expired [Refurbished] Nintendo Switch Console $299.20 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ EB Games eBay


A better price than can be got on Scumtree or FB marketplace, plus you'll get some kind of after purchase support if it plays up. Free click and collect from most EB Games stores if you're close. Not much more to add….

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    Might even get lucky and get a non-patched unit.

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    Pretty expensive for a pre-owned console
    Amazon will probably have brand new ones for $315 next week

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    As I've said in previous posts. I recommend that if your buying one that you choose click and collect. This way you can examine it first, as so many of there other preowned consoles are in terrible cosmetic state and the switch screen is notorious for scratching.

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      Be aware that the console may have been banned. If you're able to turn it on (which you should be able too), create a hotspot and check online - try updating it or playing a game online.


    Has anyone had experience with refurbished consoles from EB? My main concern would be whether they replace the battery.

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      As above the Switch screen is super soft, check it isn't wrecked. I'm very sure the battery is not replaced.

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      There's no way EB are replacing batteries or doing anything that you'd associate with annn actual refurbishment.

      They give it a wipe and put it out the back.

      Having said that, you get 6 months warranty and the opportunity to inspect the unit before deciding to pay, which is worth a lot on my opinion.


        Where does it say 6 months? I clicked on item description and it says 3 months.


          Regardless, 3 months is plenty of time to tell if the unit is good. I guess it depends on what EB determine is covered under their warranty. If the battery is near useless will they take it back?


      They clean them with a damp tissue if you’re lucky.

      In EB parlance, “refurbished” just means “used”.

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    And what about warranty from EB/Nintendo?

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    Yeah I think I'd rather pay the extra $80 for new.

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    Seems like a misuse of the term "refurbished".
    Also, for as little as $60 more, you could have a brand new console.


    Is there any way to use EB games gift cards with their eBay sales?

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    I bought a recent Wii U on here from these guys and it was covered in gunk. For the small saving offered here, I'd wait until a brand new is on special at $360ish. A lot of these will be owned by kids and have traveled extensively picking up all types of scratches.


    I should mention that I did buy one of these refurb units. Based on the comment here, I made special care to check the screen for scratches. The first unit I was provided did have a dead pixel, so I asked the guy at EB Games to check if they had any others. The screen on the other unit he had was much better, but when I got it home the right control stick didn't seem to work (in hindsight, maybe the battery was flat - don't know). Anyway, I went back the next morning and asked if I could upgrade to a new unit rather than wait for another unit to be brought in. The answer was YES!

    So I paid $299.20 + ($399 (new price) - $374 (in-store\eBay refurb price)) = $324.20 for a new unit. Needless to say I'm very happy with this price and the kids are even happier.


    I'll happily sell my switch console for that price…

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