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Adults Down Jacket $49.99, Vest $29.99, Pants $24.99, First Aid Kits $12.99 @ ALDI


Adults Ultralight Down Jacket $49.99

  • Water repellent ripstop outer shell
  • High loft for excellent insulation, warmth and recovery
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Packable into internal stretch mesh pocket
  • Storable hood in collar
  • Sizes: Men's S-XXL and Ladies S-XL

Adults Zip Off Leisure Pants $29.99

  • 2-in-1 style with zip-off feature to convert to shorts
  • New 4-way stretch ripstop fabric for durability and comfort
  • Stain resistant 3M™ Scotchguard finish
  • Multiple pockets
  • Perfect for travel, walking, hiking and recreation
  • Men's sizes: S-XXL
  • Ladies sizes: S-XL

Adults Ultralight Down Vest $29.99

  • Water repellent ripstop outer shell
  • High loft for excellent insulation, warmth and recovery
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Sizes: Men's S-XXL and Ladies S-XL

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    Adults Zip Off Leisure Pants

    Yeah, baby

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    • I think they're zips not velcro :)

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    I went to a kids birthday party on the weekend, I was the only dad who didn't have a puffy jacket/vest, am I out of touch? is this like the cool thing now?

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      You're just more of a Kathmandon't kind of bloke

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      Not really a cool thing but they are warm as. Was not a fan of down/puff jacket either till i tried it on.

      • The lightness is really what won me over. I've got wool overcoats and leather jackets, but down is just so light and easy. If I'm sitting at my desk and I'm cold, a downie is wayyy better than any other jacket (my house somehow has reverse insulation, where if it's cold outside it's even colder inside).

    • it's warm, it's light and it's easy to pack into your bags (and it's cheap)
      I just brought it with me to Europe in May, feeling warm in 5-10C, very handy

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      Don't conform to convenience. Layer up with some dignity. You will be banging soccer mums like it were a sport whilst everyone else looks like a ninja turtle. The last point is not guaranteed.

    • Yes, my husband felt left out when we went to a bunch of house inspections on the weekend. The amount of white blokes wearing puffy jackets or vents was amazing. He had a kathmandu hoodie on but was clearly the wrong choice to fit in.

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    Hi OP, why is the man grabbing a stick for?


    • maybe protects him from snakes?

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        You can't put a Sissy in ALDI's ad lul

    • To protect himself from the paparazzi that are following him on his camping holiday.

  • Gonna get myself a Aldi down jacket. Hope they would last me for a bit 🤞

    • i have one from last year and it has served me well. I used it last winter and also using this again this winter. Will get one more if I get a different color. I find them better than the ones from Uniqlo.

      • @nawapb is the jacket water repellent and would you wear it if there's light rain?

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          Generally duck down are now water repellent because of the stitch holding down within pocket and not clumping together around your waist. I've been to falls creek and mt buller and seen quite a few day trippers using kathmandu down jacket and they didn't look very pretty once the snow started to melt and find it way through the stitches.

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      What about a Coles “down, down” jacket?

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        If I ever get my hands on those, spray my buttocks red and call me bimbo

    • Really happy with the jacket. It's such a steal for $50. Should have bought more than 1 :)

  • As these are all special buy items do they usually sell out really fast with the amount of people trying to buy it. I see a lot of people missing out on buying any of the items. Another issue here is the sizing of the jackets with it not fitting well.

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    I also bought one last year - pretty good value

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    Can you post the rest of the catalogue please

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    Used the jacket when i went to Hokkaido last December. Kept me warm and the plus side of it been light made it easy to travel around with and storing in my bag when walking around shopping malls with heaters turned on full blast.

  • Specials not for Qld.

    • Because puffy jackets and flip flops look silly.

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    So from what I understand always check the rating of the jacket.

    Loft ratings: 700 is good and 950 is best.
    Higher fill rating means better quality down.

    Despite many brands claiming 'water resistant' with any of the fancy names like 'HyperDRY' or 'DWR' duck down and goose down IS NOT water proof. If it rains, the down will get wet and lose all insulation properties. They're only good for very light rain. Otherwise a shell or waterproof jacket will be needed.

    Duck down is hard to dry and takes a long time!

    Goose down is much warmer than duck down.

    Ensure the down is recycled or atleast Responsible Down Standard (RDS).

    Ensure the hem can be tightened along with cuffs to prevent cold air from getting in.

    A down jacket will be enough for most people but remember the proper way is thermals (merino wool), tops (merino wool), down jacket (goose down or synthetic) and shell.

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      Just to jump on this, DWR is a durable water repllency that is applied to the outer of the jacket. It creates a hydrophobic 'skin' over the jacket material that causes water to bead and roll off. The DWR will degrade over time, but you can get wash-ins that will increase the life and refresh it (nikwax, grangers etc).

