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$10 Credit Back When Spend on Any Deals Over $30 @ Groupon (Stack with 15% Cashback @ Cashrewards)


Spend any deals for over $30 to receive $10 credit back via Groupon + 15% Cashback: today only @ Cashrewards

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    The 15% cash back is great.

    Dont forget for new users/accounts you can save an additional 10-15%
    Get an extra 15% off your first Local or Goods purchase*
    Coupon: BRANDNEW

    New customers take 10% off sitewide*
    Coupon: TRY10

    Just purchased something earlier today with this, and loved the new feature with cashrewards that shows you coupon codes on the checkout page. I guess they learnt this from Honey..

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      How does that work since when i apply the code for the $10 cashback i can’t apply a discount on top of it? It only allows me to have one voucher code active, gotta remove one to put the other. Using the mobile app.

      • I think he may be suggesting various alteratives rather than coupon stacking

        Though his alternatives only generate more value for orders above $100 as 10% off = $10 at $100

      • -1

        The code will be applied at Groupon which will give $10 off. Cashback from CR is seperate to that.

      • Yup depending on the cost of the purchase, you may want to use one of the other ones..

        eg purchase over $100 10% is better..

    • Doesnt work since 1 coupon at a time

    • The deal I'm buying is only $10 so I tried BRANDNEW and it didn't like it, then I tried TRY10 and it didn't like it but it came up with a message saying "We still want you to buy this! Here's 10% off!" and so now I'm paying $9 for a $50 boozebud voucher.

  • Groupon is quite useful. Usually whenever i go to events cinemas, ten pin, golf etc i would just go and book online- but with groupon i can get at least a 30-40% saving if i book early. :D Useful (unless when you go on a date- but then again if your partners done the same thing then you know you've found the one!)

  • Are there any conditions on use of the ten buck credit? I guess you can't stack that with future promo codes when you want to use it or does Groupon treat credit differently to promo codes?

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      I'm pretty sure you can. It's automatically applied on future purchases treated as cash in a way.

      I have $10 groupon credit atm from the previous deal a week ago will update if I buy something.

      • I just used the code on a $35 deal and it worked and also applied my $10 credit from before.

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    According to customer support, the code only applies to a single voucher purchase that is greater than or equal to $30.

    I.e. If I purchase 3 event cinemas vouchers worth $40.50 total in one transaction, this would not be eligible since these are three separate vouchers.

    Maybe it was just me, but I expected it to be eligible since it was greater than or equal to $30 total purchase price. Was not expecting the single voucher limitation.

    • I had this issue as well. Only apply to single voucher value over $30.

  • Just read the terms and conditions of this offer, does not indicate that a single voucher needs to be $30 or over.

    "$10 credit back is valid for purchases of $30 or over (before shipping). Promocode is valid until midnight on the 17/07/2019. Your $10 Groupon credit will be deposited into your Groupon account within 2-5 business days. Credit will be valid for 30 days."

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      Only 30 days? That sucks.

      • Always the problem with groupon, any kind of credit you get from them is only valid for an extremely short period of time, I have complained to them about it many many times. So if there is an issue with using a voucher or getting the business to honour it etc, and so you tell groupon, they give you a credit back but you have such a short time to use it again, its pretty crap!

    • So does it work or not? For the event cinema voucher?

      • They did not honor it for me as I mentioned earlier. Here is a snippet of the chat I had with support

        Mukkul R: Please note that you will be eligible to get a $10 Groupon credit when you purchase only one voucher which is voucher of $30 and more.
        Mukkul R: However, you have purchased 3 vouchers for Event Cinemas, which in total came to $40.50.
        Mukkul R: In this case, you will not be able to make use of the promo code 10BACK.

        • Thanks. I have bought 4 vouchers any way. It's a pitty that they didn't honor this. But the discount on the movie ticket is great anyway with the cashreward discount.

  • after trying multiple choice, I find out either you have to pay up to 10 dollars for shipping fee or need to buy items less than 30 dollar, so the combination of both is very hard.
    any suggestion guys? =D

    End up buy Subway voucher :P however cashrewards still not showing any 15% cashback. :( Normally instantly they shows how much you spend and how much you will get back.

  • No $10 groupon credits receive yet as now. just over 5 days

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