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ZOTAC RTX 2070 SUPER Twin Fan Video Card $859 + Delivery @ Scorptec


Hi all, not exactly a 'sale' nor would I consider this a deal of sorts as the RTX 2070 Super just dropped. However, if you wanted to buy one immediately these twin fans are the lowest around at the moment.

Below is an EVGA RTX 2070 Super Black Edition for $869

This is the first post for the RTX 2070 Super and also a much better deal, thanks to @guier64 but it's now sold out.

Great news is, with these prices already so early on, we can expect a much bigger drop in the near future… I hope.

P.s. Don't forget to grab the codes for the two games nVidia is offering with the purchase of these cards for Control and Wolfenstein.

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  • I would strongly advise waiting for the custom versions of the 5700/xt. Super pricing is "super" rediculous.

    • Agreed.

      Might need to sell my Alienware aw3418dw though if I switch.

      • I'm really hoping we start seeing Freesync in the better monitors nownthat Nvidia have adopted it as well. Sucks to have a $1,000 piece of gear more or less down to one manafacturer.

    • Super price is not that bad, although 5700xt is way better. But this deal is over $100 above RRP

  • 300 dollar premium over AMD RDNA 5700XT. I rather spend that difference for a 2 TB SSD. The only viable Ray tracing cards is 2080 Super and 2080 TI with playable framerate.

    • The real kicker is the performance difference is 5 - 10%


      • Doesn't make sense to go for this card but there are diehard novideo fans that will lap up anything really. The dollar per performance just isn't there with this card.

  • hopefully AMD fix their AMF encoding,

    NVENC is way superior if you're using to encode/stream and other things

  • I personally dont trust Zotac, heard too many reviews about oversized, underperforming, loud cooling solutions.

    I would tell anyone to spend an extra 5-10% and buy the known brands.

    • Buying premium model of a graphics card is really insane unless you're going for an aesthetic. Zotac is great, if it's loud then set a fan curve, no such thing as underperforming as all card's respective series (excluding OC edition) performs within +-1% of each other.

    • Yeah, I recommend to get the EVGA instead.

    • I have a zotac 1080 amp, for the cooler size it under performs, their cooling solutions are hit and miss.

      Card isn't noisy though and has been reliable, but yeah compared to asus/msi/gigabyte their cooling designs aren't as efficient.

  • Wouldn't call this cheap or good, no, definitely wouldn't…

    • It's over a hundred dollars more than the 2070s should be. And considering that's already $100 USD (to lazy to convert) over what that card should be…yah, awful deal.

  • I am leaning towards 5700XT, a couple of hundred dollars cheaper than 2070 Super and has the performance between 2060 Super and 2070 Super, seems to be a good price:performance spot

    But will I really be missing out by not getting ray tracing with 5700XT? also need to get an aftermarket version, cannot stand the blower fan of the reference board

    • I'd highly doubt it personally. The RT implementations these cards can handle won't be nearly as worthwhile as the $200 you could put elsewhere.

      Next gen of gpus will be when you'd want to pick up an rt capable card I'd bet.

      AIB custom cards ars apparently slated for August by the way.

      • Good point, even 2060 Super won't put out really playable FPS at high settings with RT on.

        Another advantage is that 5700XT supports FreeSync, and my monitor has it, where as G-sync monitors cost heaps more.

        (yes, 2060 Super supports certain FreeSync monitors, but I cannot see mine on the list of supported monitors)

  • I love gigabyte 2070s because their rgb fans. But it is too expensive :(

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