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Plex Pass Lifetime $99 USD (~$132 AUD) @ Plex (Inactive or New Accounts Only)


Spotted this code on Facebook, pretty good non-targeted deal for lifetime!

For some reason, the price in AUD is actually better than the USD price, well below the current exchange rate, so make sure you switch it over by selecting "Australia"


Expires 11:59PM PDT Sunday 6/16/2019

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  • Plex is Awesomw +1

  • What is this needed for?

    I use a plex server and there is no fee.

      • This is incorrect. You can access your Plex server remotely without having to pay. I do this with my dad who lives in another state.

        No limit to the amount of streams too.

        • Here's a list of functionality that Plex claim is limited to Plex Pass subscribers:

          • Auto-Tagging & Places
          Using advanced machine learning — aka object and scene recognition — Plex tags your photos based on subject matter (kids, sports, sunsets etc.) and location.

          • Automatic Camera Upload
          Wirelessly sync photos and videos automatically from your mobile device to your Plex Media Server at home, where they’re backed up, private, and secure.

          • Automatic Mixes
          Kick off playback of similar tracks from your collection with Plex Mix. You can even listen to songs in your collection based on mood so you can wake up, wind down, or anything in between.

          • Early Access and Apps
          You get early exclusive access to new and premium features, AND get mobile apps for free. No mobile unlock fees for subscribers!

          • Live TV
          Watch live broadcast TV directly on your device (in HD where available). A Plex Pass, antenna, and tuner, are all you need to stream free OTA live TV.

          • Lyrics
          See timed lyrics to your favourite songs when available, so you can karaoke (or lip sync) until you’re blue in the face!

          • Mobile Sync
          Sync your videos, music, and photos to your mobile device for offline enjoyment, wherever you go.

          • Multiple Users
          Create customised, managed accounts, and make user switching easy with Plex Home.

          • Parental Controls
          Enable parental controls to keep things kid-friendly, or create separate accounts for your childish roommates.

          • Photo Albums
          Create beautiful photo albums so you can easily customise and share your favourite captured memories.

          • Plex DVR
          Record free HD broadcast channels right to your library–including local news and sports–then watch your recordings on any device, anywhere.

          • Plex Pass Perks
          Get exclusive access to promos and discounts on partner products and more!

          • Premium Music
          Enjoy lyrics, automatic Plex Mix and Mood Mix playlists based on mood or similar tracks, and premium metadata matching for high quality art, artist bios and more!

          • Premium Photos
          With a Plex Pass, take advantage of auto-tagging and Places so you can easily sort and discover memories. Look through an organised timeline view, automatically upload from your mobile device, and create photo albums.

          • Timeline View
          Explore your photos with our beautiful timeline view for organisation that’s easy-on-the-eyes.

          • Trailers and Extras
          Enjoy cast interviews, behind-the-scenes features, deleted scenes, and more. With Cinema Trailers, view trailers before your movie!

          • @Maxdax: Again, not true.

            • @PainToad: Oh dear so much misinformation.

            • @PainToad: Sorry, can you please clarify? I get 1 minute limit when streaming remotely on mobile.

              • @Dagmar: With both iOS and Google Play store app on mobile phones/tablets with free Plex there is a limit of 1 minute. This limit is for either local or remote streaming to that device. You can pay one time in app purchase to remove this limit around $5. If you have Plex Pass you don't have to buy the in app purchase, there is no limit. So either pay $5 once off per device (iOS/android phones and tablets) or get the Plex Pass. Just to clarify the TvOS (Apple TV) and Android TV versions have no limit, even though they are unified apps in their respective stores.

              • @Dagmar: You can pay to remove that 1min limit. Within the app I think I paid around $5 for it.

              • @Dagmar: I'm with PainToad here, the remote streaming never used to be limited but it is now unless you get the Plexpass, i think this is where the confusion comes in, they changed it at some point recently.

    • I think really the only benefit is for DVR stuff if you want to record free to air.

  • Be aware they’ve shitcanned FTA EPG in Australia due to a change in their supplier and you now have to use an XMLTV provider like iceTV (paid) or freepg (apparently crap).


