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ThinkPad E595 / 15.6" FHD / AMD Ryzen 5 3500U / 256GB SSD / 8GB RAM / $769 Shipped @ Lenovo


As promised last night, here's another scorching deal. Apply coupon TA-HOT595 at checkout for the discount. Call Lenovo's telesales number on 1300 557 073 (until 5:30pm weekdays) with any questions. Ends 11:59pm June 30, unless sold out or withdrawn prior. Enjoy :)

  • AMD Ryzen 5 3500U CPU
  • 15.6" FHD IPS (1920 x 1080)
  • 256GB SSD M.2 PCIe
  • 8.0GB DDR4 SODIMM 2400MHz
  • 369mm x 252mm x 19.9mm (2.1kg)

Click here for 10% cashback via Cashrewards. Ensure last click before purchase is from this link.

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    Hi OP
    From the previous deal I'm still waiting for my laptop to be shipped ….
    As per the initial expected shipping date, it's currently at least 3 days late.
    How long will it take? Any idea?

    • +18

      Sorry champ, I don't build them, just post them (pardon the pun). Best to try this…

      Call Lenovo's telesales number on 1300 557 073 (until 5:30pm weekdays) with any questions.

      • +13


        cop that

    • Best you call Lenovo for answers. But my guess it’s going to be at least a 2 week wait.

    • My is coming 26 June, It was ordered on 12 June

    • I'm in the same position. Ordered on the 12th, still hasn't shipped. Shipping date keeps getting pushed back. Pretty annoying

    • Ordered mine Tuesday morning, delivery should be tomorrow according to DHL (Friday)

  • Backlit keyboard?

  • +8

    $699.09 after 10% CashRewards cashback.

  • Is this any good for video editing purpose, 4K occasionally but 1080p most?

    • +1

      Depends on the type of video editing you want to do. Special effects, ie with after effects, or just cut a few phone clips together with minimal changes.
      On the whole it'll go ok.
      8gb ram will limit any extra effects you do, with the lack of ram allowing the previews to be minimal.
      Compression and rendering of the video on this cpu will be decentish though.
      The m.2 SSD will be nice to work off, but at 256gb you'll be limited to very small files, so definitely need another storage device. I'd recommend another SSD, over having a larger primary drive.

      Tried to keep it simple, but hope that helps. Video editing really does require work horse computers though, so don't expect magic at this budget.

  • Any idea of when the Carbon x1 gen 7 will be available in Australia?

  • 45 Wh battery seems quite small - for reference, the XPS 15 has a 97 Wh battery (more than double!) in a slightly smaller and slightly lighter body.

    • +2

      True, but with this current deal ($699.09 after 10% CashRewards cashback on the E595) the cheapest XPS15s are still about 3 times more expensive.

      • Definitely, but anyone buying this should be really aware that battery life will likely be a serious issue if you're planning to use this for e.g. Uni.

        • They claim a 13 hour battery life. Obviously that would be based on low brightness and not doing anything too CPU intensive. But, even if it only actually gets 10 hours, that's pretty good I think. Do you think actual battery life will be well below that?

          • +2

            @razumen: 13 hours is just impossible. My XPS 15 (4K) lasts about 10 hours on a comfortable brightness using only OneNote / Word / Edge (not Chrome). Quick googling seems to show the CPU here is less efficient than the Intel CPUs (but I might be wrong as this was a very quick Google). My best guess is ((-ve) 46% of the battery capacity, (-ve) less efficient CPU, (+ve) 1080p screen) is that you'll be sitting at under 5 hours, which will of course get worse as the battery ages.

            This is all extremely armchair so take this with a grain of salt, I could be missing some factors. But as I only just survive with a 97 Wh I really don't see how I ever could with a 45 Wh.

        • +2

          The fully charged battery could be used for 5-6 hours and the charger is 65W. A quick charge can make it last for the rest of the day. I used it for Uni without problems.

    • +1

      Using USB-C for power also means it's easy to top off from various powerbanks. My current lenovo charges up even when under heavy load on my 60W Powerbank. On my 18W powerbank it still drains, but when in sleep mode, it can charge to full quick enough

  • yay more TA ryzen lappys!

  • Great work TA - any chances of getting your friends at Lenovo to come up with a deal for the Lenovo Smart Display 10" ? :)

  • +5

    Just purchased, you're an absolute legend! Thank you.

  • +1

    same comments as last time: 250nit screen could be brighter. let's put it this way, in a lounge on a sunny afternoon, the screen will already look dim to you.

    and while 45wh battery was almost ok in a 14 inch laptop, in a 15 inch laptop it's a crime.

  • I have one but the 14 inch one with ryzen 7. It is a beast. If is my work station as well as laptop for my diploma study. Only complaint I have is occasionally for no reason it got The BOSD (blue screen of death) when it says got some error and restart automatically. Has anyone experienced this too? And any chance someone knows how to fix this issue?

    • Is it still under warranty? It could be faulty RAM

      • yes it is still under warranty. I'm not sure how warranty works for lenovo and if the process is easy to get repaired/replaced your laptop though. will do more research on this.

        • +1

          Definitely not as good as Dell's.

    • +2

      The BOSD (blue screen of death)


      • +1

        Thanks was typing too fast didn’t realise I misspelt

    • Had a similar problem with an older AMD Lenovo. Updated the integrated graphics drivers with the utility from the radeon website and now seems ok,

  • +1

    Bought one thanks TA! :)

    • Got mine delivered today - wow, that was fast!

