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Apple iPad 9.7" (2018) 32GB Wi-Fi - Space Gray for $398.05 Delivered (HK) @ TobyDeals ($378.15 with Officeworks Price Match)


Succesfully price matched at Office Works using Price Beat guarantee for $378.15 - Receipt in the description.

A Mate was after 3 IPad's for his kids and found a cheep price from Toby Deals, got Office works to reluctantly price beat by 5%

Receipt https://ibb.co/txL6v3r

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  • Last time I checked ow they refused to price beat any eBay seller

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      This is not an eBay seller.

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      Got mine today @ 12.40pm. The girl spent 15 mins on the TobyDeals website trying to find a way out then gave up and said to the lady at checkout 'let him have it'. I also got the ipad. Thx OP :))

      Edit: Oops, double post - sorry

      • Can you tell me what version of iOS it came with?

        • Sure, once I open it. I must find a deal on a dustproof case before using it.

          • @Lps: I did not know such a thing existed.

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    $378.15 each is an absolute steal…..

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      what is the usual price?

      • $469

  • I thought they only matched brick and mortar stores?

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      "Our Price Beat Guarantee includes products you find online - as long as the item is identical and in stock. When assessing the PBG from online stores we also take into account the added cost of delivery to your location (if any). If the identical, in stock product can be purchased and delivered to your location via an online store for a total price lower than the one we are offering, we will beat that total price by 5%."

      Toby Deals has free delivery also.

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        as long as the item is identical and in stock.

        They've got some wiggle room in their definition of "identical". They can consider import stock to be not covered by ACL warranty and therefore not identical.

        But it seems YMMV depending on who you talk to.

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      They match online but get pretty butthurt about it.

      I don't get the attitude, it's not like their workers are paid on commission.

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        totally agree - costs them more business than anything else - being unpleasant and difficult..

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        some might get told off afterwards or have been in the past, or they are extremely anal about doing their job properly gunning for promotions/trying to get a career in retail. they get brownie points with managers for not being loose about price matches.

        i got one today so thankfully i got the right staff. needed approval from someone 'out the back'.

        • Can you tell me what version of iOS came loaded?

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    Even in good old days before the change of policy I managed to get the 5% off beating an online store's price. But after the policy change I failed a few times requesting for a price beat either over the phone or in store. Most staffs just ignore the fact that the policy has been updated and would not listen or have a read of the terms. Hate to spend time with no outcome at officeworks.

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      For that reason I’ve given up on OW. Their staff attitude is poor and consequently I’d avoid them and price match at JB Hi-Fi and pay with gift cards via Suncorp. It’s nearly the same price in the end but more work, which is worth it to avoid OW

      • OW have cheaped out. I got a staff discount card and it used to be 5% off on everything (10% off during seasonal promotions). Now it doesn't apply to items that are discounted. And therefore, never worth using there. I don't buy non-discounted products there.

  • Any iPad Minis?

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      pretty sure I saw it for 550 yesterday! office
      epwrks is 597

    • I'm also keen for an ipad Mini.

      What was the deal @djones145?

      • 559 in the same store

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    There was a directive not to match Toby deals. It was found that non genuine chargers supplied therefore not the same product. I mean they're clearly Grey imports so everyone would know they'll be lucky to get this matched anyway.

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      Not sure why you got negged. Lot's of feedback and experience here including myself that often Officeworks REFUSES to price match/beat "TOBY DEALS" and other GREY importes, they even had a memo from head office stating so supposedly.

      I would also like to be confident to price match/beat Toby Deal ( or any other grey importer with exact same model number ),

      but hate being made to feel like I am stealing from them, instead of trying to get a "win-win."

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        looks like my local didn't get the memo :D

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          Hi b0rat
          Just wondering what did you say to them to get it price matched?
          I went to my local OW and was told this supplier is not eligible for price match.

          • @trantonz: Just wondering which store you tried?

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            @trantonz: yeah i first just asked em if they have stock as their website was showing 'stock limited please call'.

            then when she asked what supplier to price match i said tobydealsau.com and showed her on my phone. it helped that the receipt was posted so i showed her that too because "someone else had done it".

            she called someone out the back and said OK we have stock.

            if you don't get it then just say 'sorry i didn't know you don't price match with them'. walk out and try another one.

            in my experience it depends on staff member and whether they care enough to make it difficult for you. i've had one guy refuse to price match MSY claiming they have no warranty etc. but to be fair i was trying to match OEM with a retail box HDD. i gave up after i asked to speak to manager and they didn't come out. they wasted my time as much as i wasted theirs. sometimes it just doesn't happen.

