This was posted 1 year 1 month 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[WA, SA, NT] Harvey Beef Jerky Selection Bundle (16 Packets) $14 @ Woolworths


$14 for 16 packets of Beef Jerky!
I thought this may be a pricing error however mine have just been delivered.
The packets are $5.95 each so this is a steal and it is my favourite jerky from the supermarket.
Make sure you are logged in! I am in WA I don't know if it works for all states as it's a WA brand.

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  • Sorry, temporarily unavailable…

  • What store/site op?

  • Thanks ordered 2 lots for pick up tomorrow ๐Ÿ‘

    Item Description:   Unit Price: Quantity:   Price:

    Harvey Beef Jerky Selection Bundle 14.00 2.00 28.00
    harvey beef jerky traditional 8
    harvey beef jerky hickory smoked 8
    harvey beef jerky fire & spice 8
    harvey beef jerky lime & cracked pepper 8

  • None available online and not available within 10km of 4122

  • Unavailable

  • A quick search on the woolies site shows available in WA, SA and NT - nothing doing in the Eastern states unfortunately.

  • Just picked up three packets as a surprise for the Wife. She's going to be stoked to chow down on my meat!

  • Dont forget to buy with an eWish card for that sweet sweet 5% off = $13.30 :)

  • Do "Selection Bundle" prices work instore, or only online?

  • Thank OK, bought 3x bundles.
    2.5% shopback, and 5% gift cards.
    Can't go wrong with under $1 a packet.

  • Cheers OP ;)

  • $16.63 a kilo using eWish :D Damn that is insane for jerky, hopefully tastes good.

  • Anything in Melb?

  • Thanks! Ordered 3 bundles (had to hit my $30 min spend)

  • Sweet this is as cheap as I have ever seen Beef Jerky ordered 3 lots 48 packets for $42.

  • Unavailable for me dam

  • I'm in SA and it is unavailable

    • There are plenty of stores where it's available in SA, may need to look a bit further afield.

      • Not sure why the neg. I managed to get an order in for click and collect and most of the stores between work and home had stock.

  • Thanks. Ordered 3 lots

  • Unavailable in Gold Coast, QLD.

  • In stock at Adelaide & Perth stores.

  • Ordered 2 lots (and a box of 1/2 price Uncle Toby's oats to make $30) for pickup tomorrow.

  • +2 votes

    Cheers OP. This is good Jerky. Ordered for pickup. WA.

  • Order 2 for pick up tomorrow night, figercross the order go through

  • Ordered two lots and a darrel lea traditional liquorice block for pick up tomorrow. Hopefully this works out better than the soft cashew deal a while back!

  • Wow, thanks OP

  • Price errror for sure.

    Will be pulled before pickup.

    Also imo this is rebranded D.Jay's Gourmet from Malaga.

  • Are these loaded with sodium? beef jerky are normally too salty for me..

    • Looking at the nutrition panel, they all have ~20gms of sodium per 100gms, with the exception of the Lime and Cracked Pepper which is a bit lower at ~14.4gms.

  • Pick up order confirmed. First stated as temporarily unavailable but once you log into your Woolies account and select your store in stock, activates product availability.

  • Awesome find. I think someone messed up and it should have just been 1 of each flavour total 4 rather than 4 of each but Iโ€™ll take it. Pick up for tomorrow

  • Same as above comment re availability. Ordered 3 bundles for $42 for pickup tomorrow. Tried this Jerky last weekend, the chili one was great, the lime one a little chewy but still tasty. Hope it doesn't get canned.

  • Thank you! I just placed a pick up order for 3 bundles, Cant believe that price.

  • 3 bundles ordered - 48 packs!


  • 3 orders here as well

  • I highly doubt this will be pulled as customer service called me saying my store can't supply until Tuesday and if I was ok with that

  • That jerkey is soo much better than all the other crappy ones at woolworths. I ordered 9 bundles, this deal is just too good.

  • Went to pick up my 48 packets of jerky (3x16). They only had 24, so have received email with refund.

    Ended up with $21 for 24 packs of jerky

  • I purchased 3x lot @$42. But just received an email that they refunded $31.44 AUD.

  • Thanks OP, ordered a couple of packs for pickup :)

  • Check the expiry dates, people!!!

    Mine are expiring Aug/Sep/Oct. Got to eat them quick!

  • Just picked up all 32 packets (2 bundles). Expiry is either 30th November or 7th December. Happy Ozbargainer. Thanks again OP.

    Except I got;
    14 Traditional
    6 Lime
    6 Hickory
    6 Chilli

    Stores are honouring the price, but must be struggling to fulfill orders.

  • ๐Ÿ‘ picked up 2 lots they had to substitute some as ran out .
    Dates all nov dec stock

  • What did you get substituted with.

