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LG 29" Ultra Wide Screen Monitor - 29WK500-P - $199 Delivered @ Kogan


One of the cheapest prices for this mode. I've been keeping my eye out for this and it seems to be the cheapest available at this point in time.
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    Store in title please

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      my bad. updated :)

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    Keep in mind, this is 2560x1080 which means it is 1080p but stretched sideways.
    Also keep in mind that this monitor is for productivity, i.e. multiple windows open side by side.
    If you watch lots of YouTube you'll get black bars on everything.
    If you watch lots of Netflix on it, it should be roughly within the aspect ratio and it'll look alright.

    • Good to know.. What screen should I be looking at that wouldn't have black bars?

      • +2

        Something that is 16:9 and isn't "ultrawide"

        Anything higher than 16:9 would have black bars on the side for most YouTube videos

        • You're talking about the absence of video, not the addition of "black bars". When we use projectors to display a video on the wall, would you say "oh the video won't fill your entire wall, you will likely see 'bars of wall' on either side of the video".!!

    • +6

      Netflix doesn’t look “alright” it looks amazing and is so much more immersive. Movies are one of the biggest reasons to get an ultra wide.

      • Who looks for immersion, but then watches movie on a little 27 inch screen?

        • +7

          Just sit accordingly to screensize. Two feet back for 27 inch. 8 feet back for 55". Both have the same potential of immersion.
          Can you not be immersed in VR because the screen size is only 4 inches?

    • -1

      Yeah, if you game and record/stream it'll be an issue too.

      • +2

        Evl086, I see you

        • Ha! You still have it?

          • @Rumbaar: Nah sold it earlier this year mate. Saw your pic and was like I know that from somewhere.

    • +16

      The image isn't stretched, rather you have extra screen real estate on the monitor. That's the case with all ultrawide monitors though…
      The resolution is on the lower side, but it's comparable to a 24 inch 16:9 1080p ppi. 1440p monitors are more expensive, of course.

      Here's a handy comparison: http://www.displaywars.com/24-inch-16x9-vs-29-inch-21x9

      • +2

        I didn't really mean stretched, I meant the same 1080p quality and pixel ratio but expanded to the sides
        But yeah bad choice of word haha

    • Just to be clear, there's no "stretching" going on and everything appears in proportion.

      These monitors are an aspect ratio of 21:9 which makes them perfect for most movies. You're right though in that they're great for productivity as well, and I'd struggle to go back to a normal monitor now.

    • If you watch lots of YouTube you'll get black bars on everything.

      There's no "bars"!

      It's like complaining that the video doesn't continue past the edge of your screen on a normal monitor. Instead, you can see your wall to the left and right of your monitor!

      Obviously a video has aspect ratio. If that aspect ratio is different than your monitor, the video will not fill the whole screen. And so what? I don't understand why anyone would find this distracting or even worth mentioning.

  • I think this was cheaper via Computer Alliance and recent 20% on eBay.

  • +3

    Ultrawide is the way go.

  • Thanks OP!

  • -1

    But for browsing the photos looks stretched too, I feel? For example browsing shoes at Kogan. All shoes become ugly

  • purchased this monitor about 3 weeks ago for the same pricing. overall very happy with it ..

  • I will add, this is a pretty good budget option for an ultrawide. It's $200, and if you compare it to others available on the market, you'll be hard pressed to find anything that's within this price range. But for the low cost, you're sacrificing things like 1440p, bigger screen (ultrawides seem common at 34 inch these days), HDR. That's fine and is totally reasonable for some; however, others may want to spend the extra cost for those extras (which can be worth it, if it's in your budget).

    • +1

      How much extra are 34"?

      • About $450-500 is the likely minimum you'd spend on a 34 inch. But branded ones like LG have them only at 1080p at that price point. At that size, it's very worth considering going 1440p, which will fetch closer to $800+ for the usual name brands.
        If you don't care too much about brands, Kogan have a 34 inch 1440p option that is apparently quite good. I don't know myself, and haven't personally tried it, but there's some reviews out there suggesting it's good value.

