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Optus Alcatel 4G Wi-Fi Modem + 4GB Data $20 @ Kmart


Ozbargains favourite pocket WiFi modem is back on sale for $20.

Price-match at Officeworks for $19.

Credit to user 'tramperleo' for the description from the last time it was at $20.

This is the most frequency support device on market if unlocked, supports 4G 700MHz (Optus), 4G 850Mhz (Vodafone) and Telstra next G/3G 850MHz
Unlock code from eBay seller: $0.99USD


150Mbps download
15 devices support
Come with 4GB data
4G LTE: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B28 700/900/850/1800/2100/2600MHz
3G: B1/B3/B5/B8 850/900/1800/2100MHz
2.4GHz wifi

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  • How do you unlock this to work on Telstra network?

  • how should I use it? Just insert one data only sim card?

    • Insert any Optus SIM (calls with some data OR data only). If you insert a Telstra, Vodafone, etc. SIM instead, it will say it's network locked and refuse to work - so you buy an unlock code on ebay.


    Thanks. I'll be grabbing one of these!

  • So this won't work with Telstra 4G after unlocked ?

    • +8 votes

      Why not? If it’s unlocked it’ll work on any 3G/4G network.

    • After unlock this Will work with Telstra as well it has all the important 3G/4G bands you need too.

    • I'm a little confused as well because OP statement is "It supports.. Telstra next G/3G 850MHz".

      Why that specific comment?

  • Can you chuck in a Catchconnect SIM (optus network) like this one for $4.90:


    • Yes, you can. By on the other hand, if you want to put in a Boost SIM (Telstra network) or Kogan SIM (Vodafone network), you would need to unlock the device first.

    • For some reason some of my catch connect sims do not work in this. Maybe it depends on batch.

  • Could you these for overseas as pocket wifi using local data only sim plans.

    • I'd like to know this too!

    • Yes.. I’m posting this comment from a Simsdirect data-only SIM while sitting on a train in Tokyo! :)

      • What's the battery life like? Able to leave on the whole day?

        • What's the battery life like? Able to leave on the whole day?

          I’d like to know this about the Tokyo trains as well…

        • These kinds of devices are usually 'off' unless active, serving data. (They are on standby unless you're actively browsing, downloading, watching youtube, etc.) So they can last a few to several hours, but no - not all day. You'd have to either look up the specs then reduce their claims by about a third - or hope someone who actually owns this model replies.

      • Wouldn't you use the train wifi? or is the train wifi too slow?

    • Yes, after you unlock and also the network is compatible with the modem.

  • What CAT device is this? 4

  • I assume these won't work with Optus Home Wireless plans?

    Got the Huawei B525 and it's a hunk of junk:
    - needs restarting at least once a day
    - custom firmware = no bridge mode

    Tried using an old Optus E3372 dongle (also Huawei iirc), but they detected it as "unsupported hardware" :(

    • Ive got a ac800s and go through the same thing you do.

      I reckon it's probably Optus rather then the devices.

      • I had the same issue.

        I put a 2 x Yagi antenna (MiMo) up on the roof last week to boost signal. Haven't had to restart modem since. Speeds went from 30/14 to 140/41 too.

        • That's super interesting! Do you mind me asking:
          - what time of day?
          - are you in a resedential area?
          - have you locked it to a band?
          - was your modem reporting full bars prior to chucking the yagis up?

          I get 60 down in the evening and it absolutely screams after midnight (almost 200 down)…

          i.e. When it's working, it's great for me.

          Modem always reports full reception and my nearest tower is really close (600m iirc), so I'd assumed antennas wouldn't help with getting booted / whatever. Might be a bad assumption?

          • @psnatch: I'm in a country area so I'm lucky it's not overloaded. It's consistent all the time, but can go down to 120 down in the evening.

            In a residential area. I'm about 2km from the tower, but up on my roof where I put the yagi antennas I have direct line of site. Think this has helped to be really stable.

            Haven't locked it to a band as it stays on 2600. It switched to 1800 once and I was getting 11/14, that's the only time I rebooted.

            Was getting 2-3 bars prior.

            Probably right, if you're getting full reception, doubt it would make much difference. Was a pain to run the 2 coax cables as LLR400 is really stiff, but totally worth it in my case.

            Prior, every day or 2 I had to reboot as Internet dropping out. I also locked to 4G bands only then to improve stability. I have 2 WiFi routers, so constantly switching between those for some reason would get Internet back in bedroom PC. All been stable since.

            • @Machine: Reading your message made me realise that I haven't actually tried locking it to all 4G bands. I'd moved it from Auto to 2300, because I was getting dropped to 3G a few times a day.

              I'd completely forgotten that the blanket "4G" option even existed, so thanks!! Giving it a burl now / crossing everything that this does the trick.

    • Optus Home Wireless sim works in preset Home wireless modems only, but not any other devices.
      The most possible is it uses a secret APN not known by public.
      If someone can get that APN, the sim will work in any Optus compatible modem and so will no longer be limited to home use.

  • Any suggestions on the best value DATA only sim cards to go with this?

    • Im pretty happy with moose mobile. No contract, $74 per month gets me 250 gigs.


      • Not sure why it matters if it has phone calls included, if it's cheaper. Especially since many cheap 'data only' plans will be 12/1 speed. Don't want calls - then don't use 'em - use the data only.

        • 6x 40GB (240GB) $4.90 Kogan SIMs = $29.40
        • Or, 3x Kogan + 3x Catchconnect


        yaozy, you're really going to have to say what kind of data limit you want, or the answers you'll get would mean it would be better searching every telco site yourself.

        e.g. Optus has 100GB of 4G/LTE for $60 - and occasionally has deals where they double the data - well worth losing 50GB to get much better speed than 'wireless broadband'.