    • I got more of the Traditional variety.

    • More lime less hickory and chilli

      Issue with Woolworths is they have a just in time ordering system so they donโ€™t keep lots of stock on shelf
      Stock on shelf is based on normal sales so when large orders like this come in they canโ€™t supply.

  • They are cancelling the orders now. Just got a phone call from them.

  • Woolworths just rang and cancelled my order! Are they allowed to do that??

  • Got my order this morning, the people at the info counter were like between…'omg, he's stealing our store' and 'you got an amazing deal, congrats!' , I felt soo boss, ty OP :D

  • Perfect for my Keto diet - Just ordered so hopefully it will be fulfilled for this arvo pick up !

  • All my orders were cancelled.
    They refunded.
    Really odd amounts.
    Have to check and see what I've been charged for….

  • Has anyone in WA managed to pick up? 5 mins after my pickup window opened they sent an email with a complete $42 refund for the 3 bundles. They should've sent it earlier. Not only that they sent a txt confiriming my order was ready for pick up earlier!! I reached the store (Enex 100 Perth) and they said it was a pricing issue. As I left I immediately used the voucher to place another order at a different store. Hoping another store will honour it.

    • Yeah in Mandurah. I picked up from the Greenfields store.

    • Just picked up mine. Only got 31 of 32 as they ran out of stock for 1 type. Refunded me $0.84. Just said is has been the best seller in the store and was an error but they are honouring where they have stock.

  • not working online for me right now

  • I got my refund for my order in the form of a store credit….expiring 08 July

    That's today!!

  • I had partial success. I bought 3 lots (48 packets) but they were only able to supply 31 packets.

    The invoice shows $0.88 per packet. It looks like I got the last stock at this store.

  • I ordered last night and just collected from Bennett Springs, WA. They couldn't fulfil all 48 packets so they substituted some Local Legends Value Packs and Jack Link's Teriyaki and Barbeque, plus gave a partial refund. The girl who picked the order said I had cleaned them out of jerky! I ended up with 41 packs (totalling 2830gr) for $34.26. So, $12.11/kg. Very happy with that. Thanks OP!

  • How can they give Out of Stock response when there is stock showing for the individual items at the store via the woolworths online site?

  • Managed to get all 32 from baldivis didn't have 2 hickory smoked subbed it with 2 tradiontal picked up at 1pm

    • Nooooo - I bet you got all of mine that I chose for Click and Collect this afternoon !!!!!!!

      • You should be right mate they had them in the cardboard slots and had no issues collecting them the girls there were very friendly and helpful

  • Out of stock and order refunded :(

  • just picked up my order. apparently I took every pack they had at my store and the rest got cancelled. some of the flavors were substituted and even a few got swapped to another brand "local legends". Only had 46 of 48 in the bag but that was easy to sort so I'm very happy! :D

    Thank you OP

  • They have now updated to 1 of each

    Great find OP while it lasted ๐Ÿ‘

  • Thought I have bought it before they changed it. Going to return and get refund.

    Harvey Beef Jerky Selection Bundle  14.00   2.00    28.00   
        harvey beef jerky traditional       2   
        harvey beef jerky hickory smoked        2   
        harvey beef jerky fire & spice      2   
        harvey beef jerky lime & cracked pepper         2   
  • So far only tried the Hot and Spicy Chilli and the Hickory Smoked varieties. I really like them! They're all preservative and hormone free. Nothing suss lurking in the ingredients. And made from South West Australian Beef. Good stuff.

  • So had to work today so went to pick up my order from last night after work which was confirmed by text late this arvo, but cancelled via email at around the same time. They told me it was cancelled due to no stock, which I checked and there was around 40 packs on the shelf. After some discussions with the staff and a phone call they let me grab what I wanted for equivalent price, ie 88cents each. I got 30 packs for $26.40, winning!

  • Ordered 3 bundles last night, only received 10 when I collected this afternoon and got refund for the rest 38. Thanks Woolies, for taking 79% off my happiness level.

  • My order got rejected. I even bought a bag for all the jerky to go in. So ended up with a block of chocolate in a bag instead. Woolies are Jerks! :-)

  • Just an update; still unavailable. Cheers.

  • I got a message to say come pick mine up during the pickup window on Monday night which is really odd as my mum works for that store and the lady told her that same day it won't be available till Thursday (no message to tell me otherwise of course). Mum went in to work today and the woman has now told her that they only have 2 flavours.. so it's 16 packets of plain and 16 of fire and spice (i ordered 2 bundles.. one for me and another for a friend) or nothing. Good work Woolworths online!

  • I must be really lucky as my store ordered them in to complete my order

    • That's a better option than the mess I had.
      Eventually, after complaints, I got all the store credit out into an E gift card

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