        • Any link? And this would suit music production? I don't do any gaming

  • +1

    Cheers OP, finally pulled the trigger. Just in time for the tax man, too.

  • +1

    I'd recommend setting black level to low for these monitors. significant picture improvement.

  • Silly question, been out of this for a number of years.

    Would a HD7850 and i5-3450 drive this? Day to day usage, console gaming (Switch, Wii U) and some old PC games (e.g. Homeworld, Fallout 4)



    • +2

      I used to run mine on a 7950 and in day to day usage I had no issues, you will find websites won't utilize the extra space and same with majority of youtube videos but multitasking is great.
      Console gaming isn't the best on ultrawides as consoles don't output a 21:9 aspect ratio, so you will either have black bars on the sides or it will stretch to the sides depending on the settings on the monitor
      The higher resolution though will have some effect on your performance on pc games (have a google there are videos that look at the effect it can have on your performance). As well as this games like fallout 4 have trash 21:9 support and some may require some googling for fixes. But a lot of games now do support 21:9 and once your used to it you won't be able to go back.

      Hope that sort of helps

      • Thank you.

      • +1

        I played through all of Fallout 4 at this resolution on a GTX980 and it didn’t skip a beat. Perhaps they patched it prior to my play through, FOV needed the only tweak I can recall. Actually now I think about it I had to change some .ini files to get it to go full resolution.

        • Thanks mate.

  • +2

    I prefer a 34 inches ultra wide monitor. 29 is just a little wider than a normal 24 inches screen.

  • 3x 29 inch or keep 34 inch?

    • +1

      1x29, 1x34 and 1x29

      in that order.

      • interesting - it's not too wide?

        I always had in mind a triple 5k 27in iMac monitors as the dream setup

  • I have a AOC Q3279VWFD8 and i want a extra monitor.

    Would you guys recommend this? I only need it for work and some movies/games. Nothing hardcore.


  • +2

    "Initial feedback is that is is very wide and not as tall as you would think - but so far so good." - got this monitor about a week a go and I second this.

  • +1

    I have had the Dell version of this monitor and it’s excelent for FPS gameing. Or driving simulators. Nothing should be stretched at all. Great side by side windows for productivity. Yes the Vertical res is 1080 but it’s much easier to drive the required pixels for games than an1440p ultra wide. In my opinion you won’t be disappointed at this price point. I paid $450 for my Dell about 5 years ago. Both my old GTx980 and my current GTX1080 video cards Handel this resolution superbly.

  • +1

    Computer alliance has the same price if your are in Brisbane

  • thanks - i just ordered one. I'll starting to work from home in the next few weeks so i was looking for an ultrawide for work

  • Ultra wide seems like it'd be awesome for studio, I could run Cubase with everything else open plus I have a 24" screen I wanna connect on the side.

    Just wonder if 29" is enough or spend a little extra for 32-34" UW?

    I'd only use this for music production, I have a laptop for everyday work.

    • Similar discussion here

      If you're gonna buy a monitor for the real estate for DAWs, then you may as well fully commit to a 34/35", I reckon. THEN you have to toss up between 1080p and 1440p… of course, this all comes with the additional price tag, but it's almost double the screen size & resolution too.

      • +1

        Double the price? Haha

        Will read thread, thank you.

  • Built-in speaker?

  • +1

    Bought this one a few months ago.
    Very happy with it. 99% sRGB colour accuracy which is great for video and photo editing.

    It is smaller than expected (as in: not that tall). Expect a long version of a 24" monitor.

  • Buy a Kogan gift card on eBay UK ATM and save another 10%

  • +1

    Vesa mount?

  • As a first budget ultrawide it's sort of okay, but I moved on pretty quickly from this monitor, as I expect others will too.

    Expect eye fatigue, only 60hz, text is not crisp and clear, the monitor is only 1080 pixels tall which feels too short. Reading text on web or anywhere wasn't good compared with a decent quality monitor. No height adjustment. It's cheap for a reason.

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