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QCY T1S Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Earphones US $17.59 (~AU $26.29) Delivered @ Joybuy


Pretty sure cheapest price so far for QCY T1S. Price in title inclusive of GST

Thanks to Ticklemittz for Original Deal US $5 (~AU $7.27) Credit Voucher with US $20+ (~AU $29.12) Order When Paying with PayPal @ Joybuy

Don't forget 12% cashback @ Shopback

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  • +3

    Good headphones, have two pairs.

    One pair lost half their volume after about a month (need to be at 100% to hear them on the train).

    Occasionally the left headphone will turn off during playback - requiring you to manually turn it back on. I've noticed this with all TWS earphones though, so not a huge problem.

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    Killer deal adr8!

  • This pair is much better than the tronsmart spunky buds which i also have. also they stick out much less.
    highly recommend at that price.
    bought them for $30 from the same shop few months back.

  • +2

    These are fkn awesome! Love mine, going to get another pair. Thanks OP

  • nvm, shopback cashback already listed in post

  • Love these headphones (I've got the T1 set without a lid), although the battery life in my right speaker seems to have shat itself recently :( Might just have to purchase another set seeing as these are now on sale again :) Thanks OP!

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    I would recommend people reconsider before purchasing from this merchant:


    I bought the same pair of earphones months ago and they were a nightmare to deal with when they arrived faulty.

    • +1

      Seems like your typical Chinese site. People expect overnight delivery and warranties.

      • +8

        I don't expect either as I've purchased a ton of things from sites like DX, Gearbest and Aliexpress. I thought it would be a little easier to get a replacement or refund but it took some persistence with these guys.

        I sent though an inquiry within days of receiving it and was asked to open a return/refund ticket. Opened a ticket and that was immediately closed because I had "insufficient evidence"! Emailed them again. This time was asked to upload a YouTube video showing how were faulty (right earphone not syncing or charging). Did that and again my ticket was closed without explanation. Emailed once more and was offered half of what I paid as a refund! Opened a PayPal a dispute and they again offer a partial refund or full refund upon return with tracking! Sent it back and paid extra for tracking. They stop communication on the dispute once I upload photos and provide the tracking number. Time runs out on the dispute and PayPal remiburse the full amount. I was able to claim back the shipping cost.

        In my opinion, there was no reason for them to put me through that other then hope I would lose patience and give up!

        • +1

          I had a similar scenario to go through and am avoiding this business now because of this practise

        • +5

          Now that's the response I was looking for. Better than a bunch of reviews where 9/10 it's because they're ignorant of buying from China.

      • +1

        I understand you're speaking in defense of Chinese tech sellers, but I'd like to add that in my experience Chinese companies are learning the value of decent after care support. I've had good experiences with fasttech for both product warranty and for items received in poor condition. Gearbest too.

        • Isn't Clear a Gearbest or Geekbuying rep? Might explain their (rather balanced) view on the issue.

          For me, I have mostly had a pretty good run with the chinese online stores except for Coolicool, who sold me a LeEco phone and then never shipped it, and were very coy about the matter when, after a few weeks, I demanded to know where the item was (they eventually refunded me after a bit of persistence though). But that being said, if they had something I was looking for for a good price, I'd try them again.

          I try and use TomTop and Geekbuying these days as unlike Gearbest/Banggood/Aliexpress they don't charge GST.

          • +3

            @xyron: GeekBuying. You get a whole different insight to why people are really mad when you rep.

  • How does this compare to the soundpeats true engine we had a couple of weeks back?

    • +5

      Exactly the same, different case.

      • I paid too much for sound peats then 😔

        • You get better support through them so it's no biggy at all.

        • Me too. Oh well…

    • True Engine is different model to this

      • So is this better than Soundpeats Truengine?

  • +1

    How are these for making a call - I bought similar priced earphones a while back and they are great for podcasts - average for music - [email protected] for calls.

    • +5

      Fine for very quiet environments. If there are noises etc around you then they are terrible.

    • +4

      Terrible. Too much ambient noise gets picked up by the mic.

    • +1

      terrible on calls, ambient noise is extremely loudly picked up and voice is too soft. you can tell by making a whatsapp recording or similar

    • A pair I purchased was terrible for calls. Has a buzzing noise on calls.
      Fine to be used for music but not able to be used for calls.

  • These hold in the ear okay when running?

    • They hold well at any walking pace, and at the gym, if that helps

      • +10

        I run faster than I walk, but thank you ;)

        • +1

          They hold decently because of the low weight, and the lack of the momentum of a cord jingling around causing impulse to rip the headphones from the ears.

