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LG OLED 55B8STB 55inch OLED 4k TV $1580 + Delivery @ Appliance Central eBay


Awesome price for this awesome tv. 55 oled tv $1580 + Delivery

Original 20% off 60 Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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  • Delivery is additional. $52 for NSW

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      Well I could buy one apple stand instead of an 55' OLED TV

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    $76 for WA

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    wow..very very nice price..tempting..8.8 in RTINGS..

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      This is a beautiful TV. Blackest blacks I've ever seen. HDR games blow my mind! Very happy with the one I purchased a few months back.

      • How much did you pay a few months back if you don’t mind?

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          Not at all. On April 3rd from Video Pro eBay Store for $2,069.00 (incl GST).

          • @jondgls: Cheers! Nice price drop for a couple of months.

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              @snagseb: Paid $1704 delivered mid-May from same store, so $90 cheaper now. Very happy with the purchase. 4K HDR content looks amazing

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        And how are the cardoons, Warner?

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        Once you go black..

  • $34 for delivery vic metro. Great price wish I could justify it for the man cave.

  • Paid this price which included 10% GC discount … so if you have 10% gift cards to pay this price that is a seriously good price albeit that the C9 series price drop is worth waiting for IMO.

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      i think we wont see C9 in this price range anytime soon..

      btw..this or hisense PX ?(300$ less)..

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        This over the Hisense any day.

      • Agreed. Cheapest C8 has been is $2k IIRC

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    Any deal for 65" TV?

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      Walked into jb hi fi and they matched their May sale price $2396 for a 65 oled b8

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        this is really interesting…location? if you dont mind can you post receipt? will try to get 55inch may price..

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          If you read the JB thread from last time, both Nass1 and I have done it in the past week just by showing the previous deal - .. in hindsight I should have waited for the 55" to drop to this sort of price again rather than pay almost 50% more for the 65", but I'm sure I won't regret it when it arrives ;)

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            @roadeh: not for the TV, but i tried for washing machine with luck. they dint budge..

            ok, just going through the messages. looks like it was a price error. May be they will never match it. May be Nass and you are lucky.

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        How??? Looking at getting this. Any info would be great

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        Tried 3 JB stores to match the may price and everyone refused. Can you post the receipt?

        • first time poster here..why price matching with JBhifi..infact this is 20$ less..

          is ApplianceCentral have any issues? looking to get a TV from them ..(not this one though)

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          • @roadeh: thanks you. but bought itfrom appliance central anyway. want to use my AmEx..just realized jbhifi wont take Amex.

          • @roadeh: Thanks i was able to price match a TGG… cheers

      • So I have a contact at jb hi fi warriewood that will sell it at the same price for a 65 oled $2396 and if you are not from the area a $39 delivery. Advise Adam refereed you. His name is Hugh and email is [email protected]

        • Emailed a couple days ago and haven't heard a reply, I assume he got swamped or isn't really keen on selling at that price.

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    The tv is amazing. Had it since ~January. flawless.

    • Yes no regrets especially at this price. A few minor OS quirks but otherwise perfect.

  • i just bought LG 55SM8600PTA Nanocell LED last week for 15XX… i thought it was a bloody good price…
    now it's 55" B4 OLED 1580 delivered……
    damn it….

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    Central stand; nice! : )

  • burn in bois?

  • Bought one..jeez..sold 8 in an hour

  • Great TV, bought this one about 4 months at around $1650 for the lounge room. Loved it so much that I sold the Sony I had in my bedroom and bought the cheaper 55" LG LCD to match. The wand remote is awesome. Definite buy at this price.

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      LG LCD tho.

      • LED*

        Obviously not as good as the OLED, but not bad for a tv that gets 20 minutes or so before I fall asleep, and half the price.

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          LG OLED is good, but I find their LCD/LED models very poor with very visible dirty screen effect. But yeah if it's priced right, not a big deal for a tv that only gets light use.

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            @nubzy: LG LCD are by far the best due to the increased viewing angles. I hate seeing other models where any angle other than directly front on is washed out and ghosted. LG makes other LCD models look cheap.

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          LED = LCD

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    From what I've heard the C version is significantly better than the B version. Is anyone able to provide further comment on this?

    • And from what you have heard, can you explain how?

    • what i read is C series better sound system and slightly better processor(cannot find the difference in daily use) it somewhere from here and from rtings as well.

