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Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System - 6 HD Cameras $539 Shipped @ Newegg


Not much to say about it. $539 for a set with 6 cameras is a ste, even if they ARE Not Pro2 cameras.

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    even if they ARE Not Pro2


  • even if they ARE Not Pro2

    I also feel like this emphasis is confusing. Shouldn't the NOT be the one in caps?

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    Each camera requires 4 X CR123 batteries, and Netgear advise against rechargeables.

    So its like 24 batteries every few months.

    Someone at Netgear didnt think this through?

    • We use nite-core RCR123A rechargeables (With nite-core smartcharger) for our Arlo’s and they have been completely fine. Bought them in bulk from AU seller on eBay bundled with charger (you can choose how many batteries you want to purchase).

      Only thing is, they are about half the capacity of the disposable batteries (probably due to the smart-circuitry inside each battery which prevents over-charging etc).
      So this requires them to be charged every few weeks. They are on rotation for charging with 1 set spare (so we just charge the spares if a camera is low, and then swap them out so all cameras are always in cycle).

      There are some super cheap versions of rechargeables online which claim equal capacity to disposables and are lacking any sort of branding. I would be careful with those as I imagine they are less safe and will have shorter lifespan.

      • Thanks for your comment. Too much work with rechargeables and too expensive and wastefully with normal batteries for me.

        • Yes if we had known Arlo Pro / Pro 2 was going to be released (with their proprietary single batteries) we probably would have gone with Arlo Pro.
          Since we already had purchased the RCR123A rechargeables in bulk by the time the Arlo Pro came out, we thought that responsible thing to do is at least use the batteries until they died.

          I’s also much easier to swap out just a single battery, compared fumbling around with 4 of them (in and out of camera & charger).

      • Thanks. Wanted to buy but you pointed in right direction.

    • If you have the ability to hard wire and prefer that over batteries, then this isn't marketed at you. There are many the renter, who wants some security in their house without the intrusion of hard cabling and for that the cost and bother of batteries I think is a worthy compromise. Also allows you to have less cameras and move them around as you see fit. Want to move one to the pool while the kids swim? can't do that with the hard wired camera…

      Batteries are a PITA (I own Arlos…) but it has its place.

  • that's a lot of cameras for the price!

    • Yes but 6 cameras with 4x fiddley batteries for each camera.
      I think the 4 camera Arlo Pro 2 (3rd generation), which comes with single proprietary rechargeable batteries (which also claim to last longer between charges at 6 months) for each camera for around $799 after cashback was a better buy.

      You have to additionally purchase the rechargeable batteries & smart charger separately for the 1st gen Arlo in this deal (1st gen only comes with disposable batteries).