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AUSDOM M06 Bluetooth Headphones $11.20 US ($16 AU) Delivered @ Ausdom


Massive price drop on these headphones that are currently selling for around $31 US on AliExpress with a lot of reviews on Amazon. This brand has been quite popular previously on OzBargain as well.

Features include Bluetooth 4.0, 3.5mm audio connectivity, 20 hours music playtime, inbuilt mic, aptX, dual 40mm drivers and buttons for play/pause, next/previous track etc.

Edit: Headphones may not have aptX afterall. Image has been removed from Ausdom website and others pointed out in comments that Amazon/AliExpress make no mention of it.

  • Apply the coupon AUSDOM to get it for $11.20 US ($16 AU) with free shipping

Also on sale for the same price are the AUSDOM AH2 and AUSDOM AH862 Bluetooth Headphones.

Edit : Good YouTube review here

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  • Amazon link are different H/P?

    • +1

      Weird Amazon AU redirected me there. Correct link, though that seems to have a different picture so it's all over the place. I'll just cut that out instead.

      • I searched 'AUSDOM' & they came up first..

        Nice price/find @Clear…

        EDIT: says unavailable on Amazon, hence y u got redirected id say..

        • +1

          That would be why. It doesn't help that Amazon lets you replace the same listing with a different product either resulting in a mix of reviews for different products.

          • @Clear: Hi OP

            A number of times people have asked are these aptX Your post says they are but I cannot find anything that says they are. Can you confirm ? I ordered them anyway because it's a great price even if they don't but can we get clarification ? 1 up

            • @hack: Their promotional images show that they are. That's as far as I know.

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    That makes about 5x pairs of headphones now…

    The OZB way…

    Tried to resist, said to myself "maybe my oldies need a pair"…

    • And now you need to get them a smartphone :D

      • +1

        Been there, done that!

  • +3

    How's this compared to Taotronics TT-BH22?

    • +10

      No noise cancelling on these.

    • +18

      $273 price difference when on sale… you tell me? :)

      • +4

        At least someone got the joke :)

    • +5

      You mean 18 pairs of these or one pair of XM3s?

  • +5

    Worth mentioning the AH2 and AH862 are also the same price but the specs are almost identical and IMO they stand out more and look ugly.

    • +3

      the specs are a bit all over the shop aye, was comparing the M06 & AH2..

      Damn those AH862 r badass ugly.. The AH2 not so bad has 5db more SPL than the M06's (more than twice as loud)..

      • Yeah, I've gone for the AH2 instead as they are foldable, have a 50mm speaker and are louder if I've read correctly.

        • +3

          i ended up doing a 2nd order for them also.. Just did the old "." in the gmail address & bingo, get to use the single use code again!

    • -1

      No mic on those.

  • How long is shipping on these bad boys?

    • +1

      Since it's coming from China I'd expect them to arrive within the typical 30 business day timeframe that Chinese sellers often advertise.

    • +3

      With Ausdom.com, we ensure that shipping from China or local warehouse is cheaper and faster than you think. Once you complete the payment, we'll ship the goods out to you within 2 business days. The goods are shipped from China warehouse to worldwide places within 7-25 days, from local warehouse across the United States within 3-7days.

      After we send out your goods, we email you the courier tracking number.

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    ok I talked myself out of this one for now

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      Hand in ur badge on ur way out!


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        ok I'm back for the comments and the verdict is still out. I hold my badge

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    Can you pair to two devices?

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Bought both AH2 and M06 due to differences. M06 looks better but AH2 has better specs. Note that the discount code applies once per email account so I had to use a second email to get the second one.

  • +1

    Don't think this one does APTx

  • +1

    Got damn it OP, I couldn't resist.


  • +1

    Here's the Amazon US page if anyone wants to read reviews before buying https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B015MOZN5U?pf_rd_p=2d1ab40...

    • And now we understand that people looking at the cheapest headphones aren't picky at all

  • Whats the best way to connect these to an old PC? I had a cheap Bluetooth dongle but couldn't get it to work.

    • I saw a YouTube REVIEW. It has a 3.5mm headphones jack.

      • Sorry, I wasn't clear. I would like to connect them wirelessly

        • Bt adaptor?

        • +1

          Depends on the OS. Your best bet, but least flexible, is a 3.5mm to BT audio transmitter, which avoids any software problems but tends to cost more and can never be used for anything other than audio. Think something like Avantree, though you're probably looking for a cheaper brand.

  • Did a bit of research not a bad headphones for <$20.

  • How to get $16, paypal is giving me $16.58

    • +2

      That's Paypal's USD to AUD conversion (which is default). Your own credit card may do better if you tell Paypal to charge you USD instead.

    • 28degreescard less than $16 but need to wait till it's clear.