      Some downs are very close to waterproof due to spraying silicone on the actual down. Down works by trapping warm air in the little pockets around the down, so when it gets wet and clumps, it can't get much air in there. You can find videos online with two jars filled with down and water, one waterproofed and the other not and see the difference (https://youtu.be/LgH7HSvla9k?t=144).

      Down should be dried (or even just fluffed up) in a tumble dryer. Throw a tennis ball in too to help break up the clumping.

      Don't confuse loft rating (quality) and fill power (quantity). A higher quality down will be warmer for it's weight, but a lower quality, higher quantity jacket will still be warmer. The USA and Europe use different loft rating systems, so be aware of that. Basic kathmandu jackets etc tend to be around 550 loft. This doesn't necessarily mean it won't be as warm as an 800 loft jacket, it all depends on how much down they use in each one.

      Last point is important, it's all about layering correctly. Although I think if you're that layered up it's probably snowing and you could get away without the shell.

  • How is the sizing compared to macpac?

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    2018 down jacket packaging states 750 loft power, 90% down/10% feather, ripstop polyamide shell fabric with Eco Bionic water repellent finish and a polyester lining. Features elasticised and Velcro cuffs, front zipper with inner placket and chin protection and zipped lower pockets. The hem has no adjustment feature.
    I think the warmth is comparable to the MacPac Halo and it doesn’t look as puffy as the 600 LP, 80/20 Halo. Very minimal feather loss from both. The Halo has more features but the Aldi version is less than half the cost - great deal.
    Most try on jackets and vests in store so just join the party!

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    I have the Aldi one, crane brand, looks very similar to this one. It was warm but wasn't really happy, on wearing I would resemble the 'Thing' from Fantastic four. The problem I that the air squeezes into the outer layer of this jacket and it looks inflated (inside it still stays warm thoigh. I have just tested that

    Now have bought this from Rivers last week


    Feels and looks lot better than the Aldi one.

    Comparison Pics (after deflating Aldi's)


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      Crane = Aldi

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    I've had the Aldi one as a cheap down jacket for work for 2 years. For $50, it's excellent. I might even buy a second one just to have as a backup.

  • Adults Ultralight Down Vest $29.99

    I bought this last year and love it.

  • RemindMe! 10 days"Grab this jacket!"

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    Going to europe at the end of the year, do you think these jackets would be warm enough?

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    On the coldest days in France in December my family needed MacPac Sundowners and plenty of layers underneath and on head. We spent a lot of time outdoors exploring and wind chill factor definitely made us feel the cold! The Aldi Crane down jacket may suffice on warmer days if well layered underneath but would also recommend a warmer coat. These jackets are not waterproof so we carried inexpensive compact rain ponchos.

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    Fugly vomit emoji

  • The label of "Adults Ultralight Down Jacket $49.99" has more info this year
    Shell: polyamide
    Lining: polyester
    Filling: 90% duck down / 10 % duck feathers
    Exclusive of trims
    Made in China

    Very limited stock @ my local ALDI.
    For Men, probably just 5 for each size.
    For Women, there is more, around 10 for each size.
    gender discrimination i know… lol
    I bought 2.

  • I went in to Aldi today, these down jackets were even more empty than the uniqlo ones! They were empty and looked terrible!! 100s left! I'd wait till they discount by atleast 50%.

    Sorry but these are rubbish. Heaps and heaps of women's and men's stuff left.

    The merino men's jackets sold out instantly, once again a catch! The arms are synthetic polyester and only the chest has 60% merino BLEND. The rest was polyester.

    For $50 it's not a bad buy considering you'll pay $150+ for full merino. The zips have a high potential of failing though.

    Another popular item was the socks and hiking boots, boots seemed sold out, if I was going for a hike the last company id ever trust would be aldi! The layer next to your skin MUST be 100% merino wool, breathable. Every Aldi product for Merino was a blend!

  • So not available in QLD? Anyone know the loft and fill weight of this years jackets?

    • The fill power is claimed to be 700/750.

      However, a company can put in 1 gram of 700 fill and claim it's 700 fill power.
      This is what Aldi has done.

      When in a comparable jacket of 700 fill you're looking at $400-$600 and they disclose how much is in it in weight unlike Aldi.

      A jacket with 700 fill is generally around 250-350g.

      Aldi has around 40g if that.

  • This year loft power is 820 cubic inches. The men’s medium weighs 500 grams. No fill weight provided. Highest loft power ever offered on these jackets.

    • I don't know where you got 500g from..

      • +3

        I weighed the 2019 jacket on my Choice recommended Breville kitchen scales! The MacPac Halo men’s medium total weight is listed on their website as 540 grams so I thought it interesting to compare with the Aldi version. Both provide similar warmth to me so I consider the Aldi down jacket a great deal. Have worn an older version through a few winters now and it is still in excellent condition. No regrets.