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Dell XPS 13 9360 Laptop 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8550U 16GB RAM 512GB SSD 1080p FHD $1679.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Original Coupon Deal

DELL XPS 13 - 9360 with i7 8550U, 16GB RAM, 512 SSD, 60WHR Battery, 13.3 inch screen and 1.2kg is the weight. Please remember there is no HDMI or VGA Port.

This also comes with fingerprint reader and backlit keyboard.

Also the delivery time currently shown is about a month but most users are reporting on the ebay site that the delivery is faster than the dates provided but no guarantees i guess.

It also has a Windows 10 Professional and not Home edition.

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  • Thanks OP!

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      no worries. it does seem a very good deal indeed and i just bought one as well. hopefully it will save someone else some money.

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    I purchased the Dell Latitude 7390 on the previous deal for $898. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/459605
    Advantages - It has touch screen, lots of ports, upgradable ram and HDD, better keyboard.
    Disadvantages - Much more fashionable, Slower CPU, Less Ram 8gig, 256 Gig SATA non NVME Hard Drive, USB - C display and No thunderbolt 3, Windows Home.

    Review of this old model 9360 Vrs 9370

    This XPS 13's Thunderbolt port supports only two PCI Express lanes rather than the four you get on other laptops, so Dell's system doesn't support eGPUs. (You can use some of them after bypassing a warning, but they run at lower speeds.)

    BTW - The webcam on this unit looks up your nose. The 2019 model has a different aspect ratio screen and camera on top.

    Oh what to do??? Keep the 7390 and get the 4K touch version of the XPS 13 (but that will be more expensive)

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    Decent deal on this model.

    The base price is $100 higher due to Win 10 Pro. Can probably save ~$60 if you wait for a Home version and buy a dodgy Pro key for $20. The main useful feature of Pro is drive encryption.

    I just ordered the Inspiron 13 with same specs for $1200 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/465538

    Comparison: XPS has a 50% bigger battery. Better build quality. Slightly smaller footprint due to small bezels. Has thunderbolt (2 PCIe lanes, so not great for external GPU) instead of USB C. I think it also has a matte screen (much better in direct sunlight).

    I seriously considered cancelling the Inspiron for this but no HDMI and price are deal breakers. It's 40% more expensive for same specs.

    • Thanks for the comparison. Very helpful.

      Will you be doing any gaming on it?

      • No gaming. Some games will run OK on the integrated gpu at 540p or 720p.

  • FYI - I paid 2k for this exact same model last year which now depreciates to the price above. Not a shabby deal..

    • Same here..feel robbed lol

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    bought this one 2.5 years ago for $2300 (i7-7500U), machine was okay; Probably this deal is no good, better go for 9380

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      what? Do you even know the differences between them?

      • 9380 is physically slightly smaller because they removed the 2x USB A ports of the 9360

        9380 also comes with the Whiskey Lake range of CPUs and the USB C port now supports 4x lanes, ie for running an external GPU

        And most importantly, the webcam is now at the top of the 9380s screen instead of below it

        • is there a way to de-code the model numbers? for instance, i've noticed model numbers 9360, 9370 and 9380. Does the 8 in 9380 signify anything?

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            @Worf: 1st digit - model range; 9 = XPS
            2nd is the size; 3 = 13”
            3rd is the mode generation; 8 = 2019
            4th always seems to be a 0

            Note that the 9360 was updated with newer 8th gen CPUs (same as the 9370) so sort of falls out of the structure - they originally came with 7th gens

            • @blonky: oh wow, thanks, this is incredibly helpful. thanks! (upvoted).

              The wife wants touch screen, but doesn't need all of the other bells and whistles (e.g., 4K display, high amounts of RAM or SSD), Is there a cheapish touchscreen variant of the 9380? (wants camera at the top)

          • @Worf: Edit - dupe

      • the difference between 8550U and 7500? I guess I do…

  • Have had 2 xps laptops.. first one xps15. Had faulty screen. Replaced under warranty. Then the fault came back after warranty period.

    Current one xps12. Again bubbles on screen.

    Having said that, my dell desktop computers and in the office are bulletproof. Some ran for 24/7 over 5 years with no issue.

  • I'd spend a bit more and get the latest 9380.

  • I got the 9370 but only 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD.

    I do however have the 4K screen and finerprint button under the power switch.

    Love the thing. Also got 3 year pro support on site warranty and windows 10 pro. Cost was $2.1K 11 months ago.

    • How's 4K in such a small form factor?

      Does it scale down well enough if you want to play a quick game or two?

      • +1

        I love it. It was awful to begin with early days of windows 10 but since 1703 i have had almost zero scaling issues.

        The only time is when you use 4K on the laptop then connect to standard 1080P screens via a dock it sometimes makes the cursor big and annoying. If the laptop is shutdown and you log after you're on the dock the scaling is fine, it only happens if you are logged in already and just dock it without signing out/in

        Log out and in fixes it but this is now a rare.

        The only thing i play on the XPS13 is Dota2 on medium graphics, WOW worked fine as well on medium when i played.

        If you plan to game best thing would be set the laptop res to 1920x1080 so games scale properly

        • Do the fans get loud playing games? I got given a 9370 recently and thinking of ditching my desktop.

          Maybe pair this up with an eGPU, but not sure about the CPU thermals and noise levels.

          • @dvsx: Not as loud as an XPS15 that's for sure.

            It does spin up but you don't even hear it with a headset on. Compared to my brick laptop i would say it's a little quieter.

        • this is why I stopped using XPS… this was just driving me nutts every day as I carry laptop from home to work and have identical setup :( the problem was reported by hundreds of people and MS never ended up fixing it.

          ended up buying a MAC

    • Does the screen response rate bother you? I found that when watching fast motion there was ghosting occurring.

  • I keep getting this error with any code on ebay - anyone know why? "This code can't be applied to your order."

    • I had this recently. They had me registered on ebay.com (not au) originally and somehow their system got confused and decided I am not in Australia any more. I chatted support and they fixed it quickly for me.

      • That's what a quick search led me to as well, so I did the "change registration" form request to switch to AU from UK yet still doesn't seem to work. Maybe need to chat to support as well

  • Blah blah coil whine blah…

  • How are these guys for their warranty? Do you get your two-year statutory warranty?

    I know at JB I'd get 2 years warranty with this model.

    • the manufacturer states that they offer 1 year warranty but then under ACCC, the product has to have been working for a reasonable period of time. Most manufacturers now cover for 2 years but instead of stating that exactly, then mention that their product abides by ACCC regulations or warranty

  • the manufacturer states that they offer 1 year warranty but then under ACCC, the product has to have been working for a reasonable period of time. Most manufacturers now cover for 2 years but instead of stating that exactly, then mention that their product abides by ACCC regulations or warranty

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