      • $16.01 using ING but also waiting for it to clear.

        I hate how PayPal tries to rip everyone off by default.

        • yeah because they take the cuts from XE to hedge the risk.

        • phwoah $16.04 with ING, i got scammed.

        • How can I change the PAYPAL conversion to my card's?

  • +2

    I bought a pair of AH2's previously. They work quite well for the price.

  • Cheers OP. Got the AH2 and M06

  • +1

    how do you set these up to work with the tv?

    • if tv has no bluetooth, you need a bluetooth transmitter. google it.

      • +1

        Even if TV has Bluetooth, you will have delay. So you will see Video first then Audio a little later. Very annoying. That’s why I had to buy Low Latancy Bluetooth headphones. Expensive but worth it.

        • What causes this? The receiving device not being on old technology or the transmitting device? My car does this with music (but not phone calls?) and it's infuriating.

          • @YaCono: It’s the Bluetooth technology. There is alway a little delay for sound. That’s why they developed the Low Latency Bluetooth, which still has delay but very little and we can’t recognise it, so it’s 99% synchronised. But it requires both the receiving end and the transmitting end are Low Latency devices. If you just buy Low Latency headphones, it won’t work unless the TV or audio sources are Low Latency Bluetooth, or you can buy Low Latency Transmitter.

  • For $16, could work well. Bought 1 to try. Thanks op

  • +1

    Edit : Good YouTube review here

    When the good guy power user fchis adds a video review to the post 👍

  • Cheers OP… bought a few.

  • Thanks OP, Christmas in-law presents sorted!

  • +2

    Pretty cheap…but is there anywhere that confirms the M06 are aptx compatible? It's only the picture in the gallery that suggest these are aptx compatible. Nowhere in text in the website or Amazon or AliExpress does it mention aptx?

    • Gallery has been removed

      • Bait and switch?

        • Genuine mistake I would think considering the description and other listings elsewhere did not list it.

  • +1

    Not bad, but managed to keep myself from buying…plenty of other BT headsets around this price range on AliExpress and couldn't find many "genuine" reviews on these (a lot of the Amazon ones were clearly paid).

    Also, as others have said, no notice of aptX on any spec sheet/manual apart from the single image in the gallery :(.

  • Thanks op. Bought m06. Hoping that it might have aptx and it has more functional buttons. Not foldable though.. was hard choice

  • WTF is it with men and headphones? Every guy I know who ozbargains has about 5 (average) headphones.
    Anyway will be buying 2 since it's too cheap. ^_^

    • TRUE, had 5 and I gave one for my girlfriend still got 4 one for PC one for ps4 one for phone and the other one as a backup

    • +1

      Dedicated Gaming, Dedicated Music, Dedicated Work Music, Dedicated Travel Wireless, Cheapo back up for place you don't want to take good ones.

    • +19

      Yes but we only have 2 pairs of shoes.

      • +4

        I am trying to get my head around what you need the second pair for

    • Not true, I am a man and I don’t even have 1 pair

  • +2

    This is the correct you tube review

    • Thanks this helped I just ordered a pair

  • Hope it turns out to be good

  • The same thing? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/395584
    I got those and it does give me the aptX notification on my laptop.

    But it looks like they are showing images of both the M05 and M06 version in the store page.

    • Why why why did you have to share this.. now I feel ripped off for paying $16 for them.. ☹️

    • Ouch

    • Mind u that was nearly 12mths ago

  • Cheers thanks OP!

  • Damm i bought two pairs

    AUSDOM AH862 HiFi Stereo Bluetooth V4.1 Headphones & AUSDOM M06 Bluetooth EDR Headphones × 1
    For AUD $33
    Hope i didnt waste the money

  • Thanks OP, awesome deal, ordered one for myself and one for gift!

  • +1

    Thank you….
    ordered myself 3 headphones

    • How do you get the discount for all 3?

      • The code is for the first order..so order 3 at once

        • Thanks. The main one are out of stock though. I am too late :(

  • Ozbargains new favourite headphones . Got one

  • I will use these outside when to avoid using my nice Bose ones. I call them bash and crash headphones.

  • How did you come up with $16 AUD?

    • AUSDOM M06 Bluetooth EDR Headphones

      Description Price
      Subtotal $15.99
      Discount AUSDOM - $4.79 off total order price
      Shipping Free
      Total USD $11.20

    • Use the code "ausdom"

    • Coupon and Mastercard exchange rate at time of posting.

      • ah yep Mastercard. I didn't do Paypal luckily.

  • +1

    Bought - thanks. Been looking for a supercheap but decent pair of bluetooth headphones for ages.

  • Should have asked before I bought but think they'll support APTx LL (Low Latency) ?

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