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AUSDOM M06 Bluetooth Headphones $11.20 US ($16 AU) Delivered @ Ausdom


Massive price drop on these headphones that are currently selling for around $31 US on AliExpress with a lot of reviews on Amazon. This brand has been quite popular previously on OzBargain as well.

Features include Bluetooth 4.0, 3.5mm audio connectivity, 20 hours music playtime, inbuilt mic, aptX, dual 40mm drivers and buttons for play/pause, next/previous track etc.

Edit: Headphones may not have aptX afterall. Image has been removed from Ausdom website and others pointed out in comments that Amazon/AliExpress make no mention of it.

  • Apply the coupon AUSDOM to get it for $11.20 US ($16 AU) with free shipping

Also on sale for the same price are the AUSDOM AH2 and AUSDOM AH862 Bluetooth Headphones.

Edit : Good YouTube review here

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  • Shit 4300 clicks. How long is this going to take to be delivered?

  • Damn. Website dead?

  • Cheers OP these will come in handy when I don't want to risk my Sonys

  • Thanks. Bought one.

  • Hard to resist. Purchased one.

  • Hasn't expired yet. Too much stock or system broken?

    • +1

      I've sent them an email so we'll see what they say.

    • +2

      They emailed back and said they have several thousand in stock.

      • Thx for checking.
        But Omg.. they should have done $8 deal then.

        • They also said over 1000 sold! I wonder how close this is to their cost price though. The margins could be thin.

  • +1

    throw-in presents for the kids at christmas time - sorted.

    these have popped up aliexpress in sales from time to time with very decent feedback for the price-VS-sound quality.

    this price is excellent,

    thanks for posting Clear

    • i dont browse aliexpress much. how is the review on this? ah2? as well as is this the lowest price for this item?

      • This is the lowest price. If it wasnt the lowest price then i would have posted a link. Reviews are pretty similar i.e. "great quality for great price".

        Obviosly they are not B&O quality, but for the price you wouldnt be disappointed. I have been putting off buying a pair but am happy to buy them at this price.

        • Someone earlier posted a $0.30 price!

  • +1

    quick reminder AH2 are on ears not over ears

  • +1

    Exactly what I don't need! Thanks OP! Ordered…

  • Website is ozbargained??

  • Would these fit a small child’s head?

  • What’s the comfort on these headphones?

  • +1

    Any opinions for these? Compared to MO6? Sorry I'm a noob. Thanks https://ausdom.com/collections/headphones/products/ausdom-m0...

  • This plus a mod mic, vs an arctis 3 or arctis 7?

  • Which one is the best out of the three?

    • For the looks the M06

      • For all round performance, get the AH2…

      • M06 is the only one with a mic?

        • According to the manual AH2 has mic too.

  • Looks like there may be some probs with pairing

    • +1

      Just underneath in comments section, the 2nd reply suggests the fix (more like the correct way of pairing).

  • Shows instock.

    Must have renewed stock.

  • Thanks op. Ordered 4 of the M06

  • Anyone's shipped yet?

    • nope :(

      • hmm.. already 3 days…

        They can run special/private cargo planes for these many shipments. should have been quick.

        • That method of shipping is far from the word cheap considering you're all getting airmail.

          • @Clear: Everything is airmail now.
            Even the cheapest eBay items with 3-6 week delivery are airmail to Aus.

            Back in the day when sea-mail was an option, it took months.

            • @bargaino: Yes that's right. Getting a special/private plane however would be crazy expensive.

    • Mine still hasn't been shipped, ordered 2 days ago

    • +1

      Yes, today.

  • Is the website down for anyone else?

  • Just placed an order … will see what happens.

  • +2

    i just received the email saying that my item has been shipped :)

    • Congrats.. What time did you order? I ordered around 1am on 2nd July. Nothing yet

  • Ordered one at of AH2 and one set of M06. Got confirmation that AH2 have shipped. Nothing for M06

    • Exactly same here actually. Ordered the m06 first but the other one shipped first

  • Can these do low latency? Thanks.

  • My M06 just shipped.

    • Both mine and my brother's M06 just shipped as well.

      Anyone else unable to track their order?

      • Same

        • Can't track as well.

      • +1

        Use 17track.net

        • Nice looking site, thanks!

    • same

      • It's been'on the way to Australia' for three days. Coming on a boat? 😋

  • they oversell - got an email asking me to change to different model

    • When did you place your order?
      I ordered 4 M06 on the 3rd. Not holding high hope to get them now :(

      • Thursday 4th

    • I ordered another 3 on 4th :/ finger cross

    • I also received an email stating that they were out of stock, from "Jerry"

      Dear Valueable Customers,

      I feel sorry that AUSDOM M06 has sold out.

      Could you please consider our others AUSDOM headphones, whose price is similar with AUSDOM M06.

      Below items for your reference.

      1. AUSDOM AH862: https://ausdom.com/collections/headphones/products/ausdom-ah...

      2 . AUSDOM AH2: https://ausdom.com/collections/headphones/products/ausdom-ah...

      1. AUSDOM M04s Black: https://ausdom.com/collections/headphones/products/copy-of-a...

      (Please kindly note that AUSDOM M04s Black+Red sold in USA only)

      We are sorry for this inconvenience, but in order to let your order arrive as our promised on time. We can help you change to new model#.

      It would appreciate if we can receive your decision as soon as possible.