  • Is anyone else having trouble putting an order through?

    • +1

      Yes. With PayPal. Had to use credit card.

      • Thanks. Had to abuse the old credit card too.

  • Do Lenovo sell chromebooks in Aus?

  • -2

    Code should be TA-MOIST69

  • What is everyone's thoughts on the processor? Is it ok? I'm not familiar with it so I always stick with Intel…

    • +1

      The processor is fine for the device's price range (see previous deals for comparative discussion regarding intel CPUs).

    • +1

      Better than a comparable 15w tdp i5 in almost everyway except for battery life. Ryzen is also not affected by most of the security vulnerabilities that have been found lately in the past few years.

  • +1

    I have bought one 1TB SAMSUNG SSD 2.5 disk. Don't buy m.2 because this laptop comes with a 256gb m.2 ssd.

  • +1

    Thank you. Ordered one.

  • bought one randomly. lol

    • +3

      Your OzB membership badge has just been renewed for another year. Congrats.

  • how good is the integrated GPU? Those Intel HD 620s aren't great.

    I'm not expecting serious gaming or anything, but just light gaming or playing some older games but with high framerate.

    • Light gamers should find them more than sufficient. much better than the intel on-boards. check this out:

      • Seems good.

        Question is, is the 3500U pound for pound equivalent to the i5-8250U?

        Because there might be more than GPU at work here. Normally benchmarks have identical specs for everything else. But I guess that is impossible when testing iGPUs.

        Still, if 3500U is in the same price bracket as 8250U (is it?), I don't care and I'll accept it as the better CPU.

        • Well as usual with AMD laptop ranges, single core slower, multi-core better, the battery seems last shorter period. I think it's cheaper than the E470(i5) isn't it?

        • +1

          The Ryzen 3500U will definitely enable you more usage scenarios than the intel i5-8250U. With similar performance on the CPU side, of which the difference will be hard to notice in real life usage, while the integrated Vega GPU (performs on par with nVidia's 940MX discrete graphics) will let you enjoy light gaming.

          I'd take the Ryzen 3500U any day over the i5-8250U (in the context of no discrete graphics of >940MX level).

  • Is the RAM soldered or upgradeable?

    • I'm not 100% sure, but it says that it can go up to 32GB ram, so I would imagine it is not soldered.

    • +2

      The Ram is upgradable. You would want to look for DDR4 2400mhz SODIMM RAM.

    • Ram is upgradable and there's 2 sodimm slots

    • +1

      It should support DDR4 SODIMM up to 2666Mhz actually.
      Shame that it comes with 2400Mhz installed.
      Anyone got good deals on 16GB DDR4 SODIMM 2666Mhz ram?

  • Bought one.. Thanks TA

  • +1

    Bought!. Thanks TA for this great deal!

  • Does anyone know if this could handle a 2k monitor?

  • Hi @tightarse

    Please offer some deals for Lenovo (Intel i3, i5 cpus). Models like S145 or thinkpads. Thanks


  • Does anyone know if the laptop body is metal or plastic? The product page says metallic body / metallic finish; not sure how to interpret it. Thanks.

    • The moniter/lid portion is metal, the keyboard half is plastic

      • Thanks.

  • Good deal unless you need HDMI2.0 or gigabit ethernet

  • Any deals on E490 with intel processors apart from $1199 deal?

  • Hmm, I couldn't get this to work. I added to cart, then clicked "enter Cart eCoupon", entered TA-HOT595, and clicked Apply. It came back with a message of "order.cart.voucher.redeem.error.invalidCoupon". Am I doing something wrong?

    • +1
      • Never mind, somehow I managed to add the wrong part number to my cart. I ended up with 20NFCTO1WW instead of 20NFA000AU; once I added the right laptop, the code has applied fine. Thanks TA!

  • I'm keen on a new laptop but I just spoke with Lenovo, to buy a replacement battery from their "partner" is $185, he reckoned the Lenovo price would be $150ish, plus installation if you're not handy, after the run I've had with batteries I'm wondering if there is a better option..

  • +2

    Now out of stock :( TA, any chance of more stock?

    • Yep, missed this and wished that I didn't

      • Back in stock now.

        • Missed it again with the normal EOFY workload. Are they restocking on the site again? I am sure they have heaps in the warehouse.

    • Back in stock now.

  • For those subscribed to this thread, E595 is back in stock.

  • +1

    Purchased 2 days ago and received mine today!

  • Received it today. Fast 48 hours delivery. Thumb up for Lenovo.

  • +2

    Appears out of stock again. Any chance this will be back in stock before June 30?

    • +1

      Back in stock :)

      • +1

        Thanks, have ordered!

      • Thanks got one!

  • Received mine today.
    As usual, not sure what todo with it yet.

    • Usual for Ozbargain. Use it a bit until the next amazing deal comes through and start wondering why you wouldn't grab another bargain. That's my plan

  • For those subscribed, not going to post this as a separate deal (others can if they wish). I've been able to get the E490s down to $999 with code TA-HEX490s. Link is here. There's also a Cashrewards link in the regular place if interested. All the best :)

  • Thanks. Grabbed one at the last minute

  • This has expired now

  • For those subscribed, deal is back:

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