[Price Error] Razer Phone 2 $0.01 Delivered @ Optus

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Not sure how long this will last, but apparently you can get a Razer Phone for 1 cent?? First post sorry if it's expired by the time I posted

Edit: Fixed to the normal price of $1248 now

Update 20/6: Price Error Confirmed (Moved to forums)

We have recently identified that due to a technical error you would have seen and ordered the Razer Phone 2 handset for $0.01 on our website. Our standard price for the Razer Phone 2 handset is $1,248 which was advertised correctly on other parts of the Optus website.
We're sorry this happened and have fixed the technical error. We have cancelled your Razer Phone 2 handset order and will be refunding your payment. Please allow up to 5 business days for this refund.
If you have any questions, you can contact us 1300 132 208 Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm AEST.

Your Optus Team

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          On it, gonna call the FBI and CIA too and the NRA and WHO. They're all getting phone calls.

      • +2

        LET'S DO THIS!

      • No, genuine price errors don't have to be honoured. And reasonably, nobody expects a phone to reasonably cost 1 cent.

    • +1

      Yeah, well I am calling the FBI.

    • Despite the sarcasm followed, aren't there any other people thinking this was done on purpose rather than in error?

      Pricing error should be more like $248 instead of $1248, missing the first digit, or mismatching prices among different products. I don't see how easily one could enter 0.01 instead of 1248 by mistake?

      • +2

        I'm not thinking it was done on purpose, no. Maybe they were being super generous and doing a 1c discount. Or they just hit the 1 and all hell broke loose. I'm not really sure how their system works. It's going to be a hassle for them cancelling all the orders and processing all of the refunds and listening to people whine about how they're not getting their phone even though they knew it was a price error when they ordered it.

      • +1

        Perhaps a default price more than a price pouncing in error.

      • Makes more sense the shop was hacked, and even more convenient the cc had to be used.

      • A couple of guesses
        * 0.01 is the default in a script somewhere (stupid)
        * Designed to be bundled with a plan and was supposed to be only visible internally.

    • -4

      I am pretty sure it’s a scammed copy site! The chat, the usual company contact links don’t open, the product links open ok, it’s a scam for sure I reckon, no order confirmation, only payments confirmed with PayPal or credit cards

      Not sure how the scammers are making a quid though, unless they have deep hack

  • Once they got your phone number you'll be getting endless phone calls.

    • +5

      Optus already have my number …

  • +1

    Ordered two. Amazon did not honour the last one. Let's see what Optus does

  • +27

    Chances of receiving this: -100%

    • That's low…

      • Still too high IMHO.

    • +5

      So your telling me there's a chance

  • Thanks ordered one!

  • +3

    Thanks OP. I’m enjoying refreshing this page and see the number of clicks and votes go up each second!

  • i got the same error message everyone else got unfortunately :(

  • +6

    For those that can't afford it, "Or 4 Payments Of $0.0025 With Afterpay"

  • +1

    uh oh

    • +1

      Yeah some guys gonna have his work cut out.

  • +2

    Haha, ordered one. Let's see what their PR department does.

    • +2

      They will probably send some crap voucher for like 10% off one of their overpriced plans

  • Ordered. I had to refresh when I got the error message. I'm sure it'll be cancelled, as this is obviously a price error. But still, if they do honour it, it'll be a nice phone for the money!

  • Thanks OP. Great deal. Good for a backup phone

  • -1


  • Thought i had missed it already as I wasn’t able to pay with CC or after pay, tried again with paypal and it worked. Let’s see what happens! Sweet deal!

  • worth to try but I think Optus may deny it

  • +6

    Meanwhile at the Optus office alarm bells are ringing. "We got a code blue! Pull the f**king product page, Jerry!"

  • Worth a try lol

  • Is it one per household?

  • +25

    Price match at Officeworks?

  • Got the email confirmation "Your order has been received and is being processed"
    Now I'm waiting for the follow up email saying that it got cancelled… lol

  • Thanks OP, bought one too. No issues using paypal.

