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Groupon 20% Cashback @ ShopBack (Stacks with 10% off Sitewide between 2-8pm @ Groupon)


Shopback have increased their cashback for Groupon from 7% to 20%. Better still, it will stack with Groupon's 10% off sitewide between 2-8pm (promo code QUICK).

This equates to a 28% saving on Groupon!

To ensure cashback is successful

Shop Groupon via the ShopBack app to qualify for the highest Cashback tier
Click through ShopBack again if there's any error
Use only promo codes from ShopBack
Please note the use of Adblock software may affect your Cashback claim. If installed, please disable your ad blocking software entirely during your shopping sessions.
Ensure that you clickthrough from the ShopBack App if you are planning to use the Groupon app for the purchase

Expedia - 12% cashback on hotels - minimum two nights stay and booked through Shopback app.

Referral Links

Referral: random (1330)

Referrer will receive $10 credit after referee makes first purchase of $10 or more within 72 hours.

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  • dates don't line up. your groupon link says discount is on 26th June, but shopback says upsize is for the 25

  • 28% off is good stuff

  • Is there a cap if one were to purchase vacations/iphones etc.?

  • again, SB is amazing…

  • Damnit missed out again :(

  • is apple stand available to be purchased? with 20% cash back it will come down to probably around $1200 thats a saving of more than $200.

    • Should I just go to the bank of make believe to open my account with 28 percent interest compounded monthly?

  • How much do you need collect to cash out in Shop Back?

  • Used shopback the other day and was tracked and approved that night will use it again cheers op

    • Groupon or really any other vendors don't approve transactions that quickly. Not suss at all.

      • Oh I thought with some other CB providers people were having a problem tracking and claiming CB ?

        • Groupon's method of tracking has always been dodgy resulting in a lot of untracked transactions. They just don't pay out their affiliates (Shopback) that quickly for a transaction though, so it's very suss for SB to be approving it so quickly.

          • @Clear: 15min tracking:
            My cashback from a purchase this afternoon showed up as tracked in my account and by email in about quarter of an hour.
            Not sure what you mean by, and how to tell if "approved"
            It shows as "pending" and says available by 9 Sept.

  • Would this Expedia deal work with the extra 8% off from the other deal?


  • Do you have to do it in the app? can we use a browser?

    • All of OPs notes are on the app.

      • i made 2 purchases via website chrome browser and few hours later i got 2 pending amounts in my shopback account

        i even forgot to do the 2nd one from the start and it tracked both of them

        "Be sure to return to ShopBack and click through again after every purchase to ensure that all your cashback is tracked"

  • Is there a maximum / exclusions? 28% off everything.. (some packages are like $2k-$6k) is quite big

  • Guess I'll be making the switch to SB from CR from the recent deals!

  • I have just made a purchase through shopback app and then directs me to groupon. However after the purchase, i went back to shopback app and there was no trace of whether I have made a purchase in groupon through shopback. By any chance, does anyone know when will I see something on my cashback account? Thanks!

  • I can’t find the code QUICK on shopback that means it work work right?

  • Err, I only seem to have a tracked purchase (car detailing) for a 7% cashback. Anyone else?

    • +1 vote

      All my purchases that was tracked by the 25th, got 20% cash back.
      One fell through the crack and didn't show up as tracked until today, and only got 7%. :(

      • Decent customer service and response time from Shopback…

        I replied to the confirmation email yesterday, pointing out the shortfall, and today I've received a separate "top up" transaction to bring it up to 20%.

      • Yes one of my 3 also did not track although I did it exactly the same as the others. Raised a query and it was added quickly but only at 10%. cj3 tracked at 7% for the same day. How about staff actually check what % applied at that particular time and do that. Cannot be that hard just make a list for everyone. Surely they should have a process worked out these increases happen regularly. If they did it correctly they may not need as many help centre staff to fix up problems. Now I have to raise the issue again to get the second $1.76. How many bother with that and how many pennies they get to keep that add up to a large sum?

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