    • lots cheap starter pack on eBay if you don't mind short to mid term (1-3 months) use or swap between:

    • Leaving a tactical . here

    • Spintel is $39.95/m for 250gb but includes a $99 fee for the modem. So not really useful to you but seems like a good deal, except for the upfront fee.

      • It's also wireless broadband which = speeds 'up to' 12/1Mbps which I'm pretty sure I've seen a lot of people complain is back to ADSL(1!) speed?

    • The 'best value' data-only SIM card… is not a data-only SIM card. It's Kogan's $4.90/30 days 40GB: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/453211 - or - Catchconnect same thing: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/455214

      • Does it still work in a modem despite being intended for mobile phones?

        • Yep. It's my only internet now, in a Huawei E5786.

        • Just make sure to read some of the Kogan threads if you haven't experienced Kogan before. But basically:

          • "New customer" = new account, not necessarily new person. In other words, you are considered a new customer if you accept/use the new phone number that comes on the SIM packet, rather than try to port an existing number.

          • You can activate 4x SIMs on each bank account every 90 days. SIM #5 won't activate using that same bank account. This resets after 90 days, at which time you can activate another 4x SIMs. So for example, if you plan to use many SIMs in quick succession, just open enough different bank accounts, that you can activate SIM 1 on bank account 1, SIM 2 on bank account 2, etc. to 'space them out' and none of your accounts will get blocked.

          • Order at least 1x extra blank SIM (costs $2, or if you search on here there may be a link still active that allows you to order blank SIMs for free). Why? Because when you buy the first $4.90 SIM, it is mailed out to you and can take about 10 days - but - they EMAIL you the activation code. The longest time it's taken me to receive an activation code was about 80 minutes. So, if you already have a blank SIM with you, you can activate that one as soon as the emailed activation code arrives. This means if SIM 1 runs out of data, you don't have to wait 10 days for SIM 2 to arrive in the mail - you activate the blank instead - then put the SIM that arrives in the mail away to do the same thing next time.

          • @GregMonarch:

            • for the really well laid out CORRECT advice.

            been using these since they first had them, great if you get decent Vodafone reception.

            • @ozhunter68: Oh yeah - forgot to mention that. LOL. For some strange reason I'm getting really slow torrent speeds the last several days.

              • @GregMonarch: Yeah, not surprised as they are cracking down on those more and more, and internet computer systems/programs/algorithms/A.I. seem to be getting smarter at finding/limiting usage.

                I use all three Telco's for data with various modems/phone hotspotting for my internet here on and off, and have sometimes found Kogan to be slower than Vodafone ( using side by side in same modems ), although Kogan's Live Chat assured me the network is 100% same as Vodafone lol. Seeing/using is believing,

                • @ozhunter68: About 3 months ago I used several Kogan SIMs. The speed was great. A few days ago I activated one again. I have 6x torrents downloading atm. Each has 100s of seeds. Not one file speed is downloading above 3 KiB/s. I used to get in the hundreds KiB/s - so fast that I could set the torrent client to 'download in order', download for a few minutes, start viewing, and the file would complete well before I caught up viewing.

                  Vodafone had an outage several days ago, but I've reset the modem several times since then.

                  No one else seems to be complaining. So I wish I knew if it was only me. i.e. If they've begun strangling torrents. If they have I'm sure there's a way around it, maybe by using a VPN. There's no need to choke torrents network-wide - just prioritise data instead. So if I discover they are playing dirty, I'll return their serve in kind.

          • @GregMonarch: Wow I didn't know about that sim limit per bank account. I was thinking of switching my ADSL connection to mobile instead. But on average calculation, 40GB lasts me like only 3 days. So that's 30 sims in 90 days which means 8 bank accounts? I guess I'll have to persist with my pos ADSL connection then :(

        • Following..

  • Yes, can be used overseas if unlocked.

    • Depending on frequency support of course

      • Yes, check bands needed by countries carriers first ( japan can be tricky ), you have a good chance for most other countries with this one as it supports many popular bands.

        • I used mine in Japan without problems, different model though.

          • @slackme: Japan uses some different 3G/4G bands than what most Australian phone/modems have here. Depending on what model you have, which Japanese Telco you go with, and where you use it will all have different outcomes.

            Did some research for friend who goes to Japan and found out that way.

            Saying "mine" and "different model" does not help out anyone reading this, maybe give model number, Japanese Telco name and where you used the device :-)

  • I know there's lots of variables involved here (towers, distance to towers, bands on towers,congestion etc) but just so you get some idea what sort of speeds you can get.

    3 speedtest.net readings averaged (Mount Nelson, Tasmania):

    Alcatel MW41CL
    Voda 24.17 D 3.0 U
    Telstra 23.80 D 9.29 U
    Optus 29.35 D 2.65 U

    More than enough for my meagre needs! :)

  • How are unlock codes still a thing?

  • "How are unlock codes still a thing?"

    Dirty filthy greed by telcos

    • True. But in all fairness, prepaid devices are subsidized, and when bought on special ( preferably half price ) these offer good value for an emergency or starter modem data/prepaid phone.

    • It's a bit odd if this is locked… Because the pocket wifis or wingles (USB modems) Optus sells in its stores are not locked to Optus.

      • Yes they are. And this is locked too.

        • Well, Optus pocket wifi modems I meant… they do not come locked. (At least, not from Optus stores.) I've seen it said many times here and on Whirlpool. In fact when I asked one Optus store manager (explaing to her other companies do lock their devices), she looked at me like I had two heads.

  • Can this tether via usb?

  • Only 150Mbps capable?