This was posted 2 years 10 months 28 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Contact Lenses / $50 off $199 / $30 off $119 / $10 off $99 / Free Delivery @ Specsavers


This deal is back and it's the best right now for contacts at Specsavers. Enjoy :)

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    Note the $30 off $119 is a marginally higher discount % than the $199 one.

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      Spot on…

      • $10 off $99 = 10.10%
      • $30 off $119 = 25.21%
      • $50 off $199 = 25.13%
      • every decimal point counts

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    As always, do your research. I find Vision Direct cheaper even after SS discounts.

    • 6 boxes of my usual contacts at VD $145, Specavers $138.
      I got excited for a moment!

    • What contacts do you use? Mine is cheaper at SS even before the discount.

      • I use Dailies Aqua Comfort plus. 90 pack is $74 (or $70 if you buy 4) at VD and 3 x 30 packs is $84 at SS.

        • But if you got 6 x 30 packs at SS it comes to $138 after the discount code. At VD that would be $148.

          • @ldt: Promo code EVERYTHING10 will fix that

        • Normal price is $21 a pack of 30 at, so $63 there.

          They come from Singapore I think but seem to take the same time as ordering from Specsavers. $9.95 shipping but there's normally a code floating around some where. Actually there's a code for first time users on the front page. Code nifi does a 30 pack for packs for $17.85. free ship over 78 dollars

    • ummm for Biofinity monthly 3 pack (before discount):

      Specsavers $35
      Clearly $33
      VisionDirect $71

      • Are these 3 pairs or 3 lenses? Couldn't find explanation on SS site lol

  • Anyone claiming this with insurance? Do you normally need a new prescription for each purchase?

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      Nope. Just an invoice from Specsavers.

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    I switched to daysoft ( years ago and haven't looked back. Excellent quality daily disposable lenses for under $30 for 32 pairs delivered. Only downside is they are posted from UK so takes a couple of weeks but if you plan your reorder timing it's not an issue. See previous expired post about it For those that have questions/concerns about using a "no name" contact lense, the website has answers to all questions about quality and I can confirm from over 5 years of only using their product, they are not cheap and nasty, they are cheap and awesome.

    • oooo thanks for the tip. I'm assuming these are dailies.

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      Being from the UK, can you claim on health insurance?

      • Don't think so but even paying for these outright I'd suggest you're better off using health fund allocation on new frames each year. That's what I do

    • I used to use daysoft and would recommend them too. I can't use them any more as my eyes are too dry, even their moist version didn't last more than 2 hours. So if you have particularly dry eyes they might not be for you. Otherwise very good

      • Did you try the classic version? I have dry eyes too and I found the "classic" type is more comfortable for me than the supposedly more moist "silk" version. I can't use the newer silk ones for same reason as you described but classic are very comfortable for me.

  • 6% cash back too!

  • my cart comes to $99*2=$198…..

  • How long do these take to arrive?

    Also any thoughts on the oxygen permeability of specsavers lenses vs other brands? Hoping that specsavers don't get leftover discards from the mass manufacturers overseas?

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      Mines usually take 10-14 days to arrive to QLD metro. Whenever there is a $30 OFF campaign, I just order a couple of new boxes (3-4 months worth), so never running too low on them.

      Not sure about the quality or oxygen permeability of the private label ones, but quite possibly those are produced by one of the big manufacturers too. They should be the same quality, but in different packaging. Do some research first, but I believe they worth a shot.

    • the only ones available for me are the "specsavers easyvision" ones, which I was given a 1 month trial of nearly a month ago now - I asked the optometrist at the time if I had to take them out, and he said I could safely leave these specific ones in for the entire month without taking them out if I wanted to. I still find 3 days about the sweet spot before they need to be washed or they start going blurry, but they are extremely comfortable and I eventually forget I'm actually wearing them

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