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Up to 25% off Economy and 50% off Business Flights (JUL-AUG Travel) @ Virgin Australia


As part of their Family & Friends Sale, Virgin Australia are offering up to 50% off of flights with code BJT37. Poster
Travel between 23 JUL - 31 AUG.

Get up to 25% off Getaway and 15% off Elevate economy fares valid on Domestic, Hong Kong, Trans-Tasman, Darwin-Denpasar, and International Short-Haul excluding Fiji.
Get up to 50% off Business Saver and Business fares valid on Domestic, Hong Kong, Trans-Tasman, Darwin-Denpasar, and International Short-Haul excluding Fiji.
Get up to 5% off SALE fares valid on Trans-Tasman, International Short-Haul excluding Fiji and Bali, and Hong Kong.
Discounts not permitted on Domestic SALE fares.

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  • Thanks for sharing

  • Thanks op!

  • Where do u enter the promo code?

  • Double status credits, come baaaaacckkk!

  • Great - thanks!

  • $900 return business Melbourne to Auckland late August

    • why bother business for such a short haul?

      Only go business for long distance

      • Sometimes it is not much more cost depending on how busy flights are.

        • ah gotcha thanks!

          • @AussieMark: but NZ flights are like $300 these days lol even with full service carriers. i see nz sub 350 fares constantly dropping in my inbox

            • @freestyle16: I'm almost definitely sure that's not the case (other than some obscure sales). I fly to NZ often - even Jetstar is almost always more than $300 - closer to $350. If you're looking at Qantas/Virgin, the cheapest you'd get is around $500, sometimes even more. Air NZ has good sales, but they're not "full service" in that the prices they list are actually barebones, you have to pay extra for meal and bag.

      • why bother business for such a short haul?

        Usually economy is around $500 - $600 for Qantas/Virgin to Auckland. I'd pay the difference. The only issue is that Business on the 737 is average at best and I don't think Virgin fly any A330's to NZ.

      • legroom, lounge

      • Just curious - I'm WAY too stingy/poor to travel anywhere in Business

        • A few people have pointed out why but in summary:

          • On a busy route you may sometimes find the cost of a discount business (as opposed to full business) may not be much more than (and is sometimes less than!) a fully flexible economy ticket - which might be the only fare class left

          • You get automatic access to the lounge (which if you didn't have status.. as a bunch of QFF people flying VA might not..)

          • If you're trying to keep your status up, you get a lot more SC with a business fare, even discount business

          • What do you spend your money on ? The VA business experience is a nice 'touch' of luxury that includes a reasonable meal and good service. Not something you might do every day but sometimes it's a way to treat yourself.. at a cost of perhaps hundreds, rather than thousands of dollars.

          e.g. perhaps flying business on a significant birthday is something you might do once in 20 years..

          • @jason andrade: I was actually responding to AussieMark - I was curious on the discount, I wouldn't actually fly business for such a short flight.
            Good points though - my uncle has always said he flies premium/business because his holiday starts the moment he leaves the house!

  • Seems a bit suspicious

    I tried Mel to Hong Kong Business
    With code = $3000
    Without code $4000

    Economy $356 without code
    $340 with code

    • Doesn't apply to sale fares. That might explain some of it.

    • +12 votes

      Why is it suspicious? It's cheaper with the code than without the code.

    • I think the discount only apply to the base fare and tax+carrier surcharge are excluded.
      If the base cost $2000 + $2000 tax/surcharge, then $3000 is the correct amount after the discount unfortunately.

      If it is $1 base fare + $3999 (tax/surcharge), then you would get 50cents off : P

  • I'm not sure why the title was changed to be so confusing when that info could have been added to the description. But with a quick check I found most domestic flights were roughly 20% off (economy) and 45% off (business)

    • I couldn't find a business flight more than 25% off BNE<>SYD at least. 45-50% off is a good deal (comparable with the non-discounted economy). 25% not so much.

      Not that I spent forever looking. Really wish it was easier to say 'don't care when, but find me the cheapest seats'.

  • I tried to do a Queenstown to PERTH for 31/8 but doesn’t seem to give me the option to enter a discount code? Can someone try?

  • Many thanks OP

  • Do you get less status credits when you buy a sale fare?

  • Would this work on their code share with Singapore airlines

  • Sweet, perfect timing! Thanks OP!

  • Do they have a price calender? As a virgin virgin, going through every date is a deal breaker lol

  • Thanks OP :) Got flights to Melbourne on a Friday, back on a Monday for $273. Not bad.

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