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25% off - All Travel SIM Cards - Europe, Japan, USA, NZ, Asia & More - from $21.75 AUD w/ Free Shipping @ SimsDirect Sydney

Hi Ozbargain!

I am Aidan from SimsDirect and we are definitely overdue for an Ozbargain sale! So, I'd like to invite you to our Mid-Year sale.

We are offering a 25% off storewide sale for the next 72 hours!

If you or someone you know is travelling in 2019/2020, this is a perfect time to grab a discounted travel SIM for your next trip overseas.

  • It’s a fuss-free way of connecting when you land

  • It’s great value for money - especially discounted ;)

  • Prepaid SIMs with no hidden fees or costs

  • 100% Money back guarantee with Aussie live support & service

About Us

We are a small Aussie startup who opened our online store in early 2018 with the aim of offering great value prepaid travel SIM cards to Aussie travellers. It’s been an awesome journey for us to go from a small 2 man show in our apartment to now a 5 man team with an office!

We’ve been lucky enough to see SimsDirect grow and help over 30,000 Aussies #travelconnected with 2300+ 5-star reviews and counting!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us so far! We know we wouldn’t be where we are today without the OZB community and every person who’s given us a go :)


The Deal

25% off storewide!

Ends Wednesday 10th of July 11:59 PM

Use discount code: MYS25

Limited stock available.

Our Best Sellers
Name Data Calls & Text Discounted Price
Europe & UK 30 Day Travel SIM Card (71 Countries) 12GB (4G/3G) Unlimited calls & texts (Europe Only) $33 AUD
USA 30 Day Travel SIM Card 5GB (4G LTE) Unlimited calls & text (Oz Included) $39 AUD
New Zealand 30 Day Travel SIM Card (Big) 10GB (4G LTE) 200 mins calls & text (Oz included) $36.75 AUD
New Zealand 30 Day Travel SIM Card (Small) 2.5GB (4G LTE) 200 mins calls & text (Oz included) $21.75 AUD
Japan 15 Day Travel SIM 5GB (4G LTE) Data-Only $33.75 AUD
USA & Canada 30 Day Travel SIM 3GB (4G) Data-Only $33.75 AUD
China 30 Day Travel SIM 3GB (4G LTE) Data-Only $30 AUD
China 15 Day Travel SIM Card 2GB (4G LTE) Data-Only $26.25 AUD
Asia 15 Day Travel SIM Card (78 Countries) 4GB (4G LTE) Data-Only $41.25 AUD
Explorer 365 Day Travel SIM Card (71 Countries) 12GB (4G/3G) Data-Only $63.75 AUD
South East Asia 12 Day Travel SIM (13 countries incl Bali, Thailand) 4GB (4G LTE) Data-Only $26.25 AUD

Free shipping included with all orders
Express & International delivery available

Benefits of prepaid travel SIMs

Plug-n-Play with no ID registration required, simply insert and off you go!
One off payment, no extra costs, no roaming fees, get exactly what you pay for.
Great data speeds and coverage on local networks.

What's included with your order

  • SIM Tray Opener Tool
  • Free Standard Shipping
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (read below)
  • Aussie Live Support via Facebook and Email

Phone compatibility

All SIMs require an unlocked device to work.


All SIMs are easy to activate.

  • Land overseas and insert the SIM into your phone
  • Turn on 'Data Roaming' in your network settings
  • Restart your phone
  • Happy travels!

Some SIMs will require you to dial or text a number to complete activation, this is included in your PDF guide.


All Orders will be shipped from Sydney via Australia Post.

We ship orders Monday to Friday and offer same day dispatch before 3 PM AEDT.

  • Free Registered Standard Shipping 4-7 Business days
  • $7.99 for Express Tracked Shipping 1-2 Business days (Free on orders over $100)

Learn more about our shipping here.

Please note that Ozbargain can be very unpredictable on how many orders come through, so sometimes it blows up and we get a backlog of orders. In this situation, we will be prioritising customers who leave soon over those who leave later but rest assured we will have all hands on deck until all orders are fulfilled.

Stock Levels

We are stocked up and ready for the sale so we don't expect to run out of anything. If anything unpredictable happens and we run out of stock then our website will change to 'pre-order' automatically. Meaning you can still place your order, but there will be a 7 day wait until we get new stock in.


You can check out securely with:

PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and ZipPay

Money Back Guarantee

I offer a Money Back Guarantee with all products. If you have a technical issue we can’t resolve; I will refund you in full.