    • I've been thinking of switching from MythTV to Plex. Is it possible to use the trusty Shepherd solution for Plex? Shepherd is essentially perfect as an EPG and whilst it is a pain to setup initially, its data is rock solid.

      • No idea sorry.

      • try it.
        not difficult to setup.

        have used the server on Linux, windows and MacOS.

        after years of using it only minor issues.

        don't start by paying for it.

        have only spent a couple of bucks on ios app (wait for sale).

        • Just gave it a shot and it seems to work totally fine. Plex is loading up my Shepherd .xmltv now and it seems to be working fine.

          Only 1 of my tuners in working, but I'll see if I have any luck with the other later.

          • @noisymime: nice!

            trying to think of some tips for you but there's just none really. it's very easy to use.

            i only tried Emby as alternative, didnt like the look of Myth navigation.

            it's rock solid on any OS, been using it for at least 5 years, prolly closer to 7-8, i think maybe crashed once (permissions on metadat dir were wrong).

            actually, that's a tip, on MacOS if having some permission problems with OS, zip up Plex Media Server first, as MacOS permissions repair will break Plex permissions.

          • @noisymime: Is this where you got Shepherd from? http://svn.whuffy.com/wiki

    • Thanks for posting that forum thread. Really needs more visibility since it's a pretty big feature they've removed with very little notice to users. It's no consolation having a special monthly subscription price with IceTV. A lifetime subscription just doesn't have any weight these days.

  • pretty happy I got mine a few years back for 75 USD

  • I like using Plex though perhaps it's a bit of overkill for my needs

    I did trial the pass when it was free, made some use out of the sync option.

    I never get these damned targeted offers I'd probably bite if I did.

  • I flipped tables in their forums and stopped paying for Plex pass when they recently naffed the Samsung tv update & wouldn’t listen. Only advantage for me was mobile sync. Everything else I use is useless or free. Keeping my $132.

    • LG tv here and the Plex app is useless. I get buffering on everything. Stream to Sony tv, Xbox, iPhone etc all fine.
      I went to the xplay app which is cheap and it works great.

      • I have an LG tv with plex and it works fine

      • I have LG webOS with Plex too. Had buffering issues on Netflix constantly, called LG tech, swapped the wifi card and everything is great again, possibly the same issue with your unit?

      • LG OLED here, not a problem. Can’t remember if it’s connected via wifi or cable ATM though.

  • Anyone know how to force Plex to load content over the local network? It feels like my content should be loading much faster than it is. I suspect it's uploading and then streaming over the net rather than my LAN…

    • The issue may be transcoding and not local network issue? If the device playing the content cannot use direct play, it needs to be decoded first. Other than that, Ive never heard of this issue.

      • I've got a GTX1060 doing the transcoding, so I didn't think that would be the issue. Is there some important piece of information I'm missing regarding transcoding?

        • Transcoding is the last thing you want to do, also CPU is normally what does the transcoding, but GPU can be turned on with plex pass.

        • GPU doesn't transcode. It uses cpu cores

        • If you dont have plex pass,the GPU wont do the transcoding.In the paid version you get the option.When you play the media,check the CPU and GPU usage.Also make sure you have enough network bandwidth,large files with high bitrates can quickly saturate slow connections.

        • You can turn on stream in original format, instead of it needing to do any transcoding. This helped mine immensely.

    • Thats very unlikely but you can check in your plex settings under dashboard and see whats going on.

    • Simple, just disable 'Remote Access' and the content will be limited to your LAN.

    • I suspect it's uploading and then streaming over the net rather than my LAN…

      Uploading to where?

    • I had this issue when using an Asus rtn66u router for my dhcp/gateway server but never figured it out. I've since implemented unifi gear for unrelated reasons and it magically just started working.

    • +1 vote

      Settings -> Network -> "LAN Networks", add your local subnet (or local host IPs) there

  • Damn signed up to the Plex Tidal trial for 3 months, anyway to cancel that and pay for this?

    • Worse case can you just create a new account if you can’t buy a sub while on a trial?

