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[SA] Google Nest Hub (Formerly Google Home Hub) for $99 @ Bunnings, Woodville


Long time lurker, first time poster!

I was at Bunnings in Woodville, SA when the cashier told me about a few deals they had on for Google home products.

Google Nest Hub (was called the Home Hub) for $99 is an amazing price - I already have one at home so didn’t buy it.

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    Looks like Bunnings price-matched eBay's Deal

  • Hope it’s nationwide, it doesn’t seem to be advertised online

    • Just take the photo into your local bunnings, they will match it

      • Tried this, they called the store and the price is now $198?!

        • Bummer! Ive had the price change on me from when I took it from the shelf to making it to the register (they pulled down the mark-down sticker and changed it in the system! I complained about it and they said it occasionally happens but were happy to honour the price marked 10 minutes earlier, however I said not to worry as there was a competitor price pretty close to theirs, so I ended up saving another 10% again - worked out in my favour in the end!

  • How to tell difference between nest hub and old google home hub?

  • not showing on discount online…can anyone confirm in other stores??

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    Great price. I'm looking at replacing my original Google Home but have been holding out for the Hub Max.. but at this price it's tempting!

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    Great find! Would you happen to know if the Google home was $59 also?

    • would like to know too. - thanks

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      Sorry I missed that in the picture I took! I do know the Mini was $45 (which isn’t the cheapest) though.

      • That's all good, thanks for sharing!

    • clearly a 1 after the $ on the partial label to right of image under the google home ;-) so i would go with 100+

  • I picked up four of the Wiz Dimmable Daylight G100 globes yesterday from Bunnings O'Connor in WA for $11 each (were $45 apparently?) - had clearance stickers on them though:

  • All bunnings? Just checked the website and it says $149

    • They don't usually update the website with price matches. They just put stickers up for the temporary timeframe while the opposition's sale is on.

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    Those hue dimmers are overpriced

    • Yes, common sale is around $20.

  • Anyone seen these in Sydney?

    I'm very keen.


  • Thanks OP! This Nest Hub is now becoming more enticing than the Lenovo Smart Display…

  • Good to know if there are any stores in Melbourne or if OW will price match this photo. I will check tonight unless someone confirms and share an image :)

    • Can confirm 3201 do not have this special

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    Just called my local in NSW. $147. Sadly don't price match other Bunnings according to staff.

  • this is not nation wide

  • What do people find these useful for?

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      I have it as a bedside clock, and controls the lights /curtains etc.
      I've also found you can watch YouTube videos on there, and when you're listening to some music on Google Play Music it will also scroll through the lyrics as it plays!

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      you can also display your pictures you put on google photo's as a slide show thing.

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      I have mine in the kitchen. It's good for some light youtube while doing the dishes. Having visible timers while cooking is nice too.

  • :*(

    I spent $ on this! Damn man….

  • Yeah bunnings keperra in brisbane google nest is full price 147

  • None at my local

  • Could you use it to display video from a doorbell perhaps?

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      Supposedly only nest hello

      • Think that’s supposed to be the best on the market from reviews

        • Not available in Aus yet

          • @asa79: i bought mine from kogan, works a charm

  • This or the show 5

  • Scanning at $147 at Bunnings Glendale, NSW

  • Is that motion sensor for the Philips Hue a good price too?

    • That's a good price for the motion sensor, $40 is the common sale price.

  • $149 in melbourne

  • Price is back to $147 at Woodville. Just rang them.

    I can’t mark this as expired. Can someone help?

  • Just price beat + 10% discount (as part of their PB guarantee) at Bunnings Cannon Hill (Brisbane) through which is listing them at $106, so total cost was $95.40.

    • Nice work! I can foresee my local Bunnings coming up with every excuse in the book not to price match a site like TecoBuy..

      Edit: plus Tecobuy want $15 for shipping. Very surprised they didn't deny the price match for that.

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        Bunnings a pretty loose on price beating (it just depends on who you get). Some of the oldies there don't even consider the shipping costs.

  • Just beware that the Nest Hub Max with 10" screen (as opposed to 6" on the Nest Hub) and with a cemera, was announced back in June and is expected to be out by August 2019.


    I myself was on the lookout for good deals on the Nest Hub and would have taken it except that 6" and no camera look less appealing after testing the Amazon Echo Show for a while.

    • I am super keen for a nest hub max :)

  • damn - wanting to give one of these a go - was almost at $149, definitely at $100.
    Hoping more deals pop up when the new one is released….

  • Mile End store is at $149.
    Obviously a flash sale.

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