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Jeenee Mobile - New Mobile Broadband Plans - 250GB - $64.90pm / 100GB - $49.90pm / 50GB - $34.90pm (12 Month Plans)


We've just refreshed our Mobile Broadband Plans -

Month to Month Plans (No Contract)
* 1.5GB - $9.90
* 7GB - $19.90
* 15GB - $29.90
* 50GB - $44.90
* 100GB - $64.90
* 250GB - $74.90

12-Month Plans
* 50GB - $34.90 - 12 mth contract
* 100GB - $49.90 - 12 mth contract
* 250GB - $64.90 - 12 mth contract

All plans available to new and existing customers
$12.37 SIM Fee and delivery applies
Jeenee uses the Optus 4G plus Network

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    Which network you are using?

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      Jeenee uses the Optus 4G plus Network

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    Optus 200Gb month to month $65? was $60.

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      Unlike the Optus plan you mention, our MBB plans do not require the use of a specific supplied modem - but will work in any modem / dongle / wifi hotspot / handset that works on the Optus network.
      The Optus plan requires the purchase / use of an Optus supplied modem.

      Specifically (from the Optus site):

      "Equipment needs
      These plans can only be used with the Optus-supplied modems
      provided with your 24-month Optus Wireless Broadband plan.
      Customers on a month-to-month plan will need to purchase
      a modem at an upfront cost, which will be advised at the time
      of purchase, in order to use this plan. The SIM supplied with the
      modem must not be removed from the modem and will not
      work in any other device"


        Have used the Optus wireless broadband sim in my old vivid wireless modem and several phones without any issues. It's all well documented on Whirlpool.

        Wish there was actual competition to the Optus 200gb and 500gb plans.

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    I signed up for the Spintel Promo $40 250GB speed limited to 12/1…The only thing not fast enough to stream is 4k netflix and even then i can still stream it occasionally, however generally im happy with the 1080p because it limits the downloads that im using! meaning the 250gb is more than enough!

    If you need faster then sure spend the extra $25, but honestly have a look at spintel for cheaper products.

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      Jeenee also sells the Home Wireless Broadband product with 250GB on a month-to-month plan which restricts the speeds to 12/1. Our Home Wireless product can be found here. This is a good product and many customers use this as a NBN replacement product, however, these new Mobile Broadband plans are not speed limited in any way and are capable of streaming multiple connections and 4K Netflix too. These are a great solution for people who might want or need a faster connection.


        if it works in std optus modem means you can also get band 28 ….


      are there any wireless broadband plans that have usable shaping speeds after quota is reached? 256kbps is not usable imo. Maybe at least 1mbps, or is that wishful thinking?


    Does this come with a home 4G modem?


    Just saw that 250GB one is $59 now,
    Any idea about the speed?