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      From what I've heard the C version is significantly better than the B version

      You heard wrong. The C8 was given a 0.1 score higher on rtings. Absolutely not "significantly" better.

      • Correct. from what i have read C is only slightly better and most people could not tell the difference if the tv are not side by side.

        • The main difference would be the processor used for upscaling. A better TV yes but worth the price difference, dunno.

    • Not a chance its 50% better.
      All comes down to if you want the best, or the cheapest.

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    Dam.. i don't need it.. but i bought it… 1634 delivered.

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      I'm at these crossroads..

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        I put it in the cart… put in the discount code … thought to myself … I deserve it. Lol

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          I asked the missus and she said absolutely not, rookie move LoL

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            @HoleInMyWallet: Buy first.. explain later.. you know the rules! Amateur!

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              @hippyhippy: Mastered this rule.. bought it using my plans to tell the Mrs till it arrives. 2 minutes later, I got hit in the face with our ipad (which she was using) showing Paypal confirmation. Order cancelled.

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            @HoleInMyWallet: It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.

  • Has anyone with one of these used bluetooth headphones with it? Have you noticed audio lag using the headphones?

    • Headphones for TV is perfectly fine. For gaming mode you will want to use headphones with the PS4 or Xbox.

  • So uh forgive me but how does LG numbering system work? C is better than B which is better than A?

  • Any guys can advise me this and sony x8500gwhich has android tv

    Haven't seen lg before. But they got higher rating than sony :)

    • That's a led tv… this is oled.. compares it to Sony a8f which is double this price

  • Had my heart set on 65inch but this is such good price

    • Me 2. 65 is great

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    harvey norman, gg and bing lee all around 1,795. I feel like the pricedrop is around the corner for OLEDs

    • Not in jbhifi. You can never be sure about stock though.

      • Jb is also $1795 now

    • Its an outgoing model, hence the price.
      RRP for new models hasnt really changed.

  • I am getting motion blur issues for live NRL both on Ch9 and Foxtel. I have played with motion settings, still happening every few minutes. Any ideas?

    • May be issue with cable or internal cable wiring. I have the same issue with my current TV. Technician concluded cable has to be changed.

    • Have you tried turning motion settings off while watching sports? Apparently from what I have read that will fix it.

    • You shouldn't have motion settings on at all, period. Turn all the smoothing crap off and watch things how they were meant to be watched.

  • Does this TV have component input and How many HDMI inputs?

  • Fantastic TV. I bought mine back in February for $1640 delivered on a 20% off ebay sale.

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    Sorry mods, was a little trigger happy on my report and can’t seem to revoke..

    Link in OP leads to an item marked as ended but ApplianceCentral seem to have relisted here at the same price.

    Seems to be same price/delivery, at least to BNE Metro.

  • just waiting on same price for 65"!

  • How are the LG TVs for gaming? Or is the better option Samsung/Sony?

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      According to the LG B8 is the best TV for gaming.

      I assume from the model number that this tv is the B8, so it looks good!

    • Rings give it a 9.0 for gaming. It's what I'm getting one for.

    • Samsung qled does 120fps at 1440p.

      Lg only has 120hz at 1080p. LG doesn't do 1440p at all.

      This is a feature of the Samsung I enjoy. Modern graphics cards can handle 120hz 1440p maxed out, but not really much more than that.

  • Just received an email from JB. They attempted to price match as close as possible
    55inch = $1795
    65inch = $2295
    + delivery

    Pretty sure you can still bargain to knock off a few dollars or the $95 to make a round number. (If you prefer brick & mortar over online store)

    • JB - 65 inch should read $2995. Harvey Norman also has similar prices plus the AMEX offer.

      • Thanks for the correction.

  • has anyone left this TV on after snoozing/taking an accidental nap?
    Like leaving the Netflix pause screen on?
    that's the concern I have if I get an OLED, potential burn in issues

    • Not a problem, TV has a screensaver that comes on when it detects still images for too long.

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    Thanks, bought a few weeks ago for a tad over $1700.
    Submitted a price match with 28 degrees, hopefully no issues there ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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      You dropped this \

      • +4


    • JB hifi uses for their domains?

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    I got this today in JB HIFI Parramatta showing the bill image posted by @roadeh and I got price match. 65 inch LG B8 @ 2396 + delivery.

    • can you please share your receipt? thanks

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