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Samsung HMD Oddessy+ - $399 + Free Delivery (Grey Import) @ TobyDeals


Hey guys 😊

We have a special deal on the Samsung HMD Oddessy+

For anybody looking for a VR headset – the Samsung HMD Oddessy+ is equipped with high-end specs for only A$399 at Toby Deals!
Our offer comes with two motion controllers

Samsung HMD Oddessy+

2880 x 1600 Total Resolution
Dual 3.5" AMOLED Displays
110° FOV
Integrated Headphones & Microphones
AKG 360° Spatial Audio
2 x External 6 DoF Cameras
HDMI 2.0 / USB 3.1 Gen 1
Anti-Screen Door Effect Technology
Two Controllers Included

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    nice headset,

    WMR headset so inside-out tracking, can run SteamVR & Oculus games via ReVive


      How good are these comparing to the htc vive, i been planning to buy some vr for beat saber, are these any good?


        The have the same resolution as the vive pro so pretty good in that regard. Re game compatibility I'll let others comment.

        These were recently reduced to $299 USD so this price whilst I would term good given the crap exchange rate isnt as awesome as the RRP may suggest.

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          Yeah, I just want a decent one to get into vr and beat saber, are these good for that? The only thing putting me of is the grey import and warranty

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            @Bargain4Days: I've been using the Lenovo WMR for Beat Saber and it works fine, even on expert+.

            Consider the Oculus Quest though which is wireless and standalone. Having to set it up each time is one of the reasons I don't use it as much as I'd like to, plus the cable is a little annoying.

            They have been able to get custom songs onto it as well.

            https://www.amazon.com.au/Oculus-Quest-All-Gaming-Headset/dp... $649 retail but wait for some ShopBack promos to bring it down


            @Bargain4Days: I find Revive a bit of a pain to get games working, some still show the wrong controllers on the overlay etc.

            The tracking is objectively worse on WMR, means throwing actions in many games are messed up and it loses tracking if you aren't looking at your hands (Pulling back a bow for example)

            WMR should be golden once they add more cameras (and wireless options please!)


          The have the same resolution as the vive pro so pretty good in that regard

          This is blatantly misleading.

          The screens are the same.

          The lenses are not an in fact the lenses are garbage which means an outer circle of the screen is blurry and an inner circle is focused but has concentric circles.

          The Oculus Rift looks far better than Samsung HMD despite having a much lower resolution screen because of it's high quality lenses.

          Source: owned both devices personally.


          Yep, B and H have it often for USD $299. This is a good price but Tobydeals don't have a very good reputation.

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    Don't waste your money, Oculus Rift is same price while being a better VR HMD (see comment above) and everything from Oculus and HTC works unlike Windows Mixed Reality.

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      They are absolutely not the same price. If you can show me a brand new Rift for $399 Aus I'll be impressed.

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    I got a lenovo one for $210, good times


    Hey OP, how long should we expect for these to be dispatched? I ordered on Friday and still waiting eagerly. Doesn't help that I'm pretty excited to try this VR stuff…


      I ordered Thursday and got it delivered Monday :) haven't been able to test it yet though, since I'm out of town.