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          I am genuinely glad that you had a go and were successful to price beat Toby Deals for this deal ( or any other deal ). Like you said above in your comment, it just depends which staff you get on what day and what mood their in, as well as the managers policy and whether they care lol.

          Good to let people know that it works, but also good not to get hopes up 100% as myself and many have had numerous attempts refused from various different Officeworks stores, especially around South East Queensland.

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    Our Address

    Toby Deals AU
    Trifecta Master Returns 7/F,
    Low Black, Grand Millennium Plaza,
    181 Queen's Road, Central,

    Hong Kong

    I don't think Officeworks would pricematch with them.

    • i thought they changed their policy to include grey importers since GST was introduced on everything.

      or it was someone else….

      • It was them. But not every employee gets the memo.

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    I've been an Android guy all along - never owned an Apple mobile device. Recently someone gifted me an iPad. I get it now. While I will most likely never use an iPhone, Apple has killed it at tablets. The Apple tablet experience is just light years ahead of Android. I'm converted to iPads for tablets (although tablets are useless for the most part now that I have a Oneplus 7 Pro and Google Pixelbook). I'm struggling to see a use case for something that is solely a tablet. 2 in 1s are good enough for a tablet and big phones are good enough for a tablet.

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      Agree. And think that Google has known this for a long time ( maybe since phone screens got to 6"+ and Touchscreen 2 in 1's became usable as tablet, especially for their Chromebook range ).

      Saying that there is still a huge market for a good quality tablet such as an ipad with good education and business productivity apps, of course still plenty of people who just buy these for their kids too for better quality and security reasons.

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      For what it's worth, I have an iphone X, Ipad Air 2 and an Ipad Pro 12" and they all see plenty of use. The iPhone is always with me, and can do most of what the iPad can do in a pinch.. but it isn't ideal. It's great for "utility", but not so much content consumption etc. The Air 2 is still the ipad I use the most often because of it's form factor. I generally using it for reading ebooks, watching content or social media etc. My iPad Pro is the device I go to when I actually need some power and want to create content. It gets used with LumaFusion, Lightroom CC, the Affinity apps, remote desktop tools etc.

      Could you get away with one of these devices, definitely… but I wouldn't particularly want to read ebooks off of my iPad Pro, or edit movies on my iPhone (despite both being possible).

      As for 2in1s.. I've had a Dell 2in1 for years, and I absolutely hate it. It successfully manages to be both a bad laptop and a terrible tablet.

      • Nice feedback and some great points. To my above comment I should have added that there are many people who have being using apple for ages/still prefer apple for their many positives and quality who have no problem being loyal to their products and eco-system.

        Although I have not used apple for any devises for many years, I can see the appeal and glad we have choice.

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      I agree, I switched to Samsung Tab S4 because I switched to Samsung Note 9 from iPhone 6S and iPad Pro. Gotta say the Note 9 beat iPhone in a lot of ways but android is so bad at tablet. I'm looking to get iPad and sell Tab S4 now.

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        100% agree, absolutely hate apple as brand/company but their tablets are very good. that being said since my ipads became unusable due to updates i replaced my wifes with a samsung tab S3 and didnt like it, i went for a Surface pro 6, and while its not great as a tablet its great having a small lightweight full functioning PC.

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      Mate, wait till Apple release iPadOS. It's light years ahead of iOS, as well. Can't wait for my iPad Pro to arrive and for iPadOS to be released!

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    Officeworks Keswick SA - Won't price match "competitive team have already reviewed this and we are not matching any deals from this supplier"

    • The guy at the SA City outlet was pretty annoyed and rang someone and they approved it. I must have just got in, he said the online price will drop very soon to stop any more. They said they believe TobydealsAU are selling second hand items and that they don't match this vendor. They reluctantly approved the price.

      • still waiting for the online price to drop :P.
        Anyone has any idea if they would drop the price to the same price from Toby Deals?

        • Guess he was all talk, he was annoyed with me at the time :)

  • Grabbed one from Adelaide city, thanks. Expect them to price match very soon the guy wasn’t happy

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    Will this get IpadOS?

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      Yep, I'm using the beta on it already.

  • did u ring them or visit store? things i want to PM are out of stock in store but avaliable online. do they price match items not in store but available online?

