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APC Back-UPS BX700U-AZ 700VA AVR Uninterruptible Power Supply $87.20 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


I was in the market for a UPS and decided to check the recent eBay '20% Selected Sellers' deal, this came up which has previously been ~$95+.

Full list of specifications and manual available from the manufacturer here.

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  • Could this run a security system? If so for how long? I have a 8ch system atm.

  • How loud are these? too laud for a bedroom? saw one of the criticisms was the noise.

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      I don't see them being louder than any other similar sized UPS, but I'll let you know as the one I ordered will be going in my WIR.

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      I dont think this one has a fan. Have one in my home office and my nuc fan was louder.

      Why you want a ups in your bedroom ?

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        99.9% pornhub uptime

      • I have three in my bedroom! One for my computer, one for my NBN modem (other side of the room) and one in the wardrobe for my DVR.

        • The one in the wardrobe is a fire risk.

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        Have you ever been hungry during a blackout and couldn't fire up that popcorn maker?

    • This is just a backup ups, not an online ups. I have this one and because there is no fan in it, it is quiet.

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      Cheap UPS are not online, so they're basically not doing anything much when the power is on. They'll be pretty quiet generally until the power goes out, then they will definitely wake you up with an alarm.

    • Shouldnt be, I have a cyberpower and i dont hear it at all

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    Can anyone help me convert values? I've got a 1000W PSU on my computer that pulls at most 800W. How the hell do I convert the WH rating to VA?

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          Just so we're clear, that 390W is a given specification for real power output, so this UPS will not work for your computer system when it is drawing 800W from the wall.

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            @peter05: I'd be shocked if your PC really draws 800W - real usage of decent gaming PC under full load should be around 250-300W max

    • You find out how much power your components actually use and add in some efficiency loss for your psu (10% ish)

  • Thanks, will use this for our nbn fttp connection box.

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    Note that according to the manual the battery in the "Back-UPS BX700U Series is not user-replaceable" as opposed to some other APC units. Personally I expect it just requires careful application of a screwdriver and resisting the temptation of putting your tongue on the exposed contacts, but when it does need replacing (in 2 to 5 years time) if you wanted to try doing it yourself you'd need to be careful you didn't let sparks escape from it whilst doing it - potentially frying both the UPS as well as yourself in the process.

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      Well lucky for you that you're made of plastic then…

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        …and I assume you'll have god on your side. So we're both protected. ;-)

  • Would this work for a raspberry pi 4?

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      Yes. Just plug the power pack into one of the power sockets in the back (either directly or on a powerboard). You can also connect a usb cable to the ups and 'pi, and run the apcupsd daemon to detect if the power has gone out, and shut the 'pi down cleanly if the power doesn't come back in (say) a couple of minutes.

    • In what way? Simply powering it or the USB shutdown feature?

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      I just run a poor-mans UPS for the pi. MAINS POWER —> XIAOMI POWER BANK —> PI. Works a treat. Good for a few hours of power in the event of power failure.

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      Wouldn't make any sense to convert DC (battery) to AC to DC when you can just use a powerbank.

  • Roughly how long would this power a very basic office desktop running minimal power, Core i3, SSD, 8Gb Ram & 24" LED Monitor?

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      A few minutes, but not terribly long. Main advantage of this for that setup would be to a) enable you to save work and shutdown cleanly if the power goes out and b) protection of the power supply(s) from brown out/power surges that can shorten the life of your kit. If you want to be able to run for a few hours during a power outage, best off getting a laptop. ;-)

    • Main use is so you can config the PC to make an orderly shutdown if unattended, and manually if in use.

  • Apparently stock is : 0

  • Working again - $87.20 Delivered with the promo code.

  • Yep working agian. Thanks OP.

  • Has anyone had any experience in using a UPS with an aquarium?

    Say I have a pump that uses 12V DC and draws max 13W - how long would this UPS keep it running?

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    Would be good if this is used on the modem + router + security cams (like Arlo), because if the internet is down, everything is offline

    • Yes this is exactly what I do :)

  • These are designed so you can’t replace the internal battery.

    • They are designed so the battery is not user replaceable meaning you'll need to pull the UPS apart.

      You can still replace the battery it is just not easy and you may damage the plastic housing.

  • Anyone know if this will work with a 4 bay Synology NAS with the auto shutdown?
    On Synology's compatibility page this BX700 model seems to be skipped while the numbers around it are fine.

    • I'm also wondering that… don't want to ruin my NAS!

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        It's fine, nothing can be worse than having no UPS at all. Your NAS isn't going to draw more than 390W.

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    Bum, I brought a similar one a few days ago. It was delivered today.

    There's a link to the replacement battery in the specifications, but you'd be better off buying a new UPS instead…

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        Any 12v 7.2AH battery in this sealed format will do. Installation needs to be done with care and decent double sided tape, carefully, as the old plastic pieces may need to be reused.

        IIRC you can buy 9AH batteries now for under that, instead of the OEM 7.2AH. You can buy LiIon replacements too with even greater capacity, if you are game :-)

  • Nil stock

  • 700VA but only 390W max? That's like 0.55 power factor.. Must have huge internal losses.

  • FYI, I believe this unit generates a stepped/approximated sine wave (as opposed to a true sine wave).

    • Care to explain what the difference is?

      • https://blog.tripplite.com/pure-sine-wave-vs-modified-sine-w...
        whether you actually will benefit from a pure sine source depends on what you're powering with the UPS and how fussy its power supply is.

        • I see, at this point I'll be running a server, switch and the NBN box off of it.

      • Dirty power output that contains a lot of noise. Some equipment may overheat or not run properly on modified sine wave.

  • Gone?

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    Back in stock… Just picked one up

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      Thanks! New discount code "PILOT" gives the same price @ 20% off.

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