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APC Back-UPS BX700U-AZ 700VA AVR Uninterruptible Power Supply $94.05 Delivered @ Shopping Express eBay


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    Oooh, UPS! Anyone know if these are good to use for a PC?

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      Depends on how many watts your PC draw, this one is rated for 390 W

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        Why negs :( was just asking


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          When you ask a generic question like that, it gives the impression that you haven't done your own research.

  • Need some opinions. Tempting

    • Have a read through the last deal linked in the OP.

      APC is a good brand of UPS. If you just want basic backup for occasional outages this would do the job but you need to know what power draw you have to see if this is big enough for your needs.

      • Yeah. Just checked. At best it can keep my PC running for 15-20mins. And since I'm on HFC, ups won't help me stay online. Guess I will pass..

        • idea might be use ups to keep hfc and wireless running and use tablets or laptops until power is back on …..

          • @garage sale: The HFC ‘nodes’ (for lack of a better term) have no backup battery, so if the local power outage area is big enough, the HFC connection will be dead.

            • @Porthos: Cheers good to know

            • @Porthos: Still handy for HFC if you have a router with a built in fallback option ie Telstra ones. I'm looking at one for that reason, if HFC goes down I can keep the internet/home phone* up.

              • She who must be obeyed is not ready to go fully monile only.
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              @Porthos: HFC "Gateways" (where they switch from Fibre to Coax) and Amplifiers actually do have a small battery backup. At least, with Optus' network. They were designed to last for an hour or so, and could be plugged into with a generator, or a van with an inverter, in the event of a mains outage. [Source: worked for HFC network 10 years]

              • @LukeS: That’s all well and good, but isn’t the way with NBN now reusing the Telstra HFC network.


                nbn™ Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC, also referred to as 'cable')
                Landline phone and internet services won’t work in the event of a power outage within the nbn™ HFC network or within your premises. Unfortunately, restoring power with an alternative power option is not possible if the nbn™ HFC network is also experiencing a power loss. Consider keeping a charged mobile phone nearby in the instance of a power outage.

  • This ups waveform type = stepped aprox sinewave, not pure sine. Expected for this price range. Ok to use for most devices or appliance. If you are running it on expensive gear or sensitive to ac quality, then get a better ups.

    • you need to spend more than 2x price or maybe even 3x for that kind of feature

    • No one is going to run expensive hardware on a ~$100 UPS.

  • Make sure you test this after you get it. I bought one from the same seller a few months ago and the battery only lasted about 5 minutes after only having my NBN router plugged in it (probably only uses about 20w). I guess the battery is almost dead.

    • Check ups serial number “xx1910xxxxxxxx” would mean 2019 10th week of the year. If the serial indicates an old UPS age e.g 2017 you may be able to claim warranty via the apc.

  • Its only 390W tho, so you cant have too many devices on it

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    $79 + delivery $12(Bris) $19(SYD) here https://www.saveonit.com.au/product/apc-schneider-apc-back-u...
    Cheaper if in Brisbane only.

  • Not tooooo bad…
    I got the "CyberPower Line Interactive UPS Black 1500VA" for 188.10 so exactly double this, for over double the draw (VA wise) (officeworks price match), though I don’t think CyberPower is as good as APC… it should suit my needs.

    Usually double the power > double the cost.

    the software for it is pretty decent, I managed to pass it though to a VM, have the VM log into my esxi host, and shut it down gracefully at 40% battery…(it also emails me as soon as the power goes out)

    the unit is only using 5-10% of max power, so (is telling me it) should last an hour on battery (draw for my gen 8 microserver, router and phone system is 40-50 watts) technically though, it should last longer…

    interestingly the APC 1500 model lasts 2-3 times longer than the CyberPower, didnt notice this when i bought it though!



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