expired $10 off Xiaomi Yeelight 2-in-1 Bedside Night Lamp with 10W Wireless Charger $21.99 + $8 Post @ YeelightAU


Greeting Fellows,
Today at Yeelight Australia, we are have a $10 OFF on  2 in 1 Bedside Night Lamp with a built-in 10W Qi Wireless Charger

Yeelight 2-in-1 Bedside Night Lamp with 10W Wireless Charger ($19.99)

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Main features of Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Light:

Wireless mobile phone fast charging + night light lighting

Yeelight wireless charging night light innovatively combines the night light with the mobile phone wireless fast charging, one side supports the mobile phone wireless fast charging, that is, put It is full of charge, eliminating the trouble of manual operation, and the separate magnetic night light on the other side provides you with warm light

Intelligent wireless fast charging, support a variety of devices fast charging

Yeelight wireless charging night light, using imported chipset, using wireless fast charging technology, intelligent compatibility, making mobile phone charging more convenient

Wireless fast charging design, safe and stable

Yeelight unlimited charging night light, motherboard safety design with overshoot protection and current and voltage regulation design, overvoltage protection, charging tips, foreign object identification, ensuring charging safety, can be on keys, scissors, etc. Automatic identification of metal materials, automatic power-off for foreign objects, avoiding safety hazards

Removable magnetic night light, feel the unprecedented “magnetic” field charm

In addition to the powerful wireless charging function on the left side, the magnetic night light on the right side is also full of charm, the night light can be separated from the magnetic design, after separation Can rely on magnetic adsorption on the surface of home appliances, the night light “love” magnetic force makes life more warm and harmonious

Warm and warm yellow light

Giving the night a warm guardian, using 2700K warm white, comfortable and warm light color temperature, no dazzling feeling at night, with professional optical design, guarding the family's sleeping environment

Patented magnetic positioning, automatic night-time charging of small night light

Patented magnetic positioning design, 180° magnetic alignment, wireless charging board can charge night light, 3 - 4 hours of charging, warm yellow light continuous lighting time up to 24 hours, cool white light can last up to 11 hours

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  • -2 votes

    just a caution , i wasnt able to get "Fast Charging" while the light is plugged in , i assume as current is used by the light , the full amp. is not passed onto the call phone being charged.

    if you remove the light , you would get Fast charge without any prb

    • +3 votes

      I get Fast Charge even with the light on

      • +1 vote

        Which charger and cable you using?
        I am using org Note9 charger n cable

        edited: figured out the issue , the Spigen case was too thick for this wireless charger (its OK with other wireless chargers I use) , using the transparent cover provided by Note9 and FC works like a charm


    As far as I can see, this plugs into your existing USB wall charger with USB micro?

    Think I'm gonna get one. It'll be a decent all in one solution.

  • +1 vote

    Have one of these…
    The fast charging works well.

    The light isn't the best (quite fiddly to switch on/off in the middle of the night)
    But… it's pretty good.


    There is 2$ tax also on top of the 20+8 basically back to 30$

  • +1 vote

    Rep, still no special on Yeelight Rechargeable motion sensor light?


    Looks pretty cool. What's the light like? Can you dim it, or is it just the one setting?


      It has a white and cool light setting. Apparently the warmer setting is slightly brighter than the cool.

      • +4 votes

        That's a shame, I would have bought it if you could dim it really low. Most night lights are just too strong.

  • +2 votes

    What's the use case? My 3yr old needs to charge his phone at nite?


    Would be nice if we could pick up from the Sydney warehouse

  • +9 votes

    $2 GST at checkout. It's a bit misleading if you don't mention this.


    The light is good, as you can lift it off and take it around the house. But it doesn't activate immediately, you have to find a small little button to turn it on which is surprisingly hard in the dark. I wouldn't recommend unless they changed that



    • +9 votes

      Don't stress about that. I was worried too but started wearing a tin foil hat and now i feel much better


    Ordered one, thanks.


    A question people raised previously is about EMF safety close to a bed.


    Bought 2 thanks


    I though it said $10


    Any chance of a discount on the Yeelight Candela?


    Does the yeelight require a 10v wall adapter in order to do fast charging for a phone?


    OP any discount on the Candela????



    More Xiao Mi rubbish. I expect advertising flashing on light pool zone. Better units common now under $30 with digital time/alarm and temp. On like lamp arm.


    Does wireless charging work for samsung s10?


    I am also getting charged $8 shipping.


    Ordered one yesterday morning, delivered this morning.


    Does not fast charge with the S10 stock (Exynos variant) charger. Does however fast charge with a Xiaomi QC 3.0 charger and S8 stock (Also Exynos) charger.

    Has coil whine when charging phone (Or at least my specific unit does). Possibly imperceptible to older folks, but maybe something that'll keep some people awake at night.