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[QLD, VIC, WA, TAS] 15 Wicked Wings for $10 @ KFC via App


This previous popular deal is back again, this time its avaliable for a few days starting Thursday 4/7/19 and ending on Monday 8/7/19 only on the KFC app. This is avaiable in QLD, VIC, WA and TAS only as far as I know. For people in the rest of the country, use this to get 18 wicked wings for $14.85 / $16.35 depending on your local prices.

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  • +8

    That u Frodo? Cos u the lord of the wings

    • They're yummy even if not really hungry. That's the problem 😀

  • +3

    That's so unhealthy but it's so yummy when you're hungry!

    • It's not that unhealthy unless you eat fried food everyday. Sugars and carbs are worse for you.

  • +10

    God Dam OP, you have to post this now, when it's 11 days away?! You just made my kfc craving worse in this cold weather.

    • +6

      Thats right, im evil.

  • My mouth is watering already.

  • No SA?

    • +1

      Dont think so sadly.

  • My mouth is watering already.

    Hopefully the 9 for $9.95 is still on this Tuesday to satisfy your cravings :)

  • +5

    Not available for NSW? Damn.

  • Via app again? Last time my app couldn't even work.

  • +7

    Please include the states in the title -> QLD, VIC, WA and TAS

    NSW readers got excited by the headline,
    but not after reading the article.

    • Just go to buy in Wodonga or on the Goldie.

      • Yep, just going out for lunch. Ill be back tomorrow

  • My favourite deal is back

  • +1

    it's very healthy, it's white meat ;)

  • +2

    Dollar big Mac, 9/9.95, 15 wicked wings for a tenner.
    What a time to be alive

    • Yeah, Macca's now have $4 Big Mac tonight LOL

  • Is the 2 Large Sides for additional $6 still on?

  • Bloody hungry now, can't wait until tomorrow!

  • +1

    I feel sick now and I didn't even finish all of them.

    Survey reward for chips and drink worked out well cheap lunch for $10

  • -1

    i don't understand what OP issue is for excluding NSW …

    • +3

      Its a targeted attack against you, I convinced the marketing team to exclude your state. Suprised they did it considering im only a fry cook.

  • Where can I find this in the app?

    • "Colonel's table" (i.e. specials)

      • Even "New products" tab

        • Ah, the options.

          I think I ate 8 today and tapped out. Such a light weight

  • +2

    anybody had success ordering two (states 1 per customer) and having 2 people to collect or do both of us have to use the app individually? if i have to do two separate orders then i cbf.

    • yea I need clarification ", one per person, and only while chook lasts!"

      edit: What I noticed whoever did the notification thru KFC app messed up and said "until Monday, today only" lol then did a re-notification. (I already clicked the messed up notif, that's why the correction says "Uhh my bad".
      So the English really baffles me, whoever they hired to announce this promo is doing a sht job.

    • +1

      can confirm, ordered through the app 1 order for 2 x 15 wings, wife came in with me but to be honest she probably didnt need to either.

      • good man, always possible the risk/discretion of counter staff though..

        Edit: if they wanted to do "only 1 per order" then surely would be able to limit the quantity in-app.

        • +1

          there is an option to pay before you que in the app, so after you paid for it i doubt the teenager behind the counter is going to put up a fuss about it.

  • Works in the N.T, just got it from Bagot Road KFC

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