  • still waiting for ipad Air on sale

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    Just tried to get a price match over the phone and they said 100% no, told them they had sold them at this price today and they are emailing managers to tell them off.

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    Managed to get a happy price match just then from officworks fivedock :))

  • As a lifelong reader of comic books I am looking for a device to read comics, books etc.

    In the past I've used android devices and was considering spending $300-$400.

    How would this compare to brands like Samsung and Lenovo for my needs?

    • It has the screen and can open the files and web pages too, it's comparable therefore.

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    Confirm Officeworks Glebe priced match

  • $350 if u Harvey norman amex offer. plus trs, it'll be around $310.

    • Ha anyone tried HN yet? I would like to know how successful it is.

    • Expiring in 3 days !!

      • That’s 3 days to go.

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      I don't think HN will price match this one, tried doing that before and got rejected for reasons ranging from
      1. It is below cost
      2. XXX is not a "leading Australian retailer"

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    Got it pricematched by calling Officeworks directly :) Thanks OP!

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      Called Officeworks directly. They wouldn't not price beat as an email was sent out to staff today saying it isn't an Australian stock.

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        Where does it say that it needs to be Australian stock on the website?

        • I pushed that point in April '19 with a staff member. They insisted that to be an "identical stocked item" it had to state that it was a manufacturers warranty on the website. It seems to be a valid loophole in their terms - or was.

          This thread explains the warranty condition disappeared in August last year. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/399699
          Yet the staff member showed me terms docs still talking about 'manufacturers warranty'. I can't find that doc now.

          Same rules mentioned apply still. If a staff member wants to argue, move on and find someone who can't be bothered and just writes up the sale price. Not worth arguing for 30 minutes if there's another store 15 minutes drive away

    • "parker1" How long ago was that? People reporting two hours ago they closed that door as policy online and emailing store managers to stop for this deal/from this seller.

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        pretty much when I posted the comment.

    • if u call them, do they notify ur store to sell u for the price, or they send u item by mail and u pay online?

      • they make me pay over the phone, and i click and collect.

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    Last time the staff would not match toby deals. He showed me this description "As our stock is globally sourced, if item origin is Japan, kindly note that there would be shutter sound."

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      Well you definitely don't want a shutter sound. Those crazy japanese.

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    Got mine today @ 12.40pm. The girl spent 15 mins on the TobyDeals website trying to find a way out then gave up and said to the lady at checkout 'let him have it'. I also got the ipad. Thx OP :))

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      and said to the lady at checkout 'let him have it'.

      sounds kinky

  • Officeworks in Cannington, Perth. did the $378.15 price match for me. Bought one as a present about an hour ago.

    • Would you be able to post a pic of the receipt. I just got denied a price match from the same store

      • unable to load the receipt unfortunately.

  • When I phoned Officeworks I was told they could not price match due to it being ‘globally sourced’. Apparently the model number needs to be the same as the Australian one eg. MR7G2X/A.

  • Anyone has any luck with presenting the OW invoice?

  • Ok i have manged to get a price match from the Office Works invoice at the Good Guys Essendon DFO 10mins ago.

  • Anyone considering pricematch at OW for an iPad pro 11? It's still pretty good price at Toby's for it. The silver wifi version 256gb model

  • Pencil support?

    found this..
    27/03/2018 · Chicago — Apple today updated its most popular iPad with support for Apple Pencil plus

    so I think it does.

    Can anyone confirm.

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      Yes iPad 6th gen works with original apple pencil, but not the new pencil so just be sure to purchase the correct one.

  • What is the odd if I bring the receipt provided by OP to other retailers to do a price match with them?

  • Just now went to Keysborough Officeworks and checked with 2 staff members. Both refused to price match. I was told that they are instructed not to match with some sellers.

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    i got one from officeworks! Can confirm not all of them read their e-mails or abide by directives haha

  • I just called them. They said tobydeals selling overseas model. And they selling Australia n stock. They refused it

  • Went to Officeworks Fitzroy this morning and they refused citing overseas model as well. Showed them the Keysborough receipt and they said "they shouldn't have priced matched"

  • No problem with getting it at Penrith NSW, was even cleared by the manager.

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    Refused by two OW stores and finally got lucky third time.

    Thanks OP.

    First store refused saying they have instructions from head office not to price match Toby deals.
    Second store refused saying Toby deals is overseas company and doesnt show actual model number.

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