Go nuts! If you have any questions please leave a comment here on OzBargain or chat to us on Facebook.

Supriti, Mac and I will be here to answer any questions you have.

Again thank you everyone! <3


P.S If you see value in the deal, please leave us an upvote as it goes a long way!

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  • Anything for Fiji?

    • Nothing for Fiji unfortunately :(

      Sorry I can't help!


  • Just placed an order but need to amend something. Have sent you guys a message via fb also hoping you can attend to it. Thanks for the deal.

    • Hey Shelia,

      Thanks for the order :) The team will get to the messages today and have it sorted for you.


      • +1

        Thanks Aidan, all sorted now thanks for the prompt turnaround :)

  • Just bought the Europe 30 day one for Dec/Jan trip. We have a layover in Hong Kong and it looks like the sim will work there too!

    • Awesome, thanks for your order :)

      Yes, the SIM will work in HK, but data only.


  • Hi OP, I’m leaving for Europe on Friday this week. If I place an order tonight, any chance you could prioritise this to be sent out on Monday (tomorrow), so that I can receive by Friday?

    I’m in Sydney and regular post usually takes 2-3 business days. Thanks

    (never knew this service existed.. was planning to buy a local sim in UK!)

    • Hey ilikedeals,

      I would honestly select express postage just to be safe.

      Australia post can sometimes be delayed for standard whereas express is much more reliable.

      If you place your order and shoot the team a message I can have the express shipping waved for you - just email [email protected] and mention you are ilikedeals from Ozbargain and Aidan said its all sweet ;)


      • Received today - thanks for the express post OP!!

  • Hi if i buy now and express post, will I receive by Wednesday?

    • Hey Eathb,

      That should be all good, express orders are going out first thing today :)

      If it doesn't make it we can always return/refund the order.


  • Nabbed one for my Europe trip. Thanks a bunch!

    • Cheers Velour! Will have that with you asap :)

  • I just bought Europe travel sim from ebay last night now this deal showed up! /cry

    • Hey color,

      Ah dang! Maybe next time ;)

  • For the data only sims, SE. Asia version, i understand can't make calls but can you receive calls and if so what will the number be local Australian number?

    • Hey bargrin,

      The number associated with the SIM is a vanity number. Meaning you get a number but it doesn't actually work.

      So it won't work for what you need.

      The best way around this would be to use Voip services like Viber Out, Skype or Whatsapp.


  • +1

    im going to china in october will it be valid and do i need to do anything?

    • Hey Senatekill,

      Yep totally fine :) The SIm will work when you activate it in October.

      All you need to do is hold onto the SIM, land in China, pop the SIM in and turn on 'data roaming' and you are good to go!

      Let me know if you have any other questions :)


  • i will be travelling to Japan and HK in december this year. looking at your japan only and south east asia sim cards, i noticed there is a difference of 4G LTE and 4G speed. Just wondering what this means? I will be using it mainly for google maps, light googling and the occasional video/ music streaming during travel. thanks!

    • Hey Zizi99,

      Awesome! The Japan-only SIM is slightly faster in terms of speed compared to the SEA SIM (in Japan). 4G LTE is a type of network frequency that is more superior than standard 4G.

      But honestly, for what you need I wouldn't even worry about it, both SIMs will have enough data speed for what you need.

      Hope that clears it up!


  • Very happy with the Asia and Europe sims I bought last time.

    Just about to go to Europe again so perfect timing. Only for two weeks so probably not optimal here buying a 4 week SIM, but happy to pay knowing it'll work without hassles.

    • Great to hear Janko! Thanks for the feedback <3

      Wishing you safe travels :)

  • Awesome! Bought for NZ and Japan again- both worked well last time :)

    • Glad they helped cypressky :) Bets of luck on your next trip!

  • Thanks OP will be going to Japan soon so will be getting a few!

    • Nice! Let me know if there's anything I can help with RIPwallet :)

      • Do you guys have any sim cards for Japan with calls and data?

  • Thanks Aidan!
    Just picked up 2 Europe SIMs for August/September.

    • Thanks for your order SomeRandom ;)

  • Thank you, just in time for a South east asia trip. Just saved us a few headaches and a few $ at the same time.

    • Great to hear! If we can help make your trip a little less stressful and save you some $, then I'm happy :)


  • Hi, I want to know, if I will go on Oct to europe, can I buy now and use later on Oct?

    • Hey rymel,

      Yep, that will be fine :) No worries at all, just hold onto the SIM and pop it in when you land overseas and it will start your 30 days.


