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[eBay Plus] OPPO Reno 10x Zoom (4G, Bonus Bose Soundsport Free) - Jet Black $1019.15 Delivered (AU Stock) @ Allphones eBay


Great price! Sell the Bose Soundsport for an even better saving!

New - Brand New / Sealed | 24 Months(AU) Warranty | Unbranded - Unlocked
OPPO Reno 10x Zoom (4G, 6.6", 48MP) - Jet Black - Reno is about seeing the world from completely new perspectives. The technology behind Reno elevates photography and mobile entertainment to all-new heights. Let Reno further your vision.

Note: Get a Bonus Bose Soundsport Free Headphones (Black) with your OPPO Reno 10X Zoom purchase (Via Redepmtion). Offer ends 14/07/19 and T&C Apply, to claim: https://promotions.oppomobile.com.au/

As per ebay page regarding TRS

TAX Invoice- We do provide GST invoice with all purchases for TAX/TRS purpose. In order to have the right information showing on your invoice, please kindly ensure that you have entered the correct name and address details during your check out process. Our system would automatically generate the Invoice base on the information you provided.

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  • very nice deal without any mobile plan bundle

  • +2

    Fantastic phone so far haven't had a single issue besides dust getting into the hidden camera area.

    • +3

      That sounds like a big issue?

      • Not a big issue I just wipe it when it comes up

        • I would be a bit iffy on dirt getting in the mechanism for the flash front camera, probably wouldn't take it to the beach. But definitely a cool idea.

    • it has everything I wanted, except wireless charging :(

      • thats why Samsung is still the best

    • I've seen the same problem after only a few days. Hope it won't cause issues in the future though.
      Great phone besides that and BIG PLUS for international warranty

  • What are some good cases for the new oppo Reno phone? I got it from JB hi-fi plan offered last weekend.

    • No real cases except Chinese ones.

    • i'm just using the one that came with it.

      does the job

  • which is better?

    OPPO Reno or onplus one pro?

    • OnePlus by far but warranty is a big consideration for phone this price.

      Despite being from the same source, Oppo theme is horrendous iPhone wannabe while OnePlus is very good Android. Oppo also has very bad update schedule with many phones never see an OS update, while OnePlus is exactly opposite.

      • so oneplus 7 pro has the better specs and more updates..
        and overall a better phone?

        • +2

          User experience wise the OnePlus 7 Pro is better in most regards. It has better screen, same SoC but optimised cooling, faster charging, better Android skin, more frequent update AND OS update (many Oppo phones stuck with their released Android version, only skin update) and arguably better camera too.

          • @Bigboomboom: with both phones, can you install lineageOS on it?
            I don't really care too much for their own version of Android OS,
            since I prefer get the latest version of Android via LineageOS..

            what do you mean by better android skin?
            how does look like and make it better?

            Yeah both phones are selling about the same price range
            except oneplus can be only be bought via oversea stores/sellers so that can be shit if you need to deal with warranty.

            I think the Oneplus 7 pro is the only with the faster 90Hz refresh rate right?

            • +1

              @pinkybrain: Technically yes, you can install LineageOS on both. I don't know why though, Oxygen OS (OnePlus)'s Android skin (the one you call LineageOS is also that, an Android skin) is one of the most well regarded close to stock Android OS but with good features.

              Yes, Oneplus 7 Pro has 90Hz refresh. And btw, Oppo is the mother company while OnePlus is a subsidiary. They also have Realme brand. Oppo = all price range phones, OnePlus = flagship killer while Realme is Midranger killer (cheaper than midrange but with midrange specs).

              • @Bigboomboom: I have been using LineageOS for a while now
                and prefer to get the newest Android OS faster than other companies version of Android OS..

                Also been on LineageOS for so long now I don't know what other skins look like..
                I guess they would not look too much different anyways..
                maybe icons might look better or worse than LineageOS..

                Yeah, I am big fan of Oneplus when they released the oneplus one..
                That was fantastic killer spec phone for the very bargain price at the time..

                Oneplus have strayed from their original start about being high spec at bargain price
                now they are selling killer spec but also very expensive $1000+ phones…
                though still considered cheaper than Samsung and Apple.

                I think nowadays the value for money phones are coming from Xiaomi..like pocofone f1 etc

                What phone do you own?
                and planning to buy?

                • @pinkybrain: I have Pocophone F1, Samsung J5 Pro and Pixel 2. Pixel 2 is my main, it has the newest Android OS because Google, and the camera is still a killer after 2 years. The Samsung J5 Pro is a backup phone that has NFC, which I uses a lot for Google Pay. F1 was my secondary but I gave it to my father after installing GCam, since it has biggest screen and battery plus not bad Camera after installing GCam. He doesn't need NFC.

                  • +1

                    @Bigboomboom: I'm using both Galaxy S10+ and the Oppo Reno 10X Zoom, undecided for now which is going to be the main and secondary.

    • Oppo, it has an Australian warranty.

  • Great price but How are Allphones doing the redemption on the head phones ??

    I checked out Oppo T&C and Allphones aren't a participating dealer , so I rang Oppo Australia and they said they where NOT on there list.. Be good if someone from Allphones where on here to clear things up

    • I spoke to Oppo customer service and advised Allphones will ship the earphones together rather than via the redemption.

      • +2

        Update, package arrived without the earphone. Oppo now says I cannot claim through the website, and have to ask Allphones for it.

        Initiated return with eBay Plus.

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