    • nope, i just redeemed that and lost it the second i cancelled it so i wouldnt be billed.

      spoke to support bitching over the 230$ AUD charge and they were perplexed where the charges came from..
      showed them a screen dump from the apple and google stores. (which quote in AUD)

      anyways, if you have redeemed any other offer, even me last night with my 1 month for my new PVR. NUP.. so literally screwed over for this discount…

  • Really not worth it unless you need to have your server accessible by family and friends. For home use no need for this unless you really want hardware transcoding. I'm a Plex Pass lifetime holder and as you may be able to tell, really annoyed about the EPG removal and just makes me wonder what else will be removed or limited next. Really poor form from Plex.

    • Even if you have your server accessible by friends and family you don't need it.

    • I never really liked how Plex did my tv so I just used Kodi to manage my tv recording on my PC and I saved the files into a ‘Plex’ folder for online access.

      I don’t think I will be affected much by the epg changes. I don’t watch tv live via Plex which is probably the main thing I will lose with this change.

    • I'm a big user here - we use kind of like Netflix. Everyone gets their own user account, so the kids don't see grown up shows and movies, and wifey doesn't see my movies or shows and vice versa. Love it just for that.

      • wifey


      • You don't need Plex Pass to create users. It's only needed to create home users (ie. without an email). Create the people emails (if they don't already have one), invite them to your server, done.

        • With the free one, when they are watching from their phone, you need to pay per app,to remove 1 minute limit wouldn't you?

        • Does this work locally, with the simple user switcher? That's a key part of our usage.

        • Not really ideal if you use Plex on your TV. Every time someone else sits down they need to sign out then type out their whole email and password to login. With the Plex Pass they simply switch profile.

  • It would be great is people stopped posted incorrect information about what Plex can and can’t do with and without Plex Pas. So much ignorance in these comments.

  • have been using it for years.

    don't see why i would pay for it now :)

    it does what i need.

    to anyone new - try it!

  • What you get for your money;


    Sync and mobile apps are essential for me.

  • Is it per server license?

    • No. It adds features to your Plex servers (all of them). The server (and most features) are free. The features it adds are listed on their site.

  • Emby is another alternative if anyone is interested.

    • People are abandoning Emby because they became dicks. Jellyfin is the open source future. Just not quite there yet.

  • Does this mean someone who buys a plex pass (and already has access to my server) can use GPU transcoding?

    I dont have a plex pass.

  • I've previously used Plex Pass to experiment with Live TV / DVR (although settled on using Fetch TV), and still use the Fast User Switching and fine user control features of Plex Pass.

  • And a big FU to existing users who don't get a targeted offer.

    • works for existing users…

      • I'm already a yearly member (paid with google play credit), when I clicked the above link, it said: User xxx already has a Plex Pass subscription.

        How did you manage to use on existing user? Did you cancel your subscription first?

  • Have been a free member for a long time. Do I need this if I am currently running my Plex server off my NAS for optimal performance?

    • If it does everything you want it to then I don't think so. I have Plex running on my NAS and then just 2 rasplexs and an apple TV. It already does 100% of what I need it to without paying

      • rasplexs

        How you finding this? Seems to be abandon-ware with no updates for years.

        • My main TV uses the apple TV, 2 bedrooms just run rasplexs. Their only job is play media so for that they run fine. I originally had Kodi running on all, (librelec) for the pis and just Kodi on the android TV with emby server. NAS couldn't run Plex.

          Much happier with this setup and syncing across all devices. Much easier less tedious setup as well

    • I didnt use any of the plex pass features, but I love plex, think they do a great job and wanted to support the developers, so bought a plex pass.

      its a fantastic tool and was one of my most used pieces of software.

      and i figured, there may be other features in future that are plex pass features only… so grab it while its on special…

  • Mobile sync & hardware transcoding are probably the 2 most useful features of plex pass. If you don't need those it's probably not worth it.

    • fixing it for you:

      or don't want to support the developers, and keep them going, because you think people should work for free.

    • Mobile sync was useless to me once big 4G plans were common

      If I wasn't going to have internet I would copy the files manually.