      Best Regards


      There is no deadline for making a decision, nor any indication of what happens if you don't make a decision. So not too sure what to do…

      • I'd assume refund if you don't. It's good that they've reached out at least.

      • I switched mine to the AH2.

  • 8000 clicks, i guess they did not have 8000 instock :(

  • Got the same email as above. Anyone know if the other models are just as good? If so which one?

    • I’d get anc10 or tw01. But you’re gonna have pay the difference I guess. Or ask them if they can do you a favour and not charge you extra for inconvenience?

  • Ordered a02 and m06 both shipped. Do you know how long it’ll take to get them delivered?

    • Website says airmail so I'd expect within 30 business days.

  • Just received an email yesterday saying my 4 m06 are on their way. :)

  • What are you gonna do with 4? 😂 I bought one each cause what if they’re not as good as they say! And guys is this noise cancelling thing a big thing? Cause these don’t have it

    • I ll gift 3, keep one for myself :)

  • Placed an order on 4 July, received an email today confirming my order has been shipped! :-)

  • +1


    ranking….. seems like M06 is better than AH2 and M05

    many review stated APTX is useless if the sending hardware has no codec for it

    • Oh crap. AH2 is no. 10 lol. I bought that cuz it looks cooler and it's foldable.

  • +1

    Mine arrived today! Expected to be closer to a month but was only a week.
    So happy with shipping so far. Time to test quality and sound for $16 :)

    • +1

      Helpful tip,
      When pairing, instructions says hold for 8 seconds (the actual booklet, not the green sheet of paper lol).
      Dont be silly like me and release it after powers on with blue light.
      Keep holding it extended until it flashes blue and red then it will available to pair on your device.

      As many reviews mention, for sub $50, in this case $16, it's very hard to fault it.
      Seems to bleed out sounds a little more than I like but that is subjective as with all things. (I think)
      Happy with purchase so far.

    • +1

      Also surprised to receive mine today. Just tested and cant complain for $16!

      • Yeah. Mines reached Sydney. So anytime next week. Excited..

        • initial impressions are good. Am glad I returned the bluedio and got this.. saved $24 and this is so many functional buttons - volume and track control. ANC on bluedio was bad anyway - so dont miss it.

    • Wow, can not wait to receive mine

  • Ah2 delivered for me too. Can’t wait to go home and try 😌

  • +1

    M06 arrived today. Build quality seems ok although there is a bit of loose cloth at the top on the outside of the left ear cup. Great sound for the price though.

  • It seems they have more stocks back now.

    • +1

      and it says US only for m06

  • i tested ah2. it is really good actually. bass is amazing. it doesnt say noice cancelling but it seems like it blocks all the noise from outside. but if you play low bit rated mp3s, you can tell the difference a lot. flac files sound amazing tho

  • Received mine today. Impressed with the delivery time!

  • Ordered earlier today then received below email. Should I ask for refund or choose one of the options? If choosing another model what is better?


    I feel sorry that AUSDOM M06/M04S/M05 has sold out.

    Could you please consider other AUSDOM headphones, whose price is similar with AUSDOM M06/M04S.

    Please check items below for your reference.

    1. AUSDOM AH862: https://ausdom.com/collections/headphones/products/ausdom-ah...

    2 . AUSDOM AH2: https://ausdom.com/collections/headphones/products/ausdom-ah...

    I am sorry for this inconvenience. In order to send out your oder ASAP, I can help you change to another model.

    I'll appreciate if I can get your answers/decisions soon.

    Best regards,

  • Received my AH2 yesterday. $16.xx well spent!

  • Got the M06 today, no AptX. Was hoping for it. No biggie though.

    Works well for what I paid.

    Thanks OP

    • Same. Held my breath waiting for aptx but alas bog stock SBC.

      Again for the money…I no complain.

  • +4

    Got my M06 yesterday, sounds crap. Build quality, look and feel is excellent tho.
    I know others are fine with it, but to me the only distinctive sound is the bass and that can get muddied as well.
    I swapped between this and some good samsung buds and the difference is huge.
    Ill never use them, guess theyll just sit here till I find someone that wants them.

    • Mate I don’t know what’s wrong with your headphone but mine is amazing. I bought both ah2 and m06 and they are really good. Friend of mine has beats 3 and we compared it and in my opinion it’s even better than beats. Maybe send yours back?

    • +1

      Totally agree with PAEz.
      Build quality is good but the sound quality is poor.
      Bass is the only "sound" that gets done right.
      My in-ear QCYT1s hammer these headphones.
      However, they were $16, so let's put that into perspective.

  • +1

    Wow how are you guys getting it so fast, mine still say on route.

    The tracking site for it is also quite crap, many times it either won't load or doesn't give any tracking details lol.

    • +1

      I didn't order one so I'm not sure on the carrier but https://17track.net is usually the best site for tracking from China.

      • Much thanks. Its a much better website for tracking.

        Turned out it is waiting at auspost shop for 2 days. Was wondering why it took longer compared to others as I'm in metro sydney.

        • Hi, what did your tracking say?
          Mine has not show any update since the 10th July, it has been sitting at Shenzhen international aiport for 8 days :(

          • @bargainfinder: It says china post to aus post. Parcel is at post shop awaiting collection since 2 days ago. The original tracking site didn't provide that info. But 17track is very good.

            • @Jared17: Lucky you. Mine has not progress any further from china Airport

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