  • Booked travel last night,

    Your search for "Samoa" did not yield any results.

    Aww. But it's a neighbour to Australia! Can't we just boost the signal?

    • Haha, maybe you'll have to get some tech downtime while your there :P

  • Just bought a south East Asia Sim for my Japan trip :) Saves me stopping into Bic camera, cheers!

    • Awesome! Thanks Jequila! Will have that to you asap.

  • Got the Explorer 365 day one for a one month trip in the US in September! Thanks and I hope it works as well as the reviews say!

    • Thanks Vavoom! Let me know how it goes - always looking for feedback :)

  • Highly recommend people going to China get a prepaid Sim..such a pain to get one while u r there..

  • Have used the "Europe & Uk 30 day" & the "Explorer 365 day" and both worked very well. A little tip we found was when travelling through regional EU. Most carriers were 3G or 3G+ which was more than enough for mapping, email, wwww, train time-tables etc though often the cell service would drop to 2G Edge (across 2 different phones). So we'd do a carrier check of other networks and just start picking them one by one and 99% of the time we'd find a 3G service again until we hit the next main city were it would roll-up to a faster service anyways. For the convenience, these sims work a treat.

    • Appreciate the comment nonpop! Very informative!

  • One of your competitors has the 8 day/4GB Asia sim (albeit with more countries - 16) listed for $25.00 - would you be able to match or beat the price?

    Also, would you be able to tell me if the aforementioned SIM will work on Cebu (Philippines) and environs?

    Thank you!

    • Hey Ape,

      We can't match that one unfortunately, we don't have that SIM available, only the 12 and 15-day version.

      Our product that is comparable to that one is our South East Asia SIM Card - 4GB over 12 days for $26.25 AUD.


  • If I buy the Europe sim, how long is this valid from? Can I buy now and activate in Dec? Please confirm. Thanks

    • Hey bugoy8,

      You can definitely buy now and wait until December, no worries at all.

      Just hold onto it until you land, insert it and turn on 'data roaming'. The SIM will do the rest.


      • Thanks for that! What's the best option for 5.5 weeks?

        And can you use this to tether?

  • Bought a card from Sims Direct last year for a 2 week trip to USA. Very Happy with it, activated while still in OZ, land at LAX, had signal from the word Go and coverage was great in SoCal, Phoenix AZ and LV using T-Mobile network, cant fault this service. Bought another for another upcoming trip. Highly recommended.

    • +1

      Thanks for the feedback rjb! Glad it worked smoothly for you and good to see you back!


  • When I was comparing sim cards for Japan I found North Sim was a bit better with 1gb daily usage on 4g amd unlimited 3g. 14gb for a 14 day sim compared to 5gb for this sim. Saves me from worrying about going over the data limit.

    If you had a similar offer I would definitely buy.

  • Hi again op.

    I notice these guys are slightly cheaper with their code AND offer unlimited 3G data which would be really useful on top of 5gb 4g. Do you offer that?



    • I'd like to know this too as I'm travelling there for 3 weeks in Nov & not sure 5gb would be enough. Never been there before so have no idea how much I'll really use. How's the free WiFi that's available?

    • We don't offer that unfortunately thatspaddlin!

      Would love to have you part of the family but won't stop you from going with them if its better suited for you!


      • Thanks, Unfortunately I’d already just placed order with you, can I cancel as this will definitely suit me better?

  • Hi OP, I'll be travelling for 4 months: China/HK for a month, Europe for two and then Korea/Japan for a month. Which sims would you recommend me getting?

    Anyone else found better Sims for this combination and duration?

    • Hey OhAlice,

      This is what I would recommend:

      1 x 30 days China SIM
      2 x 30 days Europe SIM
      3 x 12 Day SEA SIM

      Total with discount is: $174.75
      Ends up being $44 per month for your 4-month trip.
      (Hot tip - call your Aussie Telco and ask them to pause your plan while you are away to save extra $)

      That's the best I can offer with my products Alice!

      Let me know if you have any further questions :)


      • Hi Adrian,

        Can I buy the following combination?

        1 x 365 explorer (covers Europe and HK)
        1 x China 30 days
        2 x 12 day SEA (Japan and South Korea)

        Total with discount: $146.25

        Can you tell me if there's a difference between what you suggested and the above combination?

  • Hi Op,

    I just wanted to confirm that if i purchase Europe/UK 30 day SIM now it'll be valid for use for my travel in April 2020.


  • ARgh canada mobile is so sh*t
    Just want something simple and cheaper like a $20 1.5gb to hold me over for 2 weeks.