          However, the plugs will get more slippery as you sweat and the depth of insertion is not great.

          So, I think it should be fine. At the very worst if jogging in winter wear a sweatband that goes over the ears, and attract even more ladies :)

  • What the diff with t1 vs 1s what youi guys review on this

  • +3

    if these are anything like the brands on Amazon soundPeats for example i would seriously think twice about buying it from a store like Joybuy, unless you are super confident in their warranty process. Every brand i've purchased in this cheap range has failed in some way, the Taotronics the battery case gave up the ghost and had to be returned for warranty, and the sounPeats the magnets stopped working so you couldn't easily charge the earbuds .. in each case my saving grace was the fact that i'd bought them on Amazon.

    Just my experience with these cheaper ear buds :)

  • +1

    I bought these a while back
    I liked them - however after a while the L piece stopped pairing with the R piece. Very frustrating

    • Yeah, I got that issue as well :(

    • +6
      1. charge them fully
      2. forget the earphones on your paired device
      3. take both earphones out of the case
      4. hold L and R button on the earpieces for 20s. The lights should turn off then turn back on briefly for 1 second.
      5. let go of the L and R button
      6. Hold L and R for 1 second to turn them back on
      7. re-pair the earphones
      8. ????
      9. re-paired.
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    How do you get that price? I get coupon invalid.

    • I just tried the coupon and it's still working on my end. Can anyone else confirm?

    • I am also getting "Sorry, this coupon code is invalid."…

      • Worked now from mobile, after entering delivery address only.
        From desktop didn't work.

  • +1

    Thanks Op! Ordered one

    Had an invalid error message but I removed and re added the product into cart and it works…

  • Does the code apply to both the T1 and the T1S or just the T1S?

    • Just T1S, the T1C doesn't meet the minimum spend requirement ($29.12 AU) for coupon PAYPAL4618.

      • +1

        Ah ok no worries, thank you.

  • Shopback looses its Activated status when you View the cart.
    When you add the product and look at Shopback, it says Activated.
    But when you go to the cart to checkout, look at Shopback again. No longer says Activated. So I guess Shopback is not working properly with this site??

    • Newbie here, where do you see activation status

  • booo doesnt seem to work. does ordering on pc matter?

  • How to buy:
    Activate Cashrewards (not Shopback - see above, Shopback doesn't seem to like this site!!).
    In Joybuy, search for QCT, choose T1s.

    Shows 2 pics - choose the second one.
    Change to T1s.
    Go to cart, apply coupon PAYPAL4618. You should see US $17.59.

    • finally got it to work but had to order it through mobile. didnt use cashrewards or shopback :(

  • +1

    Amazing value as a pair of wireless earbuds - i love my black pair, but beware if you like to make calls, you'll have to hold one up to your mouth for the duration of the call.

    • That's what I have been doing to all TWS.

      Think about it - the microphone is right next to your ear and your voice cannot be transferred clearly…

      • Right, but airpods are great for calls without holding in your hand. Hence the comment

  • Bought one to give it a go! Thanks OP

  • What is the latest QCY with fins in it?

  • I grabbed a pair, thank you! I've needed something for gym for ages, hopefully works out!

  • +1

    Aren't the Haylou GT1's better for $4 more?


    • +7

      The reviews I have seen say the GT1's are better, I posted this GT1's deal a few days ago as it proved popular on another overseas website but didn't gain much traction on OzB :(

      • +3

        Luck of the draw, never saw that! I can Cancel, Aliexpress has 15% cashback too atm!

        Price dropped $18.61 too.

        • +1

          I just cancelled the ts1s to buy gt1s how much did u pay for the gt1s?

          • @Ozkaays: $18.61 plus GST
            I paid in AUD, it was basically within a few cents as I checked.

      • I decided to get these instead, thanks!

  • +1

    3.70 shopback also just got the tracking notification

  • I had the TS1 now just bought ts1s will see if this is better. But good value for money..

  • +2

    The coupon doesn't seem to work anymore. I got the Haylou GT1 from AlieExpress instead.

  • +1

    The Haylou GT1 on AlieExpress comes down to 21 AUD by combining the new user voucher 3 USD + Shopback cashback 15%.

    • Unfortunately not a new user, I bought something years ago! I still managed the 15%, great price

  • Purchased - will edit with review when it arrives

  • How do these compare to TWS i60/i80/i30 airpods?

    • Didn't know the TWS airpods are up to Hyundai models now…