUD $25.95 (Was US$23.99) + Shipping @ Shredlights


Shredlights who make arguably some of the most popular (but also widely criticised) skateboard and longboard lights have now released an updated version which seems to address all of the major issues of the previous generation.

The newly released SL-200 features a new locking system with 2.5x the brightness and 3x the battery life. They are currently doing a 20% off sale to celebrate the launch with expected shipping in July. Code provided gets you an additional 10% off everything in your cart.

For anyone interested in the dual light pack FYI that I saved US$10 on shipping by adding the single lights and mount to my cart separately instead of buying the dual pack. All you miss out on are some shredlights stickers and a dual charging cable which is on ebay for $2

It looks like they have updated the shipping prices and now it’s cheaper to purchase the dual pack.

Product video here: https://youtu.be/01LUV2fMAFg

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    Shipping will be the killer

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      Estimated shipping on 2 lights and 1 set of brackets……. $50


        Did you add the lights and the bracket separately? This exact same order costed me $13.54 in shipping to VIC.


      It wasn’t too bad when I parted it out in my cart. Shipping was US$13.54 for my order. Originally when I tried to order the dual pack it was US$22.30 which was wayyy too much imo.

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    Pre-ordered Action Pack ($24.99 USD) & Twin Pack ($44.99 USD) - Shipping Cost $22.83 to WA.

    Exclusive to this deal, I was able to get $10 off due to the amount of shred points I had from my last purchase.

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