  • +15

    I'm Optusmistic about this one going through

    • Underrated comment.

  • +3

    This is why Ozbargin is Life :D

  • +2

    Doesn't accept payment

    • +3

      Try again. Same for me. Worked second time.

    • +1

      Didn't work when I tried ordering on my phone. Worked on my laptop. Used Paypal to check out.

  • +7

    As if this will even remotely get honored. Can't wait for impending accc comments demanding they get sent a 1 cent phone.

  • Thanks… ordered one.

  • It all about the rush.

  • +1

    Deal of the year!

  • this is hilarious

  • +15

    I checked out so fast I'm not even sure if all my details were correct 🤣

    • +1

      Same mine were incorrect, bloody auto fill!!!

  • +2

    Almost 4k clicks and this is not ozbargained? Lol

    • +3

      if Optus is like Telstra their online store staff will be offshore so will take a while for the information to get passed on that there is a problem lol

      • +4

        Hi could you please repeat your name? N for Nelly?

  • +8

    Oh no there was an error processing your payment please contact 1800 780 182

    • same

      • "Oh no there was an error processing your payment please contact 1800 780 182 "


    • got same error, seems we both are unlucky

  • thanks for sharing.

  • +1

    Only chance of this working would be if c&c were available.

  • +7

    i can already imagine some [email protected] trying to buy 500 of them after seeing this deal and thinking he will be rich,

    • +3

      And listed on Scamtree already

  • Haha payment processing error now. Expected XD

  • Oh no there was an error processing your payment please contact 1800 780 182

  • +2

    what if we never get our $0.01 back and optus just made a quick bit of cash?

    • I paid with Afterpay,$0.01 due on 10/08/19. Tried PayPal first and got the error, so I decided to give Afterpay a shot.

  • -1

    OZBARGAINED - Optus have started refusing payment. Payment screen redirects to an Optus number to call instead.

    • Try again… we all got that

  • +1

    That's a razor sharp price

  • Ordered one :)

  • Im expecting a refund in full otherwise its the SCT

  • Lol, bought 2 even though I knew they won't honor this

  • +5

    Someone call the number. See if they have any coupon codes on offer.

  • Not working

    Edit Error with PayPal, worked Afterpay

  • Kept popping up with an error, but managed to order it 3rd try

    • Same here..just refresh the page and it should work.

  • Getting an error when trying to pay for it.. Lol

    • Try Afterpay :)

  • +1

    Thanks for sharing. Definitely a bargain, but I was unable to pay for it either by card or by PayPal.

  • Great buy. I need a new phone!!! ;-)

  • Error now..
    4th try it worked

  • +3

    Anyone try price-matching other stores (such as JB Hi-Fi)?


    • Hmmm…

  • +2

    280+ in 20mins…

  • +1

    For everyone with error, try again. Same for me, worked second try. Wife also the same.

  • Oh no there was an error processing your payment please contact 1800 780 182

  • Oh no there was an error processing your payment please contact 1800 780 182

  • Sadly, the chances of us getting anything is close to 0 BUT it will be funny seeing Optus panic.

    JBHIFI has this phone listed for $899

    • If only there was an online price matching service to also game with this.

    • Not close to zero. It is zero. Like absolute zero. Really fkn cold.

  • +1

    6000 clicks in 20 minutes. Lol.

  • +2

    @jv "so what was the price before?"

    • +1

      What's the normal price?

  • +1

    What a wonderful Saturday night. Dating with ozb is always the best.

  • +1

    Thanks OP bought one.

  • Bought. Commenting so I remember to check back later

  • Does anyone really believe they will receive one? There is no way it is happening

    • +2

      Let's hope Optus have a LOT of Razer phones in storage

    • God no, but doesn't hurt to try. Best case scenario they'll give a crappy compensation - maybe $10 of full price of this phone

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