    • Hey freestyle16,

      Completely agree with you. Getting SIM cards for Canada has been a mission for us, still looking to find a good product to offer.


      • Mostly because canadian plans are garbage and overpriced. Everytime I go back, I debate whether i want to spend $35+ for 1gb…

  • Just bought 2. Buying a 3 UK sim card is cheaper via Sims Direct once currency conversion is taken into account. Thanks Aidan…

    • Thanks willy! Will have them shipped to you asap :)

  • Good timing for sale…I’ve used this once for my last travels to Hong Kong and Taiwan earlier this year. Will order for my next trip to Hong Kong & Thailand in late August. Easy to use and no problems at all.

    • Cheers Lito, thanks for leaving the comment! Glad we can help you out again :)


  • Too bad they don't do 7 day sim deals

  • Sadly, too late for me as my flight to the US leaves very shortly. Still gets a +1 for me to support this great OB store rep.

    • Ah dang! Sorry for the delay on the deal Chazz! Hopefully, we can get you next time :)

      Thanks for the +1 !


  • Hi,

    I am going to Europe in a month. Can I buy now and activate in a month?

    • Hey Pasha!

      Yes, you can do that. Simply hold onto the SIM until you land - when you land insert the SIM and turn on data roaming and you're all set!


  • Bugger,I just bought two of the $75 Europe ones a week ago!

    Great offer and heard nothing but great things about SimsDirect; looking forward to using ours next month.

    • +1

      Thanks for your order leadbeader!

      Send in an email to the team at [email protected] with your order number and I can have the difference refunded to you ;)


  • Do you have a Canada coverage map?

    • +1

      Hey tkdbboy,

      You can check the coverage with T-moble's network map here

      Hope that helps!


  • +1

    I'm going to Japan from 01/04/20 to 10/04/20 - would the sim card expire if I get it now?

    • Hey Lippy,

      TheJapan 5GB SIms will expire before then yes.

      However, you can get our South East Asia SIM instead.

      It works in Japan on the same network and is 4GB over 12 days. That SIM will not expire until 30/06/2020 :)



  • Hi Aidan,

    I'm going to the US in Nov & am ordering 2 5gb but am wanting to order 2 South America ones for my friends going to Brazil in September. I notice on checkout that you put in your travel dates so I put mine in but what if my friends have any dramas being that they are travelling at a different time? Can they just use my order number for your reference so you can help them if needed?

    • Hey itsjustads,

      Just put in the full travel duration - put the date you are leaving (for departure) and the date that your friends return (for arrival).

      The dates are for customer service so it won't affect your SIMs by any means.


  • Has anyone used the 12GB three uk travel sim in the USA? Do you know if the speeds are 4G or slower?

    • Interestingly, I spoke to three uk and they said "we now have 4G roaming in USA Nov 2018, Germany Jan 2019, .. and Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Republic of Ireland, Poland, Cuba, Greece, netherlands, EU destination and many more.".. Hopefully that's correct and this article published 19 June 2019 ( is not.

  • Hi. Any China sims that include calls?

    • +1

      Hi Zailner!

      Unfortunately not! If you need calls then your only bet would be to get a local SIM when you land.

      The only other option is to use our data SIM with VOIP services like Viber Out/Skype/Whatsapp for calls.

      Hope this helps!


  • Hi OP, just bought 4 Europe 30 Day 12Gb sims. 3 to be used in September 2019 (2 months time) and 1 to be used over Christmas til Jan 15, 2020. Assume this is okay?

    Great website, and great deal. Thanks

    • Awesome! Thanks for the order :)

      Yep thats fine! Just keep the SIM safe until you land and activate it.



  • What’s the best combo to get for:
    3 days Singapore
    6 days Vietnam
    5 days HK?

    • +1

      Hey zzzman!

      I would recommend our 4GB Asia SIM

      That will cover your whole trip and all countries you are going to :)

      Let me know if you have any further questions!


  • Previously bought for Europe and NZ. No problems. Bought for NZ again. Thanks.

    • Woo! Good to see you back my man! Thanks for the repurchase :)


  • Can vouch for these guys. I used a SIM in South Korea and worked well. Bought another one for my next trip but before this sale :(

    • +1

      Cheers ozbargainer88! Thanks for the vote of confidence :)

      Send an email to [email protected] with your order number and Supriti can refund the difference (mention who you are).



      • +1

        Ledge. I'll email you guys.

  • Do you have any 20 day south east asia cards instead of 12 days?

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