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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi Whale Spout Smart Toilet Seat Pro with Warm Air Dry APP Control AU Version $396.91 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


Gearbite have dropped the price on this toilet seat for the Plus weekend. Better price than their previous deal.

If you've never used a bidet style toilet then I highly recommend it. The nice warm feeling of having your bottom cleaned and blow dried is second to none. My kids love using this kind of toilet seat and always get a few giggles when they use it.

Smart Toilet seat Assembly with AU PLUG, Inlet Water Hose with a Fasting Nut(Australian standard), Tee-Connector(Australian standard), Plastic Screw Anchors, Screws, Installing Caliper(English), Mounting Plate, Securing Brackets, Water filter, Locking Fastener and English Instruction Manual.


  • Warm air drying, massage flushing, suitable for a variety of toilets.
  • Multi-range air temperature setting
  • 99mm ultra-thin body design, beautiful and comfortable.
  • Three sets of operating buttons, save space, easy to use and innovative
  • High-precision ceramic instant heat system, Instant constant temperature hot water.Third-stage water temperature.
  • Pulse massage, give you a new experience

Comparison to Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat:

Feature Whale Spout Pro Smartmi Smart Seat
Ergonomic Comfort Seat Yes No
Mobile App Yes No
Scheduled Cleaning Yes User Controlled Only
Scheduled Seat Heating Yes User Controlled Only
Instant Water heating Yes Yes
Australian Standards Compliant Yes No
Auto Nightlight Yes User Controlled Only
IF Design Award Yes (2019) No
Heated Air Dryer Yes No
Carbon Filter Air Deodoriser Yes No

Original 15% off Plus Items on eBay Deal Post

ABN 60 615 962 500

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  • Dry bum dum dum burumm

  • I'm a Xiaomi Toilet, short and stout.
    Here is my handle, here is my spout!
    When i get steamed up, hear me shout
    bend me over and flush me out!

  • I wish I could get this installed

    • Installed one at my place myself. Took 2 minutes. If you have a standard water point and PowerPoint near your dunny, and provided the measurements of the toilet itself are within parameters you can totally do it

      • I don't have any water points near the toilet, I have a toilet to the wall like this one https://www.thebluespace.com.au/products/caroma-luna-wall-fa...

        • Can this seat be on installed on that style of toilet linked above?

        • if you take the cistern lid off you should see the water tap enter at the top. You should also see a channel that takes a pipe from the tap to the cistern inlet under the cistern. On the side of the toilet you should see a removable chrome plug.
          My plan is to add a t piece up the top and run an additional pipe through the channel and out the side of the toilet through the removed chrome plug. Probably fish the pipe out with a coat hanger and some string. Maybe involving some duct tape somewhere. Sounds so hard I feel like a beer now.

          • @thepigs: Too hard basket! Good luck.

            If anyone knows a licensed plumber who can do this quick, easy and cheap in Melbourne - let me know!

            • @peanut48: The toilet seat actually comes with a T-connector so you don't need to buy a separate one. The only other thing you need is a power point on the other side of the toilet seat. Here's a chinese blog that has some photos of how to install the seat: https://www.iznb.cn/article/120879

              Most plumbers won't charge you a fee to come out and give you a quote on a job. I'd call around locally and ask, it's a two minute job so a local plumber could stop buy your place early in the morning and install it on the way to another job. Time is money for licensed tradies so if someone had to go out of the way to do it they'd end up charging you a hundred bucks for something that literally takes them two minutes.

          • @thepigs: I looked under the cistern and I was able to see this:

            Was yours similar?

      • Not to be a party pooper here but i've read these things need a backflow preventer. Does it come with one or did you not bother?

        I am not a plumber and could be wrong.

        • You only need a backflow preventer if the seat isn't certified for aus standards, and you want a plumber to fit it and give you a certificate. Because if its designed really terribly poo water could some how enter the nozzle and flow back into the water supply. The risk of that happening with this particular supply is zero. get a plumber to set up a water point and you can install the seat yourself without issue. However, as someone seems to have recently successfully applied to have this seat certified I suspect you no longer need a backflow preventer.. just find the proof of certification and show your plumber.

      • Is there restrictions on how close the powerpoint can be?

        • Ask a sparkie.. there's prob a minimum distance from a water point that they're allowed to install a new powerpoint. In terms of the max distance.. I think the power cord is at least a meter long.

    • Plumbing should be easy.
      Power point is my problem… mine is across the bathroom.

  • That's some next level shit.

  • My cistern is actually in the wall which is great for space saving, a bit tight for repairs but i think i would need a plumber to put in another connection and an electrician to put power in as i have no points nearby.
    I have a normal bidet but prefer this style.

  • Xiaomi, 0's and 1's for your number 2's

  • I don't even want to know what the mobile app is for.

  • If this is the AU version does it have the certifications for the Australian market?

  • Bought one from Taobao, $240 delivered. For those people who use AU version MI vacuum, check if this seat is in your app. Or you must change the location to China to use the toilet seat, that way does not allow you to use the vacuum anymore.

    • Was it this one in particular?

      Do you mean delivery to Australia?

      Is that deal regular?

      Any other considerations for buying one from taobao?

      • Other Chinese Mi local products includes light switch, and wall plug probably does not appear in overseas region.

        Yes deliver to Australia, but it is cheaper and quicker if you choose to deliver to local pick up point instead of your home.

        CNY 1099 seems the regular price not deal, so $499 in eBay is absolutely rip off.

        The key is you must understand Chinese, because they does not support English

    • Link pls?

      • You can search this product in Taobao in Chinese, you will find the CNY 1099 on the top, then you will need to use Taobao transit to ship to Australia, the seat packed weight is 5.6kg, it cost you around CNY 230 to Australia local pick up point, that will take around 5 business days. But Taobao does not support English

  • Op, is the heated seat on all the time? Would you know the power consumption?