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Huawei P30 Pro $1259.10, Huawei P30 $899.10 (Bonus - Huawei Wireless Photo Printer, Valued at $199) Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


Hi all,

Huawei Mobileciti is running another promotion on P30 series. With every P30 or P30 Pro purchase, you can get a Bonus Huawei Photo Printer (valued at $199).

Offer available 04/07/2019 to 12/07/2019.

For those, who haven't heard this latest update yet, the US trade bans on Huawei has been reversed (source: 9News)

As usual - AU stock, GST tax invoice with ABN, TRS if eligible, Huawei Australia warranty.

Original 10% off deal

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  • Is this like the Polaroids where 10 photos costs you like $40 or do you buy ink and use regular photo paper?

  • Any trade deals??

  • Cheaper with current 20% off eBay deal.

  • Should be free thanks to Trump

  • still waiting for the pro to go under $1k …..guess have to wait bit longer

  • Good price but too late for me, I already bought mine :)

  • +2 votes

    Not sure why anyone would drop over $1000 on something so uncertain. There’s no guarantee that five eyes countries won’t just turn around one day and ban these things like they’ve done for their 5G hardware.

    • Lol, anyone who knows what's up knows that there is NOTHING uncertain, Huawei will operate normally, as always.
      It's all about Tramp wanting to hurt the company's image and make people like you hesitate and never buy Huawei.

      You people need to be smarter than that

      • Huawei ain't that special to be charging apple prices

        • Lol, is this a joke?

          they have better cameras, better battery life, better design. more cameras, faster charging and better operating system. They literally have the best android phones, its not even close

          I'd get a Huawei before an iphone, all day any day

          • @nikoris: Funny where they've gotten to, first smart phone I got my mum was a Huawei, she then evolved to htc etc…but recently saw the prices of Huawei phones and said wow what's happening..I thought they were budget brand.

            I get where your coming from Ive evolved from Windows based pda phones to iPhone n then androids since iPhone 4 but I still balk at these prices specially for what used to be budget brands…. I use a Samsung note 8 moved on from htc but I got that on a HN special with amex cash back…and at $898 that was the most I'd ever paid since the $1000 pda phones of decades ago loll….

            Correction note 8 is the most I ever paid…the phone pdas were funded by work lolll

            • @scud70: Did you know Samsung used to make low quality low priced electronics goods? They were not a respected brand. Sony was. Now they're the #1 electronics manufacturer by a big margin. And Sony has taken a big tumble.

              • @lostn: yes sir im old so i def know, and apart from the phone i dont own a single other samsung product… lol i needed to get rid of my M9 asap and that deal was the best at the time so i went for it… will i buy sammy tvs, fridges or washers now? … not really.. i will always seek best in the field (i.e. i chose mitsubishi electric fridge over sammy's ones) .. but in the phone scene id def consider a sammy for my next phone but im savvy enough (being in IT and loving gadgets all my life) to not be bound to a brand… if next best value for money is an huawei then i'll go for it but as it stands with the current phone prices i will hold on to my note 8 for as long as possible.. hehehe

                • @scud70: Mate 20 pro is way better than your note 8.
                  That being said, once upon a time Apple's logo was "Does more, costs less"

                  Time's change and you are judging huawei because five years ago they made cheaper products.
                  They leading the industry in 5g (Tramp dont go after her for no reason) and their phones innovate in many ways.

                  Samsung phones still lag and stutter. Not as bad as before but they aint as smooth as other flagships

                  • @nikoris: Mine seems fine..no lag as far as I can tell… and not judging anything…will always go for bang for buck.. Just reminiscing where Huawei started in aus … and at the time note 8 was released it was one of the best phones out :) that was long ago in phone years loll

    • They can't confiscate your phone.

    • I agree. Huawei at $1200 is a joke. Not even Samsung can get away with it.

  • Price still showing up as $999 for me after following the link, is there a code or something?

    • Yes, apply code "PRETZEL" at the checkout to get the discounted price

      • Thanks mate, purchased yesterday! When I ordered, said eta was Wednesday the 8th, now saying Thursday the 18th, know anything about this (assuming you’re affiliated)?

    • Bummer you didn't score the free speaker! I do wonder if mobileciti asked for directions from Huawei and were told to keep it as you were instructed… Interesting to see how these bonus stuff complicate things…

    • +11 votes

      Sounds like you're the scammer devize.

      Its pretty standard policy to send back the free item received with a purchase of another item.

      • I didn't receive it with the item. I redeemed it through Huawei, contacted Huawei to send it back to THEM and they said I don't need to send it back. Mobileciti didn't have anything to do with it. Like I said, happy to send it back but not for the profit of a company that had nothing to do with it.

        PayPal and eBay agreed with me. Call me what you like.

    • Hmm.

      I'm in two minds about your situation. If you refund an item due to change of mind, the freebie that came with it you are not actually entitled to. Otherwise everyone would just take up the offer, get the freebie then "change their mind" and get a refund on the paid product. If the phone is in used condition, be happy they're willing to refund you at all, because they can't sell it as new anymore.

      But if Huawei is the one that paid for the freebie and not the seller and said it was ok, the seller shouldn't have made a big deal out of it.

      • Agreed. That's why I contacted Huawei to return it who I assume would have contacted Mobileciti to confirm it had been returned.

        However, Huawei provided the speaker and when I contacted them they said I can keep it. Why should I return it to Mobileciti if they didn't provide it?

    • Been around long enough to know there’s two sides to every story. I can guarantee Mobileciti is not in the business of scamming anyone over the cost of a speaker.

      • I can guarantee you they are.

        • Ergh, be gone already.

          Changed your mind over a short term who-cares concern. Just return all to mobileciti & get the refund. Non-problem solved.
          If they were like you say, they'd drag you through the mud, for being pointlessly difficult.

      • I agree they aren't scamming anyone.

        But at the same time, if he's already opened and used the speaker, I don't know what good it's going to do for mobileciti. They aren't going to sell it, and if it came from Huawei's coffers, they didn't lose anything either.

        I don't think he should have been able to keep it, but if Huawei gave him the ok to keep it, MC should have accepted it.

  • I really like the p30, but I cant think of any use for the free photo printer, if they do a different gift like a watch or better wireless bud I think I might just buy it without 2nd thought.

    Can we opt not to have the gift and take a further 199 off the price OP?

  • I want to buy a HuaWei phone but I'm worried that I won't be able to use play store as google as blocked HuaWei's access to it.

    • It's been said again and again that it won't impact existing devices. And with the partial lifting of the ban future devices are most likely not going to be affected as well. I've got many friends on Huawei phones and none of them had any issues since the so-called "ban" whatsoever.

    • I can attest to xiabonans comment. I have a p30 and it's been awesome for me. Switched from Samsung too due to a great Huawei deal at the time. I've had no issues with it whatsoever, and the fact that the "Trump ban" has been lifted only gives me more confidence that no restrictions will come into play. my 5 cents


    google still ban them right?

  • Did I miss anything i can't find the RAM specification. Does p30/pro only have the 6G RAM model?

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