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[Back-Order] Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones (Black) $289 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Saw that these headphones are now for $289 on Amazon but on back order.

Don't forget cashback.

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  • This is good to have in case they sell out really quick on Ebay.

    • Better deal due to cashback from shop back.. So better off buying here and don't need to wait til 10. Slight delay due to back order tho but no risk of sell out waiting for 10am

      • Ebay deal is better if you:
        1. Claiming TRS
        2. Claiming tax return.

        The original price of the headphone is $419, which is the amount you will get invoiced. So you'll get about $40 back for TRS.

        • no
          the CR for amazon is 4.5%, is $13
          the TRS for ebay is $38, for amazon is $26.
          and amazon has better service

          • @Ethandong: 4.5% of 289*10/11 = $11.80, since the cashback is to amount before tax.
            $11.80 + $26 < $38…
            And if you do a income tax return for the item, you still get back more.
            And yes I have 10% ebay giftcard, got velocity points and also flybuy points.

  • Better deal due to cash back!

  • Are these as good as the Bose qc35?

    • Better :)

        • +2 votes

          I don't know what his smoking. I use the qc35s and call quality is pretty great.

          • @KBZ: Wind apparently makes the Sonys noisy as hell during calls, heaps of reviewers complain about it. Haven't personally had any dramas with the QC35ii but haven't exactly used them for calls outdoors on windy days either

    • I'm led to believe that the Bose are really comfy when used for extended periods….flying long haul for example.

      The Sony people say are better technically though.

      I don't own either (yet) so can't comment but am patiently waiting for a deal i can take advantage of and claim TRS for when I fly to the US in Sept. Pesky 60 day rule means I have to wait until mid-July before I can purchase.

      • They definitely are. I've owned QC25, QC35, and 1000XM2 (soon to be 1000XM3 and selling off the XM2).

        Most comfortable? The Bose pairs (Disclaimer: Big head who wears 7 7/8 caps). Pretty much no clamping pressure and can barely feel them on my head, like adding plush pillows to my ears. The XM2s are too uncomfortable for me to wear for more than hour as the top of the band makes it uncomfy and my ears become super sweaty. I lend these to my SO instead since she has a much smaller head but she still gets hot ears after awhile. The XM3s supposedly have slight comfort improvements so here's hoping that I enjoy it more. I think the XM2 was comparable to the Bose in terms of ANC, I couldn't tell a difference between them.

        Now, do the 1000XM2s sound better? I'd argue they do but none of these are really comparable to the decent stuff in the $150-250 range (i.e. AKG K7xx/Senn. HD6xx) in terms of sound quality. Both have strengths and weaknesses but they're not fantastic audiophile headphones. You're pretty much buying these only for ANC (if you want wireless, there are UE BT wireless IEMs nowadays for not much more with better sound quality).

  • Boom! No wasting time with the eBay deal!

  • Just came to post the deal, 4.5% shopback or 3.5% CR

  • Cheers OP, bought one!
    Says its expected to ship 27th June - to avoid ebay selling out w/n a minute and cashback, worth the extra wait :)

  • Boom - used the $30 credit from HDD deal - $259 plus cashback… Cheers Dealbot ;)

  • ebay sold out before my page even loaded, not keen, got it From TGG commercial last time. just tempting to get a back up.

  • Boom! Thanks. Prefer to buy from Amazon and done so.

  • Ah damn bought the b-stock on A2A, oh well, I guess sometimes you snooze you win…

  • Bought! eBay ones sold out with a minute!!

  • eBay is bs!

  • Guerilla Marketing

  • Wanted silver so got it from eBay but it's nice that we have Amazon for those that missed out.

  • Dang, lost out on 6% cash back ($17) buying from eBay.

  • Party's over

  • No longer available. Amazon took them out of my cart.

  • I had a 30$ coupon from Amazon (price error of WD HDDs). Price came down to 264$ (inc shipping)

  • Can you please tell What is a back order

    • Its not in the stock. But the stock will arrive (due date is often mentioned) and Amazon will send the item once it is stocked.

    • That’s when they don’t have stock currently, but you can place the order now at the good price and they will ship the item at a later date.

  • Yep not working anymore, must be out of stock

  • Took them out of my cart as well

  • I got the 3rd last one.. I think they'll be out of stock now!

  • Had $60 from Amazon HDD deal, and shopback cash back, I hope they're worth it, thanks all for taking time and posting these deals.

    • I'm using mine right now on a train. They're definitely worth it! The very loud group 2 rows away are but a distant sound compared to a violent assault on my ears :)

  • mm id say they might have someone monitoring and once ebay sells out they pull the deal

  • The price keeps returning to $395 for me when I go to checkout. What gives?

  • Had it in my cart and then clicked pay and it took it out 😭

  • Damn, very disappointed. Missed out on the ebay item and then missed out on the amazon one. Both times they were in my cart… :(

  • I managed to get these. Down the page in 'Frequently bought together' I see both the QC35 and the Sonys. Untick to Bose and you get the Sony for $289

  • Missed out :( On the plus side, will there be a price drop when the newer model is likely released later this year?

  • Are these eligible for TRS if in another purchase I buy an $11+ item from Amazon AU and take that overseas too?

  • Cheers OP :)

  • Nose Cancelling

    I want my nose back thanks.

  • is the 4th gen coming out at Aug ?

    • Probably September, but your not going to get it for sub $300. That is the issue with these. Sony have already bumped back the price for the Xm3 retail I suspect due to the coming release of the new Xm4s. Could they even list that at $599. By the way in Asia 2 years ago the pricing after conversion was like $600-$650 for 2s. Pricing at least for these in Aus is reasonable, after the initial release. You just have to be patient. Its taken at least 10-11 months to get to the sub price for non commercial access ones. Situation normal.

      New one will hopefully have even better NC, better call reception, option for using buttons for controls. I think they went backwards in design from Xm2 to 3 in terms of look. Although they are supposedly more comfortable than Xm2. The 3 to my wife is still feeling some pressure from top of headband. Maybe more padding required. IMO

      • +1 vote

        Not to mention the Aussie dollar is poor at the moment so hard to say what the RRP of the XM4s will be.

        • Just checked SONY website EFOY price $395 RR $549.95. So pricing for the future release will start at similar price range you would think. Real buy price in market probably $370-380 is my guess, but initially low $400s to start with on weeks after release.

      • Likewise, the padding of the top headband started to irritate me after after about an hour everytime I put them on and my one started registering phantom touches. I'll be holding out for the Xm4s but won't get them upon release. Would rather see how they hold up review wise after a couple of months post release.

      • yes, you are right. the 4th gen will not be able to purchased under 400. but take a look at the history when 3rd gen released, it still have the chance to got cheaper one when Ebay released the voucher. for example, during Xmas.

        still want to see the different once 4th gen released. if only few upgrade, i may go for the 3rd gen. i guessing the price would't be any worse.

  • Mine have shipped (Well shipping info has been sent to Aus Post at least) have been sent slow Parcel Post though so probably won't receive until next week….itching to try them out!